David Sparrow, DSc
Boston University School of Medicine
Dept of Medicine
Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine

MS, University of Massachusetts Amherst
DSc, Boston University School of Public Health

David Sparrow, DSc is a professor of pulmonary, allergy, sleep & critical care at the Boston University School of Medicine. He is also a Senior Epidemiologist at VA Normative Aging Study, Boston and Lecturer of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He has over twenty-five years of experience and over 270 publications. Dr. Sparrow earned his doctorate of science in Epidemiology from the Boston University School of Public Health.

Boston University School of Public Health

VA Boston Healthcare System

Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2019 Exercise training to improve cognitive function_523_Sparrow 1I21RX002545-01A1
2018 Telephone-linked, home-based exercise training in PD 5I21RX002362-02
2017 Telephone-linked, home-based exercise training in PD 1I21RX002362-01
2017 A Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients with PD 5I01RX001696-03 1
2017 A Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients with PD 5I01RX001696-04 1
2016 A Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients with PD 5I01RX001696-02 1
2015 A Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients with PD 1I01RX001696-01 1
2015 A telemedicine intervention to improve physical function in patients with PD 5I01HX000790-03
2015 An RCT of telemedicine interventions for OSA 5I01HX000120-04
2013 A telemedicine intervention to improve physical function in patients with PD 1I01HX000790-01A1
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