Erin Campbell
Postdoctoral Associate
Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
Language and Literacy Education

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Dr. Erin Campbell is a postdoctoral researcher at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. Dr. Campbell studies early language and cognition among children born deaf and/or blind. Her research focuses on (1) how perceptual experience (seeing, hearing, touch) and language input shape early language development, and (2) how children and adults learn words for things they cannot directly experience. Dr. Campbell’s approach to research uses multiple methodologies (spanning eye-tracking, electroencephalography (EEG), behavioral, and corpus work) and modalities (spoken and signed languages).

Before joining Wheelock, Dr. Campbell earned a PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience from Duke University. Research from her dissertation, “The Influence of Early Sensory and Linguistic Experience on Lexical Development,” has been published in respected journals, such as Neuropsychologia, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, and Developmental Science.

09/01/2021 - 08/31/2026 (Multi-PI)
PI: Emily Curry
University of Chicago American Orthopaedic

BMC HIV/HCV/STI/TB Prevention, Linkage, and Retention in Care and Treatment Progra
11/01/2017 - 06/30/2024 (Multi-PI)
PI: Jonathan Hall
Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health / DPH Centers for Disease

Pink Pony Patient Navigation
03/14/2022 - 02/29/2024 (Multi-PI)
PI: Christine VanDeWege
Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation

Elders Living at Home - Title IIIB
10/01/2017 - 09/30/2023 (PI)
City of Boston DHHS

Behavioral Health Workforce Salary Supplement Program
06/30/2022 - 06/29/2023 (Multi-PI)
PI: Courtney Urick
Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Registry for the Advancement of Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease
12/14/2020 - 02/28/2023 (Multi-PI)
PI: Ginny Leung
NeuroPoint Alliance Michael J Fox Founda

FOCUS Program - BMC HCV Screening, Confirmation and Linkage Initiative
04/01/2016 - 11/30/2022 (PI)
Gilead Sciences

Community Transportation Grant
09/01/2021 - 03/01/2022 (Multi-PI)
PI: Katie Finn
American Cancer Society

Domestic Violence Response Fund Award
02/05/2021 - 05/31/2021 (Multi-PI)
PI: Michelle Trevino-Talbot
Futures Without Violence The Allstate Foundat

Providence/Boston CFAR Development Award: Preexisting Tuberculosis Infection Influences HIV...
04/01/2018 - 09/30/2019 (Multi-PI)
PI: Jared Eddy
The Miriam Hospital National Institute o

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Yr Title Project-Sub Proj Pubs
2024 Modulating the adaptive immune response to enhance the efficiency of in vivo gene editing in muscle 1R01NS135175-01A1
2024 The Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Results Communication (PERC) Study 1R34AA031652-01
2024 Disrupted Communication Between Blood Cells and Non-blood Organs as a Mediator of Aging Pathologies 1U01AG086163-01
2024 Transgenic Core 1P01AI179273-01-5765
2024 Identifying a novel player in skeletal muscle performance and metabolism 1R01DK138635-01A1
2024 CUIMC Calabresi Clinical Oncology Career Development Program 1K12CA279872-01A1
2024 CAPRI: Columbia Cancer Research Training Program for Resident-Investigators 1R38CA277850-01A1
2024 Point of care detection of fluroquinolone, bedaquiline and linezolid resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis for rapid treatment decisions. 1R01AI182257-01
2024 Transition to Cardiac Rehabilitation (T2C) to Address Barriers of Multimorbidity and Frailty 1I01HX003518-01A1
2024 Nanoreactor beads for POC TB resistance testing 1R01AI179961-01
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