Carsten Guillaume Grupstra
Postdoctoral Associate
Boston University College of Arts and Sciences

My research focuses on the environmental drivers of microbial community dynamics in marine metazoans. Specifically, my thesis work focuses on the natural abundances and diversity of viruses associated with tropical corals. I use coral reefs as a study system for three reasons. First, corals are sessile (non-moving) and long-lived so they can be re-sampled after timespans ranging from days to years, allowing repeated measurements of microbial diversity within individual animal genotypes. Second, because corals are clonal, they can be fragmented into small branches for use in manipulative experiments. This allows researches to control for genotype effects, i.e. variation between treatments potentially caused by differences between host genotypes. And last, corals are highly dependent on their microbial communities for the fulfillment of a range of services, so changes to the microbial community can have strong phenotypic effects on the coral host. The most well-studied example of this is coral bleaching, a phenotypic change that is potentially lethal and is caused by the loss of dinoflagellate photosynthetic endosymbionts (or photosymbionts for short).

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