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Medical Campus Promotes 13 Faculty to Associate Professor

BU Today 7/30/2021

Op-Ed: The kids who aren’t all right — the pandemic’s lasting toll on youth mental health

Los Angeles Times 6/13/2021

As opioid deaths surge, hundreds of children under the state’s watch witnessed an overdose last year

The Boston Globe 5/21/2021

Study: Massachusetts Leads In Stimulant Prescriptions

WBUR 5/5/2021

Don't let George Floyd's substance use muddy the facts in Derek Chauvin trial: Addiction doctor

USA Today 4/13/2021

The other health crisis the stimulus package will help

CNN 3/10/2021

Establishing Principles of Care for Young Adults with Substance Use Disorders

HealthCity 1/27/2021

Principles of Evidence-Based Substance Use Treatment for Young Adults

HealthCity 1/27/2021

New Guidelines Cover Opioid Use After Children’s Surgery

The New York Times 11/30/2020

Opioid Deaths in Young Americans Often Involve Other Drugs

US News & World Report 11/27/2020

Majority of Opioid Overdose Deaths Among Youth Involve Multiple Substances

Addiction Professional 11/25/2020

Polysubstance Use Driving Overdose Deaths in Adolescents and Young Adults

HealthCity 11/25/2020

Opioid overdoses from multiple substances have spiked among young people, study finds

Consumer Affairs 11/23/2020

Study Finds Stimulants Are Increasingly Involved In Overdoses Of Young People

WBUR 11/23/2020

Fatal opioid overdoses in young people often involve abuse of multiple drugs

Philly Voice 11/23/2020

As Purdue Pharma settles criminal opioid crisis claims, experts question if it is enough

Charleston Gazette-Mail 10/25/2020

Teens, Young Adults With Opioid Addiction Need Greater Access to Medication

Pediatrics Consult 10/1/2020

Low-Cost Marketing of Stimulants to Physicians May Increase Rx Rates

Doctors Lounge 2/18/2020

The Marketing of Stimulants for Children With A.D.H.D.

The New York Times 2/10/2020

Many Stimulant Prescribers Are Influenced By Pharmaceutical Marketing

Healio 1/27/2020

Study: Doctor Payments From Pharma Coincide With More ADHD Prescriptions

The Boston Business Journal 1/27/2020

Drug Companies Marketing Stimulants to Doctors Can Impact Prescribing Practices, Study Shows

The Boston Herald 1/24/2020

As Prescriptions for Stimulants to Treat ADHD Increased, So Did Pharma Payments to Doctors, Study Finds

Fierce Healthcare 1/23/2020

As Prescribing for ADHD Stimulants Rose, So Did Industry Payments to Doctors

STAT+ 1/21/2020

Direct-to-Physician Pharmaceutical Marketing May Contribute to Stimulant Oversupply

HealthCity 1/21/2020

Gray Matter Development, Impulsivity, Tied to Teen Drunkenness

MD alert 12/27/2019

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: What the Research Says

Journalist’s Resource 12/9/2019

Sackler Legacy is at Stake in Family's Bid to Reinvent Purdue Pharma as a Public Trust

The Washington Post 11/6/2019

The Opioid Prescribing Problem

Journalist's Resource 10/15/2019

Special Report: America's massive overprescribing problem

The Daily Item 10/15/2019

Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping

The New York Times 10/14/2019

Most Youth with Nicotine Use Disorder Are Not Treated

Healio 10/8/2019

Doctors May Not Be Doing Enough to Help Young Smokers, New Research Finds

WGBH 9/26/2019

Boston Hospitals’ Study: Docs Failing Kids Addicted to Nicotine

Boston Herald 9/23/2019

Study Finds Doctors Fail to Help Teens Quit Smoking

Modern Healthcare 9/23/2019

America’s Opioid Crisis has Helped Create a ‘Nationwide Epidemic’ of Heart Infections Linked to Drug Abuse

Newsweek 9/18/2019

Johnson & Johnson's Brand Falters Over Its Role in the Opioid Crisis

New York Times 8/27/2019

What Oklahoma’s Landmark Opioid Ruling Could Mean for Other States

PBS News Hour 8/26/2019

Here’s What Parents Should Know About Teens and Drug Use in Summer Months

Family Circle 7/25/2019

What Time Of Year Are People Likely To First Try Drugs? Summer, Survey Says

NPR 7/24/2019

Industry Money Fuels Gabapentin Prescribing

MedScape 7/10/2019

Parents Say CBD Is Helping Their Children With Autism

TODAY 4/22/2019

Teen Drivers Reaching For Objects More Likely To Crash

Reuters 3/15/2019

Unwise And Unnecessary: Opioids For Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The Washington Post 3/3/2019

