Davidson H. Hamer, MD

Davidson Hamer, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FASTMH, FISTM is a Professor of Global Health and Medicine at the Boston University School of Public Health and Chobanian & Avesidian School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Dr. Hamer, a board-certified specialist in infectious diseases with a particular interest in tropical infectious diseases, has extensive field experience in neonatal and child survival research including studies of micronutrient interventions, maternal and neonatal health, malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases. During the last 20+ years, he has supervised and provided technical support to more than 50 studies in developing countries that evaluated interventions for improving neonatal survival, improving access for pregnant women to emergency obstetrical care, treatment and prevention of malaria, HIV/AIDS, micronutrient deficiencies, diarrheal disease, and pneumonia. Dr. Hamer received a MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and a BA in biology and French from Amherst College. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Infectious Diseases Society of America, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Dr. Hamer currently has active projects in Bangladesh, Zambia, and the United States. Major current projects include neonatal sepsis prevention using prebiotics and probiotics in Bangladesh; nutritional status of adolescents in Zambia; and a prospective cohort study that includes a biobank of US immigrants with Chagas disease. In addition, Dr. Hamer is the Surveillance Lead for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network, a global network of 70 sites in 31 countries that conducts surveillance of emerging infectious diseases using returning travelers, immigrants, and refugees as sentinels of infection (https://geosentinel.org).

Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
Infectious Diseases

Boston University
National Emerging Infectious Disease Lab

Boston University
Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy & Research

Core Co-lead for EIDs, One Health, and Climate Change
Boston University
Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy & Research

Boston University
African Studies Center

Boston University
Pulmonary Center

Boston University
Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research

Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences

Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program (Renewal)
07/01/2022 - 06/30/2027 (Multi-PI)
PI: Davidson H. Hamer, MD
President and Fellows of Harvard College dba Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health NIH FIC

GeoSentinel – The Global Surveillance Network of ISTM and CDC
09/01/2021 - 08/30/2026 (Subcontract PI)
International Society of Travel Medicine HHS CDC
1 U01CK000632-01-00

Point-of-care diagnostic test for T. cruzi (Chagas) infection
04/01/2023 - 03/31/2026 (Subcontract PI)
Kephera Diagnostics, LLC NIH NIAID

Chagas Education for Essential Providers
09/30/2020 - 09/29/2025 (Subcontract PI)
Boston Medical Center Corporation HHS CDC

Synbiotics for the prevention of neonatal sepsis (SEPSIS)
11/07/2018 - 08/31/2024 (Subcontract PI)
The Hospital for Sick Children Bill & Melinda Gates

“Essential Small and Sick Newborn (SSN) Intervention Evidence Review”
10/01/2022 - 11/30/2023 (Subcontract PI)
SickKids Bill & Melinda Gates

Fogarty Global Health Training Fellowship Program
07/01/2017 - 05/31/2022 (Subcontract PI)
Harvard School of Public Health NIH FIC

Sequencing of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from Zambia
07/15/2020 - 12/31/2021 (PI)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

GeoSentinel- The Global Surveillance Network of ISTM and CDC
09/01/2016 - 08/31/2021 (Subcontract PI)
International Society of Travel Medicine HHS CDC

The Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector Plus (SHOPS Plus) Project
10/15/2018 - 06/30/2020 (Subcontract PI)
Abt Associates Inc. USAID

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Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2023 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program (Renewal)-Supplement for OBSSR, NCI, NCI-AIDS and NIDCD 3D43TW010543-07S2
2023 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program (Renewal)-Supplement for NIDCR 3D43TW010543-07S3
2023 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program(Renewal) 5D43TW010543-07
2023 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program (Renewal)-Supplement for OBSSR, NCI, NCI-AIDS and NIDCD 3D43TW010543-07S1
2022 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program(Renewal) 2D43TW010543-06
2022 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program(Renewal) 3D43TW010543-06S4
2022 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program(Renewal) 3D43TW010543-06S2
2022 Partnership for Global Health Research Training Program(Renewal) 3D43TW010543-06S3
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FDA approves world’s first chikungunya vaccine

Healio 11/10/2023

Popular social media meme misrepresents flu vaccine ingredients

Associated Press 10/5/2023

How Greater Boston college campuses are preparing to live with COVID-19

WBUR 9/13/2023


FDA extends approval deadline for Valneva’s chikungunya vaccine by 3 months

Healio 8/16/2023

After a lull, COVID is creeping up again in Mass.

