Raghuveera Goel, PhD

A major focus of my research lies on identifying and characterizing unique molecular drivers of lung and breast cancer using relevant in vitro and in vivo models. Unlike normal/ healthy cells, cancer cells deploy evasive and complex signaling modules to overcome negative selective pressures thereby facilitating malignant progression. To gain a better understanding of the cancer-specific signaling landscape my research involves the implementation of systematic and multi-tiered quantitative proteomics approaches to holistically capture the biological state of cells at a sub-cellular resolution. Another highly important and novel facet of my work relates to the implementation of proximity labeling tools to quantitatively and qualitatively profile cell-to-cell communication both in healthy and cancer cells. Together using robust statistical models of data integration, the overarching goal of my research in cancer biology lies on identifying candidate targets for novel cancer therapies.

In parallel, I am applying these omic technologies to study the global signaling networks altered in obesity/diabetes contexts and their connection with breast cancer. Large cohort studies have provided substantial evidence linking obesity with the risks of breast cancer. My studies aim to decipher the molecular links between the pathophysiology of adipose tissue and breast cancer progression. Apart from engaging in multi-omics/systems-level research in the lab, I tremendously enjoy mentoring/teaching. In addition to mentoring in the lab I have led numerous national science outreach efforts in Canada to promote STEM interest among the youth. At the Emili lab I continue to engage myself in cutting-edge research and imparting knowledge through teaching/mentoring.

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