Wilson S. Colucci, MD
Boston University School of Medicine
Dept of Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine

MD, Boston University

Research program studies the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms of myocardial remodeling, and the pathophysiology and treatment of heart failure.

Section Chief of Medicine in Cardiovascular Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine

Research Professor
Boston University School of Medicine
Physiology & Biophysics

Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
Boston University School of Medicine, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

Active Staff Privileges
Boston Medical Center

11/01/2008 - 10/31/2013 (PI)
Amgen, Inc.

12/15/2008 - 12/15/2011 (PI)
Pfizer, Inc.

01/21/2008 - 12/15/2011 (PI)
Scios Inc

The Balance Study:Treatment of Hyponatremia Based on Lixivaptan in Nyha Class III/IV Cardiac Patient Evaluation
06/01/2008 - 06/30/2010 (PI)
Cardiokine Biopharma

HMG CoA Reductase Inhibition and Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Vascular Stiffness in Heart Failure
07/01/2005 - 06/30/2006 (Co-PI)
Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA)

Optimize HF Registry
05/01/2003 - 05/01/2005 (PI)
Outcome Sciences (GSK and Duke)

Clinical Evaluation of Acorn Cardiac Support Device Therapy in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy - A Randomized Trial in the United States
02/01/2002 - 01/31/2005 (Co-PI)
Acorn Cardiovascular, Inc.

NO and O2 - In Post-Myocardial Infarction Remodeling and Failure
09/30/1998 - 08/31/2003 (PI)
NIH/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
5 R01 HL61639 05

Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group Study Evaluating the Effects of Different Doses of LU135252 On Left Ventricle Dimensions, Function, and Left and Right Ventricle Mass, Neurohomone Levels, and Symptoms in Patients with Advanced
07/01/2000 - 06/30/2001 (PI)
Knoll Pharmaceutical Company

Regulation of Vascular Alpha-1 Adrenergic Responses
04/26/1989 - 03/31/2001 (PI)
NIH/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
5 R01 HL42539 10

Study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of LCZ696
09/15/2014 - 08/31/2021 (PI)
Novartis Pharma Corp

Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure
04/01/2017 - 03/31/2019 (PI)

Effects of ribose supplementation on cardiac remodeling, exercise capacity and mitochondrial functio
05/19/2015 - 08/18/2016 (PI)
Ribocor, Inc.

Modification of Cardiovascular Proteins by Metabolic Disease
08/15/2010 - 08/14/2015 (PI)
Trustees of Boston University NIH-NHLBI

TOPCAT - Amendment #4 Vascular Ancillary Study
02/01/2009 - 06/30/2014 (PI)
New England Res Inst AtCor Medical, Inc.

09/01/2008 - 06/30/2014 (PI)
New England Res Inst NIH-NHLBI

Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure
07/01/2008 - 06/30/2014 (PI)

Role Of Oxidative Stress
05/01/1999 - 12/31/2010 (PI)

Mechanisms of Oxidant Signaling in Post-MI
12/01/2003 - 11/30/2010 (PI)

ACTION-A CHF Trial Investigating Outcomes of Exercise
09/30/2002 - 07/31/2008 (PI)