WBUR 8/11/2023

New COVID variant may be driving spike in cases in Boston, but experts say there's no cause for alarm

NBC 10 Boston 8/10/2023

Are conditions right for malaria to make a comeback in the United States?

Medical Economics 8/9/2023

Clinicians must be vigilant for malaria cases in non-endemic countries, experts warn

News Medical 8/8/2023

COVID hospitalizations in Mass. see first upticks since January

The Boston Globe 8/1/2023

Is it time to get yet another COVID-19 shot?

The Boston Globe 7/18/2023

Can climate change bring malaria to New England? Here’s what you need to know.

The Boston Globe 7/3/2023

Bird Flu Is Making Headlines but Doesn’t Threaten a Pandemic…Yet

BU Today 3/14/2023

I had employer support with my long COVID. Others aren’t so lucky.

The Boston Globe 2/22/2023

Could old coronavirus variants ever come back?

The Hill 2/20/2023

It’s Too Soon for Annual Covid Booster Shots, Some Experts Say

Bloomberg Law 2/7/2023

What infectious disease doctors want you to know as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its 4th year

Boston.com 1/26/2023

What infectious disease doctors want you to know as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its 4th year (

Boston.com 1/26/2023

XBB Subvariant Now 83% of All COVID Cases in New England. But Don't Be Alarmed

NECN 1/17/2023

Have We Reached Herd Immunity From COVID? Here's What Boston Doctors Say

NBC Boston 1/17/2023

Google sister company aims to eradicate dengue from a tropical country

Free Think 1/14/2023

Another COVID winter finds Mass. in a different place than past years

MassLive 1/11/2023

Young and healthy people get benefits and low risk from COVID-19 vaccine, despite claims to contrary

PolitiFact 1/10/2023

Chelsea Public Schools, UMass Boston Implementing Mask Mandates Monday

NECN 1/8/2023

Chelsea Public Schools, UMass Boston Implementing Mask Mandates Monday

NBC Boston 1/8/2023

New COVID Variant "Spreading Like Wildfire" in USA: "Most Transmissible One Yet"

Yahoo News 1/7/2023

COVID Levels Skyrocket in Greater Boston, Much of Mass. Now High Risk

NBC Boston 1/6/2023

As New COVID Variant XBB.1.5 Takes Hold in Northeast, How Worried Should We Be?

NBC 10 1/5/2023

When is it time to mask up again? Boston doctors weigh in

WGBH 1/5/2023

Boston Public Schools Asks Students, Staff to Wear Masks After Winter Break

NBC News Boston 12/31/2022

Flu Season May Have Peaked in Mass. - for Now, Boston Doctors Say

NBC Boston 12/28/2022

Mayor Wu Gives Update on Possibility of Mask Mandate for Boston Public Schools

NBC Boston 12/28/2022

Should Boston Schools Bring Back Masks? Here's What Infectious Disease Experts Have to Say

NBC Boston 12/27/2022

Should Boston Schools Bring Back Masks? Here's What Infectious Disease Experts Say

NBC 10 12/27/2022

Addressing the Ethical Issues at the Heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic

BU Today 12/15/2022

Doctors Debate Study That Found Masks in Boston-Area Schools Cut COVID Rates

NBC 10 Boston 11/15/2022

‘Nightmare' XBB Variant Likely Already Here, Boston Doctors Say

NBC 10 Boston 10/25/2022

BPS says COVID cases haven’t spiked in schools this fall. Here’s why.

Boston.com 10/14/2022

The Booster Shot's Been Updated. Experts Explain What It Is and Who Should Get It

NBC10 Boston 10/11/2022

COVID Is Rising in Mass. Wastewater. Here's What Experts Say That Means

NBC 10 Boston 10/4/2022

Boston-area COVID wastewater data surges as BA.4.6 rises: ‘The wastewater spike is worrisome’

Boston Herald 9/28/2022

Malaria: New vaccine candidate shows promise in clinical trials

Medical News Today 9/14/2022

“A Lasting Legacy of Excellence”: Reflections on President Brown’s Impact on BU Research

BU Today 9/8/2022

Experts are concerned about mysterious pneumonia in Argentina that has infected 10 and killed three - but say risk level to Americans is '0.1 out of 10' right now

Daily Mail 9/2/2022

Here’s what you need to know about the new Omicron boosters.

The Boston Globe 8/25/2022

Overlapping emergencies strain the nation’s public health workforce and threaten critical vaccination campaigns

CNN 8/22/2022

Monkeypox cancels LGBTQ event, but what is the risk?

