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2005 Prenatal Malnutrition and the Aging Brain 1R21AG025049-01A1 2
2001 CORE--ANIMAL CARE FACILITY 5P01HD022539-13-9001 82
2000 CORE--ANIMAL CARE FACILITY 3P01HD022539-12S1-9001 82
2000 CORE--ANIMAL CARE FACILITY 5P01HD022539-12-9001 82
1999 CORE--ANIMAL CARE FACILITY 2P01HD022539-11-9001 82

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  1. Lister JP, Blatt GJ, Kemper TL, Tonkiss J, DeBassio WA, Galler JR, Rosene DL. Prenatal protein malnutrition alters the proportion but not numbers of parvalbumin-immunoreactive interneurons in the hippocampus of the adult Sprague-Dawley rat. Nutr Neurosci. 2011 Jul; 14(4):165-78.View Related Profiles. PMID: 21902887; DOI: 10.1179/147683011X13009738172396;
  2. Roy S, Tonkiss J, Roy S. Aging increases retinal vascular lesions characteristic of early diabetic retinopathy. Biogerontology. 2010 Aug; 11(4):447-55.View Related Profiles. PMID: 20119717; DOI: 10.1007/s10522-010-9263-x;
  3. Cunningham JI, Raudensky J, Tonkiss J, Yamamoto BK. MDMA pretreatment leads to mild chronic unpredictable stress-induced impairments in spatial learning. Behav Neurosci. 2009 Oct; 123(5):1076-84. PMID: 19824774; PMCID: PMC2786777; DOI: 10.1037/a0016716;
  4. Tonkiss J, Galler J. Prenatal malnutrition alters diazepam-mediated suppression of ultrasonic vocalizations in an age dependent manner. Behav Brain Res. 2007 Sep 4; 182(2):337-43. PMID: 17147960; PMCID: PMC1975860
  5. Ruiz-Opazo N, Tonkiss J. Genome-wide scan for quantitative trait loci influencing spatial navigation and social recognition memory in Dahl rats. Physiol Genomics. 2006 Jul 12; 26(2):145-51.View Related Profiles. PMID: 16837653
  6. Durán P, Galler JR, Cintra L, Tonkiss J. Prenatal malnutrition and sleep states in adult rats: effects of restraint stress. Physiol Behav. 2006 Sep 30; 89(2):156-63. PMID: 16828813
  7. Lister JP, Tonkiss J, Blatt GJ, Kemper TL, DeBassio WA, Galler JR, Rosene DL. Asymmetry of neuron numbers in the hippocampal formation of prenatally malnourished and normally nourished rats: a stereological investigation. Hippocampus. 2006; 16(11):946-58.View Related Profiles. PMID: 16983649
  8. Tonkiss J, Calderwood SK. Regulation of heat shock gene transcription in neuronal cells. Int J Hyperthermia. 2005 Aug; 21(5):433-44. PMID: 16048840
  9. Durán P, Cintra L, Galler JR, Tonkiss J. Prenatal protein malnutrition induces a phase shift advance of the spontaneous locomotor rhythm and alters the rest/activity ratio in adult rats. Nutr Neurosci. 2005 Jun; 8(3):167-72. PMID: 16117184
  10. Lister JP, Blatt GJ, DeBassio WA, Kemper TL, Tonkiss J, Galler JR, Rosene DL. Effect of prenatal protein malnutrition on numbers of neurons in the principal cell layers of the adult rat hippocampal formation. Hippocampus. 2005; 15(3):393-403.View Related Profiles. PMID: 15669101
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