Validating A Two Question Alcohol Screen: A Predictive Tool Worth Knowing About

AAP News 2/19/2019

The Deadly Worst Case Scenario for America's Xanax Obsession

Vice 2/13/2019

To Sway Doctors, Purdue Pharma Turned Up The Pressure

The Boston Globe 2/2/2019

Young People With Opioid Addiction Face Barriers To Treatment

The Fix 2/1/2019

Limiting Opioid Prescriptions Will Do Little To Reduce Overdose Deaths, Study Says

The Boston Globe 2/1/2019

Treating America’s Addicted Youth

U.S. News & World Report 1/28/2019

EDITORIAL: Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies Must Be Part Of The Fight Against Opioids

Observer-Reporter 1/27/2019

Do Perks for Doctors Fuel Opioid Deaths?

The Crime Report 1/23/2019

How Big Pharma's Payments To Doctors Affected Overdose Deaths

The Fix 1/22/2019

Opioid marketing drives prescription and overdose rates

Futurity 1/22/2019

Marketing of prescription opioids correlated with rise of opioid prescribing, study finds

Fierce Healthcare 1/21/2019

'Start Here': Dems shut down Trump's shutdown offer, and a 2nd US-North Korea summit is announced. What you need to know to start your day.

ABC News 1/21/2019

The More Drugmakers Wowed Doctors With Gifts And Lunches, The More People Died Of Drug Overdoses, Study Shows

Vice 1/21/2019

Addictive Drugs Should Not be Marketed, Period

Tonic 1/18/2019

Opioid Marketing Contributed To Overdose Epidemic, Boston Medical Center Report Says

Boston Business Journal 1/18/2019

New Boston Medical Center Study Links Pharma Marketing With Opioid Overdose Deaths

WGBH 1/18/2019

Big Pharma's Marketing to Docs Helped Trigger Opioid Crisis: Study

HealthDay News 1/18/2019

Heavy Marketing Of Opioid Drugs Linked To Overdose Deaths

UPI 1/18/2019

Drug Payments To Physicians Linked To More Overdose Deaths, Study Finds

Becker's Hospital Review 1/18/2019

Opioid-Related Deaths Associated with Pharmaceutical Marketing of Opioid Products

MD Magazine 1/18/2019

Opioid Deaths Overlap With Pharma's Target Markets

MedPage Today 1/18/2019

Opioid Marketing Leads To More Prescriptions, Deaths, Says JAMA Study

Heathcare Dive 1/18/2019

Drug company payments to doctors may influence opioid overdose deaths, study finds

The Washington Post 1/18/2019

US regions where drug companies marketed hit hardest by opioids crisis

The Guardian 1/18/2019

County By County, Researchers Link Opioid Deaths To Drugmakers’ Marketing

Kaiser Health News 1/18/2019

Drugmaker Payments To Doctors Linked To Opioid Deaths: Study

New York Post 1/18/2019

When Opioids Are Pushed on Doctors, Death Rates Rise

US News & World Report 1/18/2019

Study Links Drug Maker Gifts for Doctors to More Overdose Deaths

The New York Times 1/18/2019

Big Pharma Marketing Spending Tied to Opioid Deaths, Study Finds

Bloomberg 1/18/2019

With more money spent marketing opioids, more overdose deaths followed, study says

CNN 1/18/2019

Study links opioid epidemic to painkiller marketing

Reuters 1/18/2019

Drug maker payments to doctors are linked to higher opioid overdose deaths

Stat 1/18/2019


Wired 1/18/2019

Drug company payments to doctors may influence opioid overdose deaths, study finds

The Washington Post 1/18/2019


Newsweek 1/18/2019

Study Links More Marketing Of Opioids To More Overdose Deaths

WBUR 1/18/2019

Opioid Makers Spent Nearly A Million Dollars On Utah Doctors In Recent Years, Ties Now Used Against The Companies In Lawsuits

The Salt Lake Tribune 11/26/2018

Mom of 3: I Got Addicted to Opioids After my Caregiver Was Paid to Prescribe Them

NBC News 10/17/2018

Pharmacotherapy keeps youths with opioid use disorder in care longer

Healio 9/10/2018

More U.S. teens saying 'no' to smoking and drinking

Reuters 7/19/2018

Opioid-Makers Cut Back On Marketing Payments To Doctors

WBUR 6/28/2018

Restriction of hydrocodone tied to spike in illegal online drug market

Healio 6/14/2018

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