CNN 8/19/2022

'Oh my god, not again’: COVID variant making reinfections more common

The Boston Globe 7/19/2022

Medical experts urge caution as COVID case numbers rise in Boston

WBUR 7/18/2022

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia of BU to join White House COVID-19 Response Team

Boston.com 7/15/2022

BU’s Nahid Bhadelia Joins White House COVID-19 Response Team

BU Today 7/13/2022

BA.4, BA.5 variants could spark ‘new wave’ of COVID this summer, Massachusetts reports 1,529 new cases

Boston Herald 6/29/2022

Variants BA.4 and BA.5 are spreading in New England. Here’s what you need to know.

Boston.com 6/23/2022

Comparing COVID-19 Vaccine Options for Young Kids

NBC Boston 6/22/2022

Boston-area COVID wastewater plunges in northern region: ‘This is a good sign’

Boston Herald 6/9/2022

A Bellwether for COVID-19

Harvard Medical School 6/8/2022

Monkeypox outbreak: Boston doctor on surveillance team that helped ID first cases, says outbreak shows how ‘vulnerable we are’ to new pathogens

Boston Herald 6/5/2022

Spanish flu pandemic claim masks the truth about deaths

AAP 5/26/2022

Monkeypox outbreak: What to know about its spread, symptoms and vaccines

PolitiFact 5/24/2022

As mask mandates disappear, COVID is on the rise in Massachusetts

WGBH 4/21/2022

Medical experts advise public to keep masking on public transit after federal judge lifts national mandate

The Boston Globe 4/19/2022

COVID-19 ticks up in wastewater — Are we in the midst of a new surge?

Boston.com 4/7/2022

Moderna CEO in Boston and Elon Musk's Twitter Stake

Bloomberg 4/4/2022

A Covid-19 spike like the one in China is unlikely in the US, experts say. Here’s why

CNN 3/31/2022

Why is COVID-19 on the rise in Asia, and what does this mean for the US?

Medical News Today 3/25/2022

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater is ticking back up after plunge: ‘Something we need to keep our eye on’

Boston Herald 3/23/2022

COVID’s coming back in Europe. Are we next?

Popular Science 3/18/2022

Covid-19 cases are exploding in Asia. Here’s what it means for the rest of the world.

Vox 3/18/2022

CDC: Flu Vaccine Was Not Very Effective This Season

Very Well Health 3/17/2022

Checking in on the state of the pandemic, 2 years after Mass. emergency declaration

WBUR 3/10/2022

COVID-19 vaccines for young children delayed

Eagle Tribune 2/15/2022

New Massachusetts data on boosters and coronavirus breakthrough cases: 180 boosted people have died, 586 hospitalized

Boston Herald 2/14/2022

When is the Right Time to Drop Mask Mandates? MA Towns and Cities Consider It

NBC 10 Boston 2/4/2022

Everything We Know About Long-Haul COVID

HealthDigest 1/26/2022

Ask the Docs: A tale of two pandemics

WBUR 1/25/2022

Here’s what to do after being exposed to omicron

Boston.com 1/24/2022

What comes after omicron? Doctors share their coronavirus predictions

Boston Herald 1/22/2022

Has the omicron surge peaked in Massachusetts?

Boston.com 1/21/2022

Almost half of Mass. COVID hospitalizations are now classified as ‘incidental.’ Here’s what that means.

Boston.com 1/21/2022

COVID-19 Policies Remain Controversial as New Semesters Get Underway

Medscape 1/19/2022

Should I take a rapid coronavirus test or a PCR? Public health experts break down the facts

The Mercury News 1/18/2022

Flu too? Alongside COVID, flu cases are rising in Mass.

Boston.com 1/13/2022

Baker’s back in the hot seat

Politico 1/11/2022

Greater Boston colleges prepare to welcome back students amid Omicron

WBUR 1/11/2022

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater data takes a plunge: ‘An encouraging sign’ as COVID cases surge

Boston Herald 1/11/2022

Who is Robert Malone? Joe Rogan’s guest was a vaccine scientist, became an anti-vaccine darling

Politifact 1/6/2022

Taped Lectures, Workplace Flexibility among Changes as BU Adjusts for Spring Classes

BU Today 1/5/2022

Boston 25 News talks with Dr. David Hamer, an infectious diseases physician at Boston Medical Center about staying healthy during a COVID surge

Boston 25 News 1/5/2022

Boston Children’s Hospital reporting jump in coronavirus patients, creating more isolation rooms amid omicron wave

Boston Herald 1/4/2022

Sore Throat? Runny Nose? Common Omicron Symptoms to Know About

NBC 10 Boston 12/30/2021

Here's what we know about omicron variant thus far

ABC 27 News 12/28/2021

On college campuses, Omicron is fueling more stress for students as it causes another round of closures

Boston Globe 12/22/2021

Omicron Takes Over as Dominant Strain in Mass.

