Yasuhide Asaumi, PhD
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan

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Postdoctoral Fellow
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

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  1. Higuma T, Akashi YJ, Fukumoto Y, Obara H, Kakuma T, Asaumi Y, Yasuda S, Sakuma I, Daida H, Shimokawa H, Kimura T, Iimuro S, Nagai R. Residual Coronary Risk Factors Associated With Long-Term Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Treated With High- vs. Low-Dose Statin Therapy - REAL-CAD Substudy. Circ J. 2023 Jul 21. PMID: 37482412
  2. Kitahara S, Kataoka Y, Miura H, Nishii T, Nishimura K, Murai K, Iwai T, Matama H, Honda S, Fujino M, Yoneda S, Takagi K, Otsuka F, Asaumi Y, Fujino Y, Tsujita K, Puri R, Nicholls SJ, Noguchi T. Characterization of plaque phenotypes exhibiting an elevated pericoronary adipose tissue attenuation: insights from the REASSURE-NIRS registry. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2023 Jun 29. PMID: 37380905
  3. Hosoda H, Kataoka Y, Nicholls SJ, Puri R, Murai K, Kitahara S, Mitsui K, Sugane H, Sawada K, Iwai T, Matama H, Honda S, Takagi K, Fujino M, Yoneda S, Otsuka F, Takamisawa I, Nishihira K, Asaumi Y, Kawai K, Noguchi T. Calcified plaque harboring lipidic materials associates with no-reflow phenomenon after PCI in stable CAD. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2023 Jun 28. PMID: 37378706
  4. Yoneda S, Asaumi Y, Murai K, Iwai T, Matama H, Sawada K, Miura H, Honda S, Fujino M, Takagi K, Otsuka F, Kataoka Y, Nishimura K, Noguchi T. Feasibility of rotational atherectomy in patients with acute coronary syndrome: favorable in-hospital outcomes and clinical importance of complexed coronary atherosclerosis. Heart Vessels. 2023 Oct; 38(10):1193-1204. PMID: 37202532
  5. Konagai N, Asaumi Y, Murata S, Noda T, Takeuchi S, Fujino M, Honda S, Yoneda S, Kataoka Y, Otsuka F, Nishimura K, Tsujita K, Kusano K, Noguchi T, Yasuda S. In-hospital predictors for primary prevention of sudden death after acute myocardial infarction with cardiac dysfunction. J Cardiol. 2023 Sep; 82(3):186-193. PMID: 37187290
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  7. Asaumi Y. Peripheral vein pressure as a less-invasive marker at the vulnerable phase after hospitalization of heart failure. Int J Cardiol. 2023 Jul 15; 383:59-60. PMID: 37121552
  8. Hokimoto S, Kaikita K, Yasuda S, Tsujita K, Ishihara M, Matoba T, Matsuzawa Y, Mitsutake Y, Mitani Y, Murohara T, Noda T, Node K, Noguchi T, Suzuki H, Takahashi J, Tanabe Y, Tanaka A, Tanaka N, Teragawa H, Yasu T, Yoshimura M, Asaumi Y, Godo S, Ikenaga H, Imanaka T, Ishibashi K, Ishii M, Ishihara T, Matsuura Y, Miura H, Nakano Y, Ogawa T, Shiroto T, Soejima H, Takagi R, Tanaka A, Tanaka A, Taruya A, Tsuda E, Wakabayashi K, Yokoi K, Minamino T, Nakagawa Y, Sueda S, Shimokawa H, Ogawa H. JCS/CVIT/JCC 2023 Guideline Focused Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Vasospastic Angina (Coronary Spastic Angina) and Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction. Circ J. 2023 May 25; 87(6):879-936. PMID: 36908169
  9. Nagai T, Inomata T, Kohno T, Sato T, Tada A, Kubo T, Nakamura K, Oyama-Manabe N, Ikeda Y, Fujino T, Asaumi Y, Okumura T, Yano T, Tajiri K, Matsuura H, Baba Y, Sunami H, Tsujinaga S, Ota Y, Ohta-Ogo K, Ishikawa Y, Matama H, Nagano N, Sato K, Yasuda K, Sakata Y, Kuwahara K, Minamino T, Ono M, Anzai T. JCS 2023 Guideline on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Myocarditis. Circ J. 2023 Apr 25; 87(5):674-754. PMID: 36908170
  10. Kataoka Y, Yasuda S, Asaumi Y, Honda S, Noguchi T, Miyamoto Y, Sase K, Iwahashi N, Kawamura T, Kosuge M, Kimura K, Takamisawa I, Iwanaga Y, Miyazaki S. Long-term effects of lowering postprandial glucose level on cardiovascular outcomes in early-stage diabetic patients with coronary artery disease: 10-year post-trial follow-up analysis of the DIANA study. J Diabetes Complications. 2023 May; 37(5):108469. PMID: 36996727
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