Marc Kornbleuth, PhD
Research Scientist
Boston University College of Arts and Sciences

Postdoctoral associate at Boston University in department of Astronomy. Researching the shape of the heliosphere and the physical mechanisms which drive it via magnetohydrodynamic simulations and energetic neutral atom modeling. Deputy director of the Global Heliosphere team (research thrust #1) from the SHIELD Drive Center.

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  1. Kleimann J, Dialynas K, Fraternale F, Galli A, Heerikhuisen J, Izmodenov V, Kornbleuth M, Opher M, Pogorelov N. The Structure of the Large-Scale Heliosphere as Seen by Current Models. Space Sci Rev. 2022; 218(4):36. PMID: 35664863; PMCID: PMC9156516; DOI: 10.1007/s11214-022-00902-6;
  2. Galli A, Baliukin II, Bzowski M, Izmodenov VV, Kornbleuth M, Kucharek H, Möbius E, Opher M, Reisenfeld D, Schwadron NA, Swaczyna P. The Heliosphere and Local Interstellar Medium from Neutral Atom Observations at Energies Below 10 keV. Space Sci Rev. 2022; 218(4):31. PMID: 35673597; PMCID: PMC9165285; DOI: 10.1007/s11214-022-00901-7;
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  4. Kornbleuth M, Opher M, Baliukin I, Dayeh MA, Zirnstein EJ, Gkioulidou, Dialynas K, Galli A, Richardson JD, Izmodenov V, Zank GP, Fuselier S. Signature of a Heliotail Organized by the Solar Magnetic Field and the Role of Non-ideal Processes in Modeled IBEX ENA Maps: A Comparison of the BU and Moscow MHD Models. Astrophysical Journal. 2021. View Publication
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  7. Kornbleuth M, Opher M, Michael AT, Sokól JM, Toth G, Tenishev V, Drake JF . . The Confinement of the Heliosheath Plasma by the Solar Magnetic Field as Revealed by Energetic Neutral Atoms. Astrophysical Journal Letters. 2020. View Publication
  8. Kornbleuth M, Opher M, Michael AT, Drake JF. Globally Distributed Energetic Neutral Atoms for the ‘Croissant’ Heliosphere. Astrophysical Journal. 2018. View Publication
  9. Kay C, Opher M, Kornbleuth M. Probability of CME Impact on Exoplanets Orbiting M Dwarfs and Solar-like Stars. Astrophysical Journal. 2016. View Publication
  10. Wargelin BJ, Kornbleuth M, Martin PL, Juda M. Observation and Modeling of Geocoronal Charge Exchange X-Ray Emission during Solar Wind Gusts. Astrophysical Journal. 2014. View Publication
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2022 NASA Drive Center: Grant (Co-I)
2022 Heliophysics Guest Investigator Grant (Scientific PI)
2021-2022 Heliophysics Supporting Research Grant (Co-I)
2018 NASA: Earth and Space Science Fellowship
2016 NSF: Graduate Research Fellowship - Honorable Mention
2014 Community Coordinated Modeling Center Student Research Contest - NSF, CCMC: Second Prize in Ionosphere/Magnetosphere category
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