NBC 10 Boston 12/21/2021

COVID Q&A: Top Boston Doctors Talk Proof of Vaccination, Hospital Capacity and Omicron

NBC 10 Boston 12/21/2021

What's the latest on omicron for Massachusetts residents? One infectious disease specialist weighs in

WGBH 12/16/2021

Wastewater analysis shows US could be in for another spike in COVID-19 cases

The Denver Channel 12/15/2021

Here's What Boston Doctors Think of Baker's Strategy to Slow COVID Surge

NBC 10 Boston 12/15/2021

Do Vaccines, Boosters Work Against the Omicron Variant? Here's What Boston Doctors Say

NBC 10 Boston 12/15/2021

COVID-19 Pills ‘Exciting' But Not Vaccine Replacement, Boston Doctor Says

NBC 10 Boston 12/14/2021

Pfizer’s coronavirus oral antiviral pill could be game changer: A ‘really important weapon’ as infections surge

Boston Herald 12/14/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker spikes to astronomical levels

Boston Herald 12/14/2021

When should I get a Covid-19 test? Here’s a simple guide.

Vox 12/10/2021

‘Nowhere to Go But Up': Boston Doctors Expect More Omicron Cases

NBC 10 Boston 12/10/2021

‘Nowhere to Go But Up': Boston Doctors Expect More Omicron Cases

NBC 10 Boston 12/10/2021

Are Holiday Parties Safe Amid COVID Spike? Here's Advice From Top Boston Doctors

NBC 10 Boston 12/9/2021

Here's What Boston Doctors Have Learned About Omicron in the Past Week

NBC 10 Boston 12/8/2021

‘Everything is on the Table': Wu Names New COVID Committee Amid Omicron, Winter Surge

NBC 10 Boston 12/6/2021

Omicron Latest: Boston Doctors Criticize Travel Bans as New Restrictions Take Effect

NBC 10 Boston 12/6/2021

Wastewater Helps Cities Detect Community Spread of COVID Variants Like Omicron

Newsweek 12/6/2021

1st Case of Omicron COVID Variant Detected in Mass. in Vaccinated Woman

NBC 10 Boston 12/4/2021

How Nervous Should We Be About Omicron? Advice From Boston Doctors

NBC 10 Boston 12/3/2021

‘It's Certainly Here': Omicron Variant Already in US, Boston Medical Experts Say

NBC 10 Boston 12/2/2021

Expert: Too soon to say if Omicron is ‘the next scary thing’

Futurity 12/2/2021

Experts worry about spiking Mass. COVID case counts, hold out on omicron judgments

WGBH 12/2/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker, cases and hospitalizations are all surging again after Thanksgiving: ‘We need to act’

Boston Herald 12/2/2021

Biden’s latest travel ban is “probably a waste of time”

Vox 12/1/2021

Omicron Variant: “A Little Too Much Hype, Saying This Is the Next Scary Thing”

The Brink 11/30/2021

Tips to stay healthy as omicron variant spreads

Boston Herald 11/28/2021

State tightens rules for hospitals amid COVID-19 surge

Newburyport News 11/25/2021

‘Our Hospitals Are Full': Boston Doctors Warn of COVID Surge Amid Bed Shortage

NBC 10 Boston 11/25/2021

Stuffed and Stuffy? COVID Symptoms to Look Out for After Thanksgiving

NBC 10 Boston 11/25/2021

Is the Pfizer Vaccine Really 100% Effective in Teens?

NBC 10 Boston 11/24/2021

‘The situation is worrisome’: Boston doctor urges caution headed into holiday season as Mass. sees rising COVID cases

Boston.com 11/23/2021

Thanksgiving coronavirus safety tips: Boston doctors on how to have a safe holiday gathering

Boston Herald 11/23/2021

COVID-19 cases in children are a major driver of Massachusetts’ current overall rise

The Boston Globe 11/19/2021

COVID Booster Shots: What to Know About Immunity, Eligibility in Mass.

