Davidson H. Hamer, MD
Boston University School of Public Health
Dept of Global Health

MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Davidson Hamer, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FASTMH, FISTM is a Professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston University School of Public Health and School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Dr. Hamer, a board-certified specialist in infectious diseases with a particular interest in tropical infectious diseases, has extensive field experience in neonatal and child survival research including studies of micronutrient interventions, maternal and neonatal health, malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases. During the last 20+ years, he has supervised and provided technical support to more than 50 studies in developing countries that evaluated interventions for improving neonatal survival, improving access for pregnant women to emergency obstetrical care, treatment and prevention of malaria, HIV/AIDS, micronutrient deficiencies, diarrheal disease, and pneumonia. Dr. Hamer received a MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and a BA in biology and French from Amherst College. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of America, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Dr. Hamer currently has active projects in Bangladesh, Zambia, South Africa, and the United States. Major current projects include neonatal sepsis prevention using prebiotics and probiotics in Bangladesh; using community health workers to improve early childhood development in rural South Africa, antiretroviral adherence among congenitally infected HIV-positive children in Lusaka, Zambia; and a scaled-up evaluation of community-based mothers' groups for improving early child development in rural Zambia. In addition, Dr. Hamer is the PI for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network, a global network of 70 sites in 31 countries that conducts surveillance of emerging infectious diseases using returning travelers, immigrants, and refugees as sentinels of infection (www.istm.org/geosentinel).

Boston University School of Medicine
Infectious Diseases

Center Faculty Member
Boston University School of Public Health
Center for Global Health & Development

Boston University
National Emerging Infectious Disease Lab

Boston University
Pulmonary Center

Boston University
Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research

Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
Boston University School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences

2018 Ministry of Health, Zambia: Professor Chifumbe Chintu International Senior Researcher Award
2018 F1000 Prime: F1000Prime 2018 Faculty Member Award for Public Health & Epidemiology
2017 University of Vermont College of Medicine: UVM Medical Alumni Association 2017 Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
2016 International Society of Travel Medicine: Fellow, ISTM
2014 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: Fellow, ASTMH
2010 Clinical Infectious Diseases: Clinical Infectious Diseases Award for Outstanding Review
2007 BUSPH: BUSPH teaching award—spring semester for ‘IH 805 Eradication of Infectious Diseases’
2007 Infectious Diseases Society of America: Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America
2005 BUSPH: BUSPH teaching award—summer semester for ‘IH 860 Advanced Infectious Diseases Controversies'
2005 BUSPH: BUSPH teaching award—spring semester for ‘IH 805 Eradication of Infectious Diseases’
2002 University of Vermont College of Medicine: Most Recent Alumnus Award
2000 American College of Physicians: Fellow, American College of Physicians
2000 Tufts New England Medical Center: Oliver Smith Award for extraordinary service and caring
1992 Massachusetts Infectious Disease Society: Edward Kass award for Clinical Excellence in Infectious Diseases

Synbiotics for the prevention of neonatal sepsis (SEPSIS)
11/07/2018 - 08/31/2022 (Subcontract PI)
The Hospital for Sick Children Bill & Melinda Gates

Fogarty Global Health Training Fellowship Program
07/01/2017 - 06/30/2022 (Subcontract PI)
Harvard School of Public Health NIH FIC

GeoSentinel- The Global Surveillance Network of ISTM and CDC
09/01/2016 - 08/31/2021 (Subcontract PI)
International Society of Travel Medicine HHS CDC

The Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector Plus (SHOPS Plus) Project
10/15/2018 - 06/30/2020 (Subcontract PI)
ABT Associates, Inc. USAID

Prevention of nosocomial bacteremia and mortality among neonates at a tertiary referral center in Zambia
01/01/2015 - 12/31/2017 (PI)
Thrasher Research Fund

GeoSentinel- The Global Surveillance Network of ISTM and CDC
07/01/2016 - 08/31/2016 (Subcontract PI)
International Society of Travel Medicine HHS CDC

The AMANHI STUDY: Using on-going newborn intervention trials to obtain additional data critical to maternal, fetal and newborn in a harmonized way
08/27/2012 - 07/29/2016 (Subcontract PI)
World Health Organization Bill & Melinda Gates

i-CCM Evaluation
01/01/2016 - 06/30/2016 (Subcontract PI)
Zambia Centre for Applied Health Research Development UN Children's Fund

GeoSentinel - The Global Surveillance Network of ISTM and CDC
06/01/2014 - 06/30/2016 (Subcontract PI)
International Society of Travel Medicine HHS CDC

