Elke Muhlberger, PhD
Associate Professor
Boston University School of Medicine
Dept of Microbiology

PhD, Philipps-Universität Marburg
MA, Philipps-Universität Marburg

Expert in molecular biology of Marburg and Ebola viruses and other highly pathogenic viruses;
Experienced in BSL4 work;
Focus on virus-host interaction.

Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
Boston University School of Medicine, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

Antiviral responses in iPSC-derived human primary cells to Ebola virus infection
06/30/2016 - 05/31/2018 (PI)
NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infe

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories Operations
06/01/2016 - 05/31/2018 (PI of Sub-Project / SP)
PI: Ronald B. Corley, Ph.D.
NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infe

Deep Characterization of Rousettus Aegyptiacus Immune System: Use of bats/nonhuman primates to compare immune responses during asymtomatic/symptomatic filovirus infections
01/15/2014 - 03/14/2018 (PI)
The Geneva Foundation DOD DTRA

Point-of-Care Nanotechnology Diagnostic for Differential Fever Diagnosis
10/01/2015 - 10/31/2017 (SP Co-PI of Sub-Project / SP)
PI: John H. Connor, PhD
Becton, Dickinson and Company Paul G. Allen Fdn

SPR: Novel SPR Barrier Technology (the "USAID Agreement")
11/01/2015 - 10/31/2016 (PI)
SPR Advanced Technologies Inc. USAID

Filovirus replication: initiation mechanism and role of RNA secondary structures
08/05/2014 - 07/31/2016 (PI)
NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infe

Early Host Immune Response in Protection Against Filovirus Infection
06/15/2009 - 05/31/2015 (PI)
NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infe

IMVC Pilot Project: Mechanisms of Ebola Virus-induced Vascular Dysfunction
05/01/2013 - 04/30/2015 (PI)
Augusta University NIH NIAID

The Antiviral Function of the Interferon-Simulated Gene IFIT1
05/01/2012 - 04/30/2014 (PI)
Washington University NIH NIAID

Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2016 Antiviral responses in iPSC-derived human primary cells to Ebola virus infection 1R21AI126457-01
2016 Integrated Support Services Core 2UC7AI095321-03-8669 1
2015 Filovirus replication: initiation mechanism and role of RNA secondary structures 5R03AI114293-02 3
2014 Filovirus replication: initiation mechanism and role of RNA secondary structures 1R03AI114293-01 3
2013 Early Host Immune Response in Protection Against Filovirus Infection 5U01AI082954-05 9
2013 Biomolecule Production Core 3UC7AI070088-05S3-6796 1
2012 Early Host Immune Response in Protection Against Filovirus Infection 5U01AI082954-04 9
2012 Biomolecule Production Core 3UC7AI070088-05S2-7836 1
2011 Early Host Immune Response in Protection Against Filovirus Infection 5U01AI082954-03 9
2010 Early Host Immune Response in Protection Against Filovirus Infection 5U01AI082954-02 9
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  2. Nelson EV, Pacheco JR, Hume AJ, Cressey TN, Deflubé LR, Ruedas JB, Connor JH, Ebihara H, Mühlberger E. An RNA polymerase II-driven Ebola virus minigenome system as an advanced tool for antiviral drug screening. Antiviral Res. 2017 Oct; 146:21-27.View Related Profiles. PMID: 28807685.
  3. Olejnik J, Forero A, Deflubé LR, Hume AJ, Manhart WA, Nishida A, Marzi A, Katze MG, Ebihara H, Rasmussen AL, Mühlberger E. Ebolaviruses Associated with Differential Pathogenicity Induce Distinct Host Responses in Human Macrophages. J Virol. 2017 Jun 01; 91(11).View Related Profiles. PMID: 28331091; DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00179-17;.
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  7. Brauburger K, Cressey T, Mühlberger E. Nonradioactive Northern Blot Analysis to Detect Ebola Virus Minigenomic mRNA. Methods Mol Biol. 2017; 1628:143-159.View Related Profiles. PMID: 28573617.
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  9. Nelson EV, Schmidt KM, Deflubé LR, Doganay S, Banadyga L, Olejnik J, Hume AJ, Ryabchikova E, Ebihara H, Kedersha N, Ha T, Mühlberger E. Ebola Virus Does Not Induce Stress Granule Formation during Infection and Sequesters Stress Granule Proteins within Viral Inclusions. J Virol. 2016 Aug 15; 90(16):7268-84.View Related Profiles. PMID: 27252530; PMCID: PMC4984654; DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00459-16;.
  10. Hume AJ, Ames J, Rennick LJ, Duprex WP, Marzi A, Tonkiss J, Mühlberger E. Inactivation of RNA Viruses by Gamma Irradiation: A Study on Mitigating Factors. Viruses. 2016 Jul 22; 8(7).View Related Profiles. PMID: 27455307; PMCID: PMC4974539; DOI: 10.3390/v8070204;.
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