NBC 10 Boston 11/18/2021

New Warning About Rising COVID Cases in New England

NBC 10 Boston 11/17/2021

What Is the Future of Masks at BU?

BU Today 11/17/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker is spiking ahead of Thanksgiving: ‘It’s quite worrisome’

Boston Herald 11/17/2021

Ask the doctors: Are we headed into another surge?

WBUR 11/16/2021

Are At-Home COVID Tests Accurate? Boston Doctors Weigh in

NECN Boston 11/12/2021

Covid Pills May Save Lives, But They Won’t End the Pandemic

Bloomberg 11/11/2021

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling During a Pandemic

NBC 10 Boston 11/10/2021

A New Vaccine in Town?

WBZ Nightside with Dan Rea 11/9/2021

Rundown for November 9, 2021

WBZ Nightside with Dan Rea 11/9/2021

Novavax coronavirus vaccine simple and a likely pandemic game-changer

Boston Herald 11/8/2021

Breakthrough COVID Cases in Mass. Rise After 2 Week Decline

NBC 10 Boston 11/5/2021

Boston Doctors Warn Against Use of Ivermectin as COVID-19 Treatment

NBC 10 Boston 11/4/2021

Should I Vaccinate My Kids? Boston Doctors Talk Risk of Myocarditis

NBC 10 Boston 11/3/2021

Is it COVID, the flu or a common cold? How to tell the difference

CNET 11/2/2021

Boston Doctors Explain Common Side Effects of COVID Booster Shots

NBC 10 Boston 10/29/2021

Do We Need to Be Concerned About the Delta Plus COVID Variant in Mass.?

NBC 10 Boston 10/28/2021

COVID Vaccine for Kids 5 to 11: Weighing the Risks

NBC 10 Boston 10/27/2021

Breakthrough COVID Cases in Mass. Decline for 2nd Straight Week

NBC 10 Boston 10/27/2021

Should Mass. Lift the School Mask Mandate? Here's What Boston Doctors Think

NBC 10 Boston 10/22/2021

Are Breakthrough COVID Cases Declining in Massachusetts?

NBC 10 Boston 10/21/2021

Why Should You Get Vaccinated If You Can Still Die From Coronavirus?

NBC 10 Boston 10/21/2021

Should You Mix and Match COVID Booster Shots? Top Boston Doctors Weigh in

NBC 10 Boston 10/20/2021

Ask the Doctors: Mix and match vaccine boosters, mandates

WBUR 10/19/2021

Planning to Fly? Travel Requirements, Guidance From Top Boston Doctors

NBC 10 Boston 10/14/2021

hat Will the COVID Vaccine Rollout for Kids 5 to 11 Look Like in Mass.?

NBC 10 Boston 10/13/2021

Top Boston Doctors Call for COVID Pass in Massachusetts

NBC 10 Boston 10/13/2021

Moderna, J&J, Pfizer: 5 Things to Know About COVID Vaccine Booster Shots

NBC 10 Boston 10/11/2021

Is It Safe to Trick-or-Treat This Halloween? Boston Doctors Weigh in

NBC 10 Boston 10/8/2021

Headed to watch or run in the 2021 Boston Marathon? Here’s what doctors say you should know about your risk of COVID-19.

Boston.com 10/7/2021

COVID Vaccine Immunity Wanes Over Time. Are You Still Protected?

NBC 10 Boston 10/7/2021

Malaria Vaccine—the First Ever to Immunize against a Parasitic Infection—Gets Green Light from WHO

BU Today 10/7/2021

Boston Doctors Explain Long COVID and Neurological Symptoms

NBC 10 Boston 10/6/2021

Moderna Booster Shot: What to Know as FDA Evaluates Potential for Half Dose

NBC 10 Boston 10/4/2021

Boston Doctors Explain How to Time Your Flu, Booster Shots

NBC 10 Boston 10/1/2021

If You've Had COVID, How Long Does the Immunity Last? Here's What Medical Experts Say

NBC 10 Boston 9/30/2021

Fact check: Xylitol may be helpful against viruses, but experts warn against hydrogen peroxide

USA Today 9/30/2021

Pfizer's COVID Pill Could Be ‘Game Changer,' Boston Doctor Says

NBC 10 Boston 9/29/2021

Who Should Get A Booster Shot? And When?

