Sema Quadir
Pre-Doctoral Trainee
Boston University School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences
Dept of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

BUSM Department of Pharmacology:
*Lab of Addictive Disorders (April 2017- present)
–working under Dr. Valentina Sabino to examine the neurobiological underpinnings of alcohol addiction
–gained experience working with mice and rats including running cognitive behavioral tests (differential rates of low responding, attentional set shifting) and anxiety tests (elevated plus maze, defensive withdrawal, open field, novelty suppressed feeding)
–learning immunohistochemistry and stereotaxic surgery

University of California Santa Barbara Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences:
*Behavioral and Neural Genetics Laboratory (April 2013–August 2016)
–worked under Dr. Karen Szumlinksi to examine changes in the brain following exposure to drugs of abuse (alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin) in mice
–trained extensively handling of mice including weighing, scruffing, intraperitoneal injections, subcutaneous injections and brief exposure to intracranial stereotaxic surgery
–performed behavioral tests such as conditioned place preference, loss of righting reflex, Rotorod testing, locomotor testing
–established a model of unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS)
–executed experiments involving cross-sensitization, selective breeding, and the use of transgenic mice
–prepared tissue via slicing on the Vibratome followed by cresyl violet staining
–trained new members in the lab on various techniques such as general animal handling, subcutaneous injections, place conditioning procedures and UCMS
–coordinated schedules of ~5 undergraduate assistants to make sure things were being run as efficiently as possible

Investigating the role of the Sigma-1 receptors in alcohol addiction and associated cognitive deficits and pain states
07/21/2020 - 07/20/2022 (PI)
NIH/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


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