Integrating universal opt-out mother and infant HIV testing into routine immunization processes
07/01/2014 - 09/30/2014 (Subcontract PI)
Zambia Centre for Applied Health Research Development IDInsight

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A Health Expert Weighs In As Mass. Braces For Phase Three Reopening

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Normal use of face masks do not cause pneumonia

The Associated Press 6/24/2020


COVID-19 Travel Tips: How to Stay Safe in Airports and on Planes

Men's Journal 6/19/2020

60,000-plus people have been tested for COVID antibodies in Mass. But the state won’t say how many tested positive

The Boston Globe 6/18/2020

What Will the 2020 NFL Season Look Like? Super Rugby Might Give Us Clues

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Beijing Fights Resurgence; Swedish Immunity Puzzle: Virus Update

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An Infectious Disease Expert's Perspective As Mass. Enters Phase Two Of Reopening

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Coronavirus FAQs: How To Stay Safe While Protesting, When To Go Out After Recovery

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“People Are Fired Up and Ready to Go”—BU Students React to Protests

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REBUILDING AMERICA: Massachusetts colleges grapple with reopening campuses in fall

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Some Public Health Experts Say Baker’s Reopening Plan is Cause for Concern

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Mass. is Putting a Lot of Focus on its Coronavirus Testing Strategy. Will it Work?

The Boston Globe 5/22/2020

Flu Shots Aren’t Causing False Positive COVID-19 Tests

Politifact 5/21/2020

Why youth sports may have a easier time returning to action than the pros

USA Today 5/20/2020

Mass. Virus Cases Trend Downward As Baker Announces Beginning Of Reopening

WBUR 5/18/2020

For The Kids? Nation's Largest Youth Volleyball Event to Proceed in June Despite Concerns

USA Today 5/13/2020

Scientists Warn May 18 ‘Still Feels Too Early’ to Begin Reopening Mass

The Boston Globe 5/12/2020

Mass. Hit A Plateau In New Virus Cases Last Week, But Numbers Still Raise Concern

WBUR 5/11/2020

Some Scientists Think COVID-19 May Have Been Spreading Far Earlier Than Previously Thought

Newsweek 5/6/2020

Some Scientists Think Covid-19 May Have Been Spreading Far Earlier Than Previously Thought

Newsweek 5/6/2020

"Although intuitively I think it probably seemed like social distancing would be necessary, there was no real scientific basis for believing that, since it had never been studied.”

Polifact 5/4/2020

When Will Mass. Start To See The Infection Curve Go Down?

WBUR 5/4/2020

When Will Mass. Start To See The Infection Curve Go Down?

WBUR 5/4/2020

In Educated and Affluent Massachusetts, Coronavirus Cases Surged. The Decline Has Yet to Come

Boston.com 5/2/2020

BU Global Health Professor Says To Expect A Gradual Decline In Coronavirus Cases

WBUR 4/27/2020

How Massachusetts Can Reopen From Coronavirus

The Boston Herald 4/24/2020

COVID: What's Next?

Patch 4/22/2020

Why the Number of Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases Matter

The Boston Globe 4/22/2020

Catching the Next Pandemic Early: the Coronavirus is One Example

Science Line 4/21/2020

Herd Immunity is Probably Why California Has Far Fewer COVID-19 Deaths Than New York.

Polifact 4/21/2020

For the Elderly, Coronavirus is Not Necessarily a Death Sentence. But it Can Feel Like One

The Boston Globe 4/20/2020

Mass. Is One Of The Country's Coronavirus Hotspots

WBUR 4/20/2020

Massachusetts Ramps Up Contact Tracing to Slow Spread of Coronavirus

NBC 10 4/20/2020

No country has beaten the coronavirus yet

Vox 4/16/2020

Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Criticism of the World Health Organization

Polifact 4/16/2020

No Country has Beaten the Coronavirus Yet

Vox 4/16/2020

Easter Sunday Marks Largest Single-Day Increase In Mass. COVID-19 Cases

WBUR 4/13/2020

Easter Sunday Marks Largest Single-Day Increase In Mass. COVID-19 Cases

WBUR 4/13/2020

Social Distancing is Working, But When Will Things Return to Normal, and What Will That Look Like?