GBH 9/28/2021

Moderna, J&J: What to Know About Booster Shots for Those Who Didn't Get Pfizer

NBC 10 Boston 9/27/2021

‘The Biggest Threat': COVID Variants Spread Among the Unvaccinated

NBC 10 Boston 9/24/2021

When Will COVID Vaccines Be Available for Younger Children? What You Need to Know

NBC 10 Boston 9/23/2021

Everything We Know About COVID Booster Shots, Side Effects

NBC Boston 9/23/2021

Election Day Check-In

WBUR 9/14/2021

Ask The Doctors: Vaccines For Kids, Mandates, And Booster Shots

WBUR 9/14/2021

When will COVID end?

BU Today 9/13/2021

New, Possibly Vaccine Resistant Mu Variant Likely in Mass.

NBC 10 Boston 9/10/2021

Churches have been ‘ground zero’ for COVID-19 outbreaks. Why do they get an exemption from Boston’s new mask mandate?

Boston.com 8/24/2021

The Latest on Pfizer's FDA Approval And Back-To-School Covid Anxiety

WBUR 8/23/2021

Local Reaction To Pfizer Vaccine FDA Approval

WBUR 8/23/2021

Myths vs. Facts: Making Sense of COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation

BU Today 8/13/2021

Here's Why Getting Vaccinated Wasn't a Waste, Despite Delta Variant, Breakthrough Cases

NBC10 Boston 8/12/2021

Examining the false claims that got Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene suspended on YouTube, Twitter

Politifact 8/11/2021

Ask The Doctors: Delta Surging, Mandates

WBUR 8/10/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker: Southern region COVID data is nearly double the northern data

Boston Herald 8/9/2021

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

Associated Press 8/6/2021

Claim about resuscitation in breakthrough COVID-19 patients is false

Associated Press 8/3/2021

Can the UK and India offer clues into the future of the Delta variant?

The Boston Globe 8/2/2021

Allure of $1M not boosting vaccination rates in Mass.

Washington Times Herald 7/31/2021

With COVID on the rise, we asked disease experts how they’re traveling, dining, and gathering

The Boston Globe 7/30/2021

In historic Massachusetts, some iconic sites remain closed or have limited schedules

The Boston Globe 7/30/2021

VaxMillions prizes not boosting vaccinations

Salem News 7/27/2021

Provincetown leaders impose stricter mask rules amid COVID-19 case surge

The Boston Globe 7/25/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker shows rise as Massachusetts cases jump: 'I'm worried'

The Boston Herald 7/25/2021

Soaring COVID infections have some thinking ‘masks’

Boston 25 News 7/21/2021

Vaccine cards required in Provincetown, so where next?

Boston Herald 7/21/2021

Greater Boston Live with Jim Braude

WGBH 7/20/2021

The Delta Variant, Talk Of Booster Shots, And Vaccine Mandates Show We Are Not Yet Out Of The Pandemic

WBUR 7/20/2021

Ask The Doctors: Vaccine Mandates, Delta Variant

WBUR 7/20/2021

More than half of Mass. children ages 12 to 15 have received a COVID-19 shot, but push may have plateaued

The Boston Globe 7/20/2021

‘I'm Worried': Health Professionals Urge Caution as Mass. COVID Cases Rise

NECN 7/15/2021

‘I'm Worried': Health Professionals Urge Caution as Mass. COVID Cases Rise

NBC10 Boston 7/15/2021

Mass. coronavirus cases are ticking up again. Should you worry? Here’s what experts are saying.

The Boston Globe 7/14/2021

The number of COVID cases in vaccinated people is ‘incredibly low,’ state says

The Boston Globe 7/13/2021

Massachusetts doctors express concern over the coronavirus delta variant

The Boston Herald 7/10/2021

Delta Variant Taking Over as Dominant Strain in Mass., Experts Say

NBC Boston 7/7/2021

Navigating Vaccine Requirements for International Students

Inside Higher Education 7/6/2021

Navigating Vaccine Requirements for International Students

Inside Higher Ed 7/6/2021

Does the Delta Variant Mean We're All Going to Have to Wear Masks Again?

