Julia Raifman, ScD, MSc
Assistant Professor
Boston University School of Public Health
Dept of Health Law, Policy & Management

ScD, Harvard School of Public Health
MSc, Harvard School of Public Health

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Julia Raifman, ScD, SM conducts research on health and social policies drivers of population health and health disparities.

Her current work is focused on evaluating how policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis are shaping COVID-19, mental health, and economic precarity during the pandemic. She created the COVID-19 U.S. State Policy Database (CUSP) tracking more than 100 state policy responses to the pandemic to facilitate rapid response research and journalism: https://statepolicies.com. Her research during this period indicates that greater state minimum wages, unemployment insurance, and paid sick leave are associated with reductions in food insecurity. She has documented how structural racism shaped disparities in susceptibility to severe illness due to COVID-19. She has also highlighted that increased suicidal ideation during this period is concentrated among people living in low-income households and young adults.

Her research prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was focused on mental health on HIV. In the area of mental health, she has conducted several studies of the association between LGBT rights and mental distress and between firearms policies and suicide. Her work on HIV is focused on how structural stigma and structural racism shape disparities in the burden of HIV, including implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis. Dr. Raifman's research has been covered in the New York Times, The Guardian, National Public Radio, PBS Newshour, and The Advocate.

Dr. Raifman leads the Health Inequities focus area at the Boston University School of Public Health and the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee in the Health Law, Policy, & Management Department. She is committed to supporting structural changes to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in academia.

Dr. Raifman teaches Quantitative Methods for Health Services and Policy Research. She enjoys mentoring and is committed to promoting the success of diverse students.

Dr. Raifman received her doctoral and masters degree from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins prior to joining Boston University.

2018 Altmetric: Top 100 articles of 2017
2017 JAMA Pediatrics: Best paper by a trainee
2016 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Postdoctoral recognition award
2016 Johns Hopkins Delta Omega Society: First place, policy and practice research
2011-2015 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Doctoral fellowship and stipend
2009-2011 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Masters fellowship
2007 Tufts University: Class of 1942 Prize: Most likely to become an outstanding university teacher or administrator

A Structural Approach to improving HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Implementation Among High Risk Men
07/11/2018 - 06/30/2022 (PI)
NIH/National Institute of Mental Health

Expanding and making more accessible the prevention and social safety-net policies tracked in the COVID-19 US State Policy Database
08/15/2020 - 02/14/2022 (Multi-PI)
PI: Julia Raifman, ScD, MSc
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Predicting the Impact of cost on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake and racial/ethnic disparities among men who have sex with men
12/05/2018 - 11/30/2021 (Subcontract PI)
The Miriam Hospital NIH NIMH

CFAR Developmental: A Novel Approach to Evaluating HIV PrEP Implementation among People who Inject Drugs and MSM in Massachusetts using an All Payer Claims Database
03/20/2019 - 09/19/2020 (Subcontract PI)
The Miriam Hospital NIH NIAID

Evaluating HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Implementation Using an All Payers Claims Database
09/01/2017 - 03/31/2020 (Subcontract PI)
The Miriam Hospital NIH NIMH


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We’re Already Barreling Toward the Next Pandemic

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No, the Unvaccinated Aren’t All Just Being Difficult

The New York Times 8/6/2021

Treasury Secretary Yellen to meet with House Democrats as anger builds over eviction moratorium

The Washington Post 8/3/2021

Treasury Secretary Yellen to meet with House Democrats as anger builds over eviction moratorium

The Washington Post 8/3/2021


Returning to Work Not Easy for Some Who Lost Jobs to COVID

U.S. News & World Report 7/17/2021

Most unvaccinated people have low incomes

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Arizona business that sells wigs to people undergoing cancer treatment targeted by anti-mask group

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The next phase of the U.S. pandemic? Pockets of localized outbreaks.

National Geographic 5/27/2021

Hundreds of Epidemiologists Expected Mask-Wearing in Public for at Least a Year

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Businesses jumping into vaccination effort see it as win-win

The Hill 5/9/2021

Infection Data Shows Impact Of Vaccines On Older Residents

WBUR 4/8/2021

Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren to Headline Forum on Antiracism as Health Policy

BU Today 4/5/2021

Who has died from Covid-19 in the US?

Vox 2/16/2021

To Make Stimulus Checks Better Targeted, Give Them to Everyone

New York Magazine 2/3/2021

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Helped Keep Millions of Americans From Going Hungry

U.S. News & World Report 2/1/2021

Investments to increase access to biking and walking could save money and lives, study finds

Consumer Affairs 1/28/2021

Higher Ed Workers Get in the COVID Vaccine Line

Inside Higher Education 1/13/2021

Covid-19 is temporary. The health ramifications of failing to provide adequate economic relief may last decades

STAT 12/15/2020

Could Future Court Decisions Raise the LGBTQ Suicide Rate?

Psychology Today 12/11/2020

What’s Your State Doing About COVID? Check This Databas

Futurity 11/10/2020

What Are States Doing about COVID-19? This BU Database Has Answers

BU Today 10/17/2020

SPH Launches Series of Panels on Suicide Prevention Thursday

BU Today 9/30/2020

Will America Let COVID-19 Become The Next HIV?

HuffPost 8/11/2020

With Tighter Handgun Laws, U.S. Would See Fewer Suicides by Young People

Health Day 7/23/2020

Study of 17 Million Identifies Crucial Risk Factors for Coronavirus Deaths

The New York Times 7/8/2020

The New Coronavirus Deaths of Despair

Bloomberg 5/12/2020

The Next Covid Crisis Could Be a Wave of Suicides

Bloomberg 5/8/2020

Why Are Blacks, Other Minorities Hardest Hit By COVID-19?

Drugs.com 5/6/2020

Fewer LGBT Teens Plagued by Suicidal Thoughts, But Rates Still High

U.S. News & World Report 2/10/2020

A Surge for Sexual Minority Youth

U.S. News & World Report 2/10/2020

Number of non-heterosexual teens grows, but suicide attempts remain high

The Hill 2/10/2020

Fewer LGBT Teens Plagued by Suicidal Thoughts, But Rates Still High

Health Day 2/10/2020

Suicide rates fall among sexual-minority youth but still outpace heterosexual peers

Reuters 2/10/2020

Huge Mental Health Gap For Gender Minority College Students

Futurity 8/21/2019

Transgender college students more likely to experience mental health problems than their peers

News Medical 8/18/2019

Trans Students Are Found Far More Likely Than Others to Suffer From a Host of Psychological Problems

The Chronicle of Higher Education 8/16/2019

Bullied, discriminated transgender college students face significantly higher risk of suicide

MEAWW 8/16/2019

Students with Different Gender Identities are 4 Times More Likely to Develop Mental Health Issues, New Study Finds

New York Daily News 8/16/2019

How to Fight LGBT Health Disparities

Futurity 6/27/2019

Can a 'Pay-It-Forward' Model for STI Testing Work in the US?: Public Health Watch

Infectious Disease Today 1/23/2019

Gay fathers face stigma as parents

Reuters 1/15/2019

HIV viral suppression under Ryan White care comparable to Medicaid, private insurance

Infectious Disease News 1/9/2019

Transgender rights are constitutional rights

The Hill 11/8/2018

It Was Never Just About a Cake

NewNowNext 6/14/2018

Legal denial of service to same-sex couples tied to mental distress

Reuters 6/6/2018

What The Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision Means For Public Health And The Rule Of Law

WBUR 6/5/2018

Denial of services to same-sex couples can harm their health

The Hill 5/23/2018

Men Who Have Sex with Men Receive Less HIV Education

MD Mag 1/30/2018
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