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Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2017 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 5R01HL064750-11 16
2016 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 5R01HL064750-10 16
2015 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 2R01HL064750-09A1 16
2011 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 5R01HL064750-08 16
2010 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 5R01HL064750-07 16
2009 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 5R01HL064750-06 16
2008 Oxidative Stress in Myocardial Remodeling and Failure 2R01HL064750-05A1 16
2007 ACTION - A CHF Trial Investigating Outcomes of Exercise 5U01HL068973-06 23
2007 Mechanisms of Oxidant Signaling in Post-MI Remodeling 5R01HL061639-09 43
2006 ACTION - A CHF Trial Investigating Outcomes of Exercise 5U01HL068973-05 23
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  1. Holubarsch CJF, Colucci WS, Eha J. Benefit-Risk Assessment of Crataegus Extract WS 1442: An Evidence-Based Review. Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. 2018 Feb; 18(1):25-36. PMID: 29080984.
  2. Luptak I, Sverdlov AL, Panagia M, Qin F, Pimentel DR, Croteau D, Siwik DA, Ingwall JS, Bachschmid MM, Balschi JA, Colucci WS. Decreased ATP production and myocardial contractile reserve in metabolic heart disease. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2018 Feb 01; 116:106-114.View Related Profiles. PMID: 29409987; DOI: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2018.01.017;.
  3. Ho JE, Rahban Y, Sandhu H, Hiremath PG, Ayalon N, Qin F, Perez AJ, Downing J, Gopal DM, Cheng S, Colucci WS. Preclinical Alterations in Myocardial Microstructure in People with Metabolic Syndrome. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2017 Sep; 25(9):1516-1522.View Related Profiles. PMID: 28737258; DOI: 10.1002/oby.21936;.
  4. Morse JC, Huang J, Khona N, Miller EJ, Siwik DA, Colucci WS, Hobai IA. Up-regulation of Intracellular Calcium Handling Underlies the Recovery of Endotoxemic Cardiomyopathy in Mice. Anesthesiology. 2017 Jun; 126(6):1125-1138.View Related Profiles. PMID: 28410273; DOI: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000001627;.
  5. Brown DA, Perry JB, Allen ME, Sabbah HN, Stauffer BL, Shaikh SR, Cleland JG, Colucci WS, Butler J, Voors AA, Anker SD, Pitt B, Pieske B, Filippatos G, Greene SJ, Gheorghiade M. Expert consensus document: Mitochondrial function as a therapeutic target in heart failure. Nat Rev Cardiol. 2017 04; 14(4):238-250. PMID: 28004807; DOI: 10.1038/nrcardio.2016.203;.
  6. Hobai IA, Aziz K, Buys ES, Brouckaert P, Siwik DA, Colucci WS. Distinct Myocardial Mechanisms Underlie Cardiac Dysfunction in Endotoxemic Male and Female Mice. Shock. 2016 Dec; 46(6):713-722.View Related Profiles. PMID: 27405063.
  7. Xu XJ, Babo E, Qin F, Croteau D, Colucci WS. Short-term caloric restriction in db/db mice improves myocardial function and increases high molecular weight (HMW) adiponectin. IJC Metab Endocr. 2016 Dec; 13:28-34.View Related Profiles. PMID: 27942464.
  8. Gheorghiade M, Larson CJ, Shah SJ, Greene SJ, Cleland JG, Colucci WS, Dunnmon P, Epstein SE, Kim RJ, Parsey RV, Stockbridge N, Carr J, Dinh W, Krahn T, Kramer F, Wahlander K, Deckelbaum LI, Crandall D, Okada S, Senni M, Sikora S, Sabbah HN, Butler J. Developing New Treatments for Heart Failure: Focus on the Heart. Circ Heart Fail. 2016 May; 9(5). PMID: 27166246; DOI: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.115.002727;.
  9. Sverdlov AL, Elezaby A, Qin F, Behring JB, Luptak I, Calamaras TD, Siwik DA, Miller EJ, Liesa M, Shirihai OS, Pimentel DR, Cohen RA, Bachschmid MM, Colucci WS. Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Mediate Cardiac Structural, Functional, and Mitochondrial Consequences of Diet-Induced Metabolic Heart Disease. J Am Heart Assoc. 2016 Jan 11; 5(1).View Related Profiles. PMID: 26755553; PMCID: PMC4859372; DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.115.002555;.
  10. Miller EJ, Calamaras T, Elezaby A, Sverdlov A, Qin F, Luptak I, Wang K, Sun X, Vijay A, Croteau D, Bachschmid M, Cohen RA, Walsh K, Colucci WS. Partial Liver Kinase B1 (LKB1) Deficiency Promotes Diastolic Dysfunction, De Novo Systolic Dysfunction, Apoptosis, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction With Dietary Metabolic Challenge. J Am Heart Assoc. 2015 Dec 31; 5(1).View Related Profiles. PMID: 26722122; PMCID: PMC4859355; DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.115.002277;.
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