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NOT REAL NEWS: A Week of False News Around the Coronavirus

The Associated Press 4/10/2020

Cow Dung, Garlic and a Prayer: The Fight Against Phony Cures for Coronavirus

The Wall Street Journal 4/7/2020

Coronavirus antibody tests to identify immune people are crucial

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Conflicting Reports on Potential COVID-19 Drug

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A New Type of Coronavirus Test Could Turn the Tide by Revealing Who Has Already Recovered. Those Immune People Could go Back to Work First.

Business Insider 4/6/2020

As Coronavirus Spreads, Specialists Say Everyone Should be Wearing Face Coverings in Public

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Why Is Germany's Coronavirus Death Rate So Low? A Strong Healthcare System, Mass Testing and Luck

Newsweek 4/3/2020

Officials Say They Are Working to Ramp Up Tracing the Coronavirus in Mass. Here’s Why That’s Important

Boston.com 3/26/2020

These Charts Help Explain Why The Coronavirus Has Been More Deadly In Certain Countries

BuzzFeed News 3/24/2020

BU Global Health Prof.: Mass. Curve Is About 11 Days Behind New York

WBUR 3/23/2020

Coronavirus may cause disruptions for a year, experts say

The Boston Herald 3/22/2020

Coronavirus May Cause Disruptions For a Year, Experts Say

The Boston Herald 3/22/2020

Think Before You Fly, CDC Advises

The Boston Globe 3/19/2020

FDA Fast-Tracks 2 Coronavirus Treatments, Boston Hospital Already Using Malaria Drug on Patients

The Lowell Sun 3/19/2020

FDA fast-tracks 2 coronavirus treatments, Boston hospital already using malaria drug on patients

The Boston Herald 3/19/2020

Fact-Checking a Miami Beach Commissioner’s Statement About Coronavirus and First Responders

Polifact 3/18/2020

Doctors Answer Your Questions On Coronavirus

WBUR 3/18/2020

Fact-checking a Miami Beach Commissioner’s statement about coronavirus and first responders

PolitiFact 3/18/2020

A Coronavirus Expert On Gov. Baker’s New Emergency Measures

WBUR 3/16/2020

An infectious disease expert explains why the new measures in Mass. are crucial for battling coronavirus

Boston.com 3/16/2020

An Infectious Disease Expert Explains Why the New Measures in Mass. are Crucial for Battling Coronavirus

Boston.com 3/16/2020

To Stop Coronavirus, Places Where People Gather Are Shutting Down Across California. What About Its Jails?

The Appeal 3/16/2020

A Coronavirus Expert On Gov. Baker's New Emergency Measures

WBUR 3/16/2020

How to Social Distance: What Experts Say is Safe — And Not Safe — During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Boston Globe 3/15/2020

Boston Experts: We Need to Scale Up Coronavirus Testing Now

BU Today 3/13/2020

Amid coronavirus concerns, is it safe to ride the T?

Boston.com 3/11/2020

Why You Should Always Visit a Travel Health Clinic Before Heading Abroad

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Unpacking The Latest Coronavirus News

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Top docs offer look inside Mass. coronavirus preparations

MetroWest Daily News 3/7/2020

The Peace Corps Botches Its Evacuation From China At The Height Of The Coronavirus Outbreak, Volunteers Say

Buzzfeed News 3/6/2020

Coronavirus Quarantines: What it Really Means and How it Could Slow a U.S. Outbreak

Mass Live 3/5/2020

Coronavirus quarantines: What it really means and how it could slow a U.S. outbreak

Mass Live 3/5/2020

Baker calls on schools to cancel all trips abroad

CommonWealth Magazine 3/4/2020

Can You Get Coronavirus From That Package From China? Experts Say It’s Unlikely

Boston Herald 2/21/2020

Ayanna Pressley, 45 Democrats urge President Trump to keep coronavirus vaccine cost low

The Boston Herald 2/20/2020

Ayanna Pressley, 45 Democrats Urge President Trump to Keep Coronavirus Vaccine Cost Low

Boston Herald 2/20/2020

CDC Coronavirus Boss Calls Spread ‘Unprecedented’ as Cases Surge in U.S. and Abroad

The Daily Beast 2/3/2020

Massachusetts Reports First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

The Boston Globe 2/1/2020

Coronavirus Was Declared a 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern.' What You Need to Know About The Illness.

Boston.com 1/31/2020

Catching the next pandemic early

Science Line 12/9/2019

SPH Report: Many Study Abroad Students Return with Preventable Diseases

BU Today 12/3/2018

Scientists track how yellow fever raced through Brazil

AFP 8/27/2018

Scientists track how yellow fever raced through Brazil

France 24 8/23/2018

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