Leah Bakst, PhD
Research Scientist (previously held)
Boston University College of Arts and Sciences
Psychological and Brain Sciences

Leah is a postdoctoral fellow at Boston University, where she is trying to understand how we represent the precision of our predictions in the brain. She is especially curious about what we can learn about these predictions from eye movements. She is a graduate of the neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Washington where she focused on the visual system, disentangling the multiple functions of the Frontal Eye Field in smooth pursuit behavior. She received her BA in both neuroscience and music from Oberlin College.

She is especially motivated by the possible applications of neuroscience and the scientific method to make STEM education, public policy, and science communication more effective and equitable.

Eye Movements and the Dynamics of Adaptive Learning
07/01/2019 - 06/30/2022 (PI)
NIH/National Eye Institute


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2022 Harvard University: George W. Goethals Award for excellence in teaching
2020 Harvard University: George W. Goethals Award for excellence in teaching
2019-2022 NIH/NEI: National Research Service Award
2018-2019 NSF SBE: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
2017-2018 Center for Systems Neuroscience, Boston University: Distinguished Fellow
2015 Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA: Science Communication Fellow
2014-2016 University of Washington: NIH T-32 Vision Training Grant
2014 Cold Spring Harbor: Computational Neuroscience: Vision course attendee
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