NBC 10 Boston 6/30/2021

Surging coronavirus cases and deaths in Russia show the Delta variant's havoc on a largely unvaccinated population

Business Insider 6/30/2021

Mass. hits Baker’s goal of 4.1 million people fully vaccinated. Here’s why that matters

Boston.com 6/22/2021

Nearly 4,000 Massachusetts residents out of 3.7 million fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have tested positive for the virus, health officials say

Daily Mail 6/22/2021

‘Dangerous Time': Doctor Warns of Summer Spread of Delta COVID Variant

NBC 10 Boston 6/16/2021

Nearly 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts have tested positive for coronavirus

Boston Herald 6/16/2021

Nearly 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts have tested positive for coronavirus

Boston Herald 6/16/2021

More than 150 cases of delta variant found in Mass., according to the DPH

The Boston Globe 6/10/2021

'Miraculous' mosquito hack cuts dengue by 77%

BBC 6/10/2021

‘Concerning' Delta COVID Variant Has Been Spreading in Mass. Since April: Expert

NBC Boston 6/9/2021

Recreational Marijuana Now Available For Delivery

WBUR 6/8/2021

Ask The Doctors: Vaccinations And The Summer Ahead

WBUR 6/8/2021

Thousands of vaccine 'breakthrough' cases reported

Newburyport News 6/5/2021

Tens of thousands of Mass. 12- to 15-year-olds were vaccinated in the first week

The Boston Globe 5/21/2021

Baker seeks to join interstate physician pact

Newburyport News 5/20/2021

Masks Off On May 29: Answering Listener Coronavirus Questions

WBUR 5/18/2021

Our Soon-To-Be Maskless World

WBUR 5/18/2021

Nahid Bhadelia to Head New BU Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research

BU Today 5/18/2021

Mass. to lift all remaining COVID-19 restrictions and relax mask guidance for fully vaccinated people starting May 29

The Boston Globe 5/17/2021

‘Massachusetts is open for business’: Lifting of pandemic restrictions brings surprise, elation

The Boston Globe 5/17/2021

Baker expected to update state reopening early this week, following CDC indoor mask changes

The Boston Globe 5/16/2021

Boston Epidemiologist Reacts To CDC Dropping Mask Mandate For Vaccinated People

WBUR 5/14/2021

Will Mass. achieve herd immunity? Here’s what you need to know

The Boston Globe 5/5/2021

Will Mass. achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe, experts say, but it could be difficult

The Boston Globe 5/5/2021

Boston-area coronavirus wastewater data shows U.K. variant is predominant strain

Boston Herald 5/5/2021

4 Mass Vaccination Sites To Close By End Of June As State Nears Goal Of 4.1 Million Fully Vaccinated

CBS Boston 5/3/2021

4 Mass Vaccination Sites To Close By End Of June As State Nears Goal Of 4.1 Million Fully Vaccinated

CBS Boston 5/3/2021

Coronavirus herd immunity increasingly ‘elusive,’ public health experts say

The Boston Herald 4/30/2021

Five charts that show how Mass. is doing in the battle against the coronavirus

The Boston Globe 4/28/2021

Charlie Baker announces plans to lift more COVID-19 restrictions over the next month and ease outdoor mask mandate Friday

Boston.com 4/27/2021

Charts: Recent COVID-19 data shows promising indicators for Mass.

The Boston Globe 4/22/2021

Encouraging signs are beginning to emerge in Mass. and R.I. coronavirus data. Still, experts urge caution

The Boston Globe 4/22/2021

Campus-Wide Campaign Urges Vaccination, Followed by Upload

BU Today 4/21/2021

No relaxing the masks

Boston Herald 4/21/2021

The Boston Globe: Experts and advocates urge greater equity in distributing doses • Davidson Hamer, MD, infectious diseases, BMC; medicine, BUSM, public health, BUSPH; Robert Horsburgh, MD, epidemiology, BUSPH

The Boston Globe 4/16/2021

We asked experts what they’re comfortable doing now that they’ve been vaccinated. Here’s what they said

Boston Globe 4/15/2021

Boston area coronavirus wastewater data shows B.1.1.7 variant for three straight weeks

Boston Herald 4/15/2021

Many Likely Skipped Massachusetts Travel Form, Records Show

NBC Boston 4/15/2021

BU sees surge in COVID cases as hundreds of students sanctioned for noncompliance

7 News Boston 4/14/2021

COVID-19 Vaccines and Variants Explained

BU Today 4/14/2021

Here’s what to know about Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines being paused

The Boston Globe 4/13/2021

BU Will Require Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccine for Fall Semester

BU Today 4/12/2021

Massachusetts ranks high for coronavirus variant cases, as infections spike across state

Boston Herald 4/11/2021

So You’re Fully Vaccinated —Here Are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Traveling Anywhere

Apartment Therapy 4/8/2021

Mass. health officials concerned about virus spike

Eagle Tribune 4/5/2021

1 Million More Become Vaccine Eligible In Massachusetts, As Students Return To In-Person Learning And Cases In Schools Hit New Record

WBUR 4/5/2021

Massachusetts to reach major COVID-19 reopening milestone on Monday

The Boston Globe 4/4/2021

Rising coronavirus cases among students and staff members don’t mean schools are unsafe, officials and health experts say

The Boston Globe 4/2/2021

More than 1.3 million Massachusetts residents are fully vaccinated; So why are cases still rising?

Mass Live 4/2/2021

Headed to Fenway for Opening Day? What doctors say you should know about your coronavirus risk.

Boston News 3/31/2021

Massachusetts coronavirus cases spike again, as push is on to ‘surge vaccine’

The Boston Herald 3/28/2021

Flu season blunted by COVID-19 pandemic

Eagle Tribune 3/26/2021

COVID-19 cases are rising in what experts say is a warning sign

The Boston Globe 3/26/2021

We Asked Doctors: When Will We Stop Wearing Face Masks?

Allure 3/25/2021

An Infectious Disease Specialist Discusses Baker's Plans To Further Reopen Mass.

WBUR 3/25/2021

An Infectious Disease Specialist Discusses Baker's Plans To Further Reopen Mass.

Eagle Tribute 3/25/2021

COVID-19, One Year In: An Infectious Disease Doctor's Perspective

HealthCity 3/23/2021

Report: Many State Police Employees Have Not Been Vaccinated

WBUR 3/16/2021

First Case Of Potentially More Contagious Brazil COVID Variant Found In Massachusetts

GBH News 3/16/2021

State Police were offered COVID-19 vaccines at work. Hundreds have declined to get them

The Boston Globe 3/15/2021

COLUMN: Schools should allow away fans if coronavirus situation keeps improving

Newburyport News 3/11/2021

Cape Ann League football fans hoping to be able to attend away games

Salem News 3/11/2021

State marks year under emergency rules

Eagle Tribune 3/9/2021

New CDC guidelines stir hope of a return to ‘almost normal’ after COVID-19 vaccination

The Boston Globe 3/8/2021

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

The Washington Post 3/5/2021

Everything we know about the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine: What’s different and when can you get it?

Mass Live 3/3/2021

Fewer getting tested for COVID-19, which is a problem, experts say

The Boston Globe 3/3/2021

To Reopen Or Not To Reopen? Some Say Baker's Loosening Of Restrictions Is Premature

WBUR 3/1/2021

As Baker Looks To Move The State To Phase 4, Some Are Skeptical

WBUR 3/1/2021

‘Charlie, you’re making a big mistake’: Experts criticize state’s Monday reopening

The Boston Globe 2/28/2021

Some college buildings are vaccination sites, but most faculty, students aren’t eligible yet

Market Place 2/24/2021

Boston area coronavirus wastewater data up after declining for several weeks

Boston Herald 2/24/2021

Ask The Doctors: Another Grim Milestone, As Cases Drop

WBUR 2/23/2021

Mass. halts new coronavirus doses to Boston-area universities

Boston Herald 2/16/2021

More cases of mutant COVID-19 strain reported

Yahoo News 2/16/2021

More cases of mutant COVID-19 strain reported

Salem News 2/15/2021

State Education Officials Push For Speedy Return To In-Person Learning

WBUR 2/13/2021

How the NFL tackled Covid-19

Vox 2/8/2021

State remains at risk for COVID-19, despite downturn in cases

The Boston Globe 2/7/2021

Medical experts express concerns about Super Bowl parties spreading COVID-19

The Boston Globe 2/6/2021

Does wearing two masks provide more protection?

Business Mirror 2/5/2021

Baker to increase the capacity limit on restaurants, gyms, other businesses to 40 percent starting Monday

The Boston Globe 2/4/2021

Artificial intelligence could help ‘fine-tune’ vaccine priority lists, predict mortality, study reports

The Boston Globe 2/4/2021

BU to begin screening COVID-19 tests to identify new variants

Daily Free Press 2/3/2021

The data gaps in the fight against COVID-19: Experts point out what we still don’t know

PolitiFact 2/3/2021

Does wearing two masks provide more protection?

Associated Press 2/2/2021

Colleges Distribute Vaccines, Though Most Students, Faculty Aren’t Eligible For Shots Yet

WGBH 2/1/2021

What’s behind the dip in coronavirus cases? We ask specialists

The Boston Globe 2/1/2021

Coronavirus herd immunity: Slow vaccine rollout and new variants jeopardize timeline

Boston Herald 1/31/2021