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Catherine Grgicak, PhD

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionBoston University School of Medicine
DepartmentAnatomy & Neurobiology
Address72 E. Concord St Housman (R)
Boston MA 02118
Phone(617) 638-1968
ORCID ORCID Icon0000-0003-3745-0577
Other Positions
TitleGraduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students)
InstitutionBoston University School of Medicine, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

 Research Expertise & Professional Interests
Expertise includes:

Interpretation of complex, low-level DNA signal;
Applications of Laser Microdissection in Forensic DNA Analysis;
Evaluation of Degraded DNA and its effect on forensic DNA mixture interpretation;
Electrochemical Biosensors - Immobilization of DNA on Gold;
Determining the Number of Contributors to complex, low-level DNA signal

 Self-Described Keywords
  • Electrochemistry
  • Forensic DNA Analysis
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  1. Duffy KR, Gurram N, Peters KC, Wellner G, Grgicak CM. Exploring STR signal in the single- and multicopy number regimes: Deductions from an in silico model of the entire DNA laboratory process. Electrophoresis. 2017 Mar; 38(6):855-868. PMID: 27981603.
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  2. Alfonse LE, Tejada G, Swaminathan H, Lun DS, Grgicak CM. Inferring the Number of Contributors to Complex DNA Mixtures Using Three Methods: Exploring the Limits of Low-Template DNA Interpretation. J Forensic Sci. 2017 Mar; 62(2):308-316. PMID: 27907229.
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  3. Swaminathan H, Garg A, Grgicak CM, Medard M, Lun DS. CEESIt: A computational tool for the interpretation of STR mixtures. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2016 May; 22:149-60. PMID: 26946255.
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  4. Rowan KE, Wellner GA, Grgicak CM. Exploring the Impacts of Ordinary Laboratory Alterations During Forensic DNA Processing on Peak Height Variation, Thresholds, and Probability of Dropout. J Forensic Sci. 2016 Jan; 61(1):177-85. PMID: 26280243.
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  5. Mönich UJ, Duffy K, Médard M, Cadambe V, Alfonse LE, Grgicak C. Probabilistic characterisation of baseline noise in STR profiles. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2015 Nov; 19:107-22. PMID: 26218981.
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  6. Swaminathan H, Grgicak CM, Medard M, Lun DS. NOCIt: a computational method to infer the number of contributors to DNA samples analyzed by STR genotyping. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2015 May; 16:172-80. PMID: 25625964.
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  7. Oechsle CS, Haddad S, Sgueglia JB, Grgicak CM. Screening biological stains with qPCR versus lateral flow immunochromatographic test strips: a quantitative comparison using analytical figures of merit. J Forensic Sci. 2014 Jan; 59(1):199-207. PMID: 24117798.
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  8. Wogan ME, Webster-Hoffmeyer KS, Grgicak CM. Corrosion behaviour of four handguns in aqueous environments: corrosion product characterization and effects on estimating the time since deposition. Sci Justice. 2013 Sep; 53(3):363-70. PMID: 23937948.
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  9. Hennekens CM, Cooper ES, Cotton RW, Grgicak CM. The effects of differential extraction conditions on the premature lysis of spermatozoa. J Forensic Sci. 2013 May; 58(3):744-52. PMID: 23550664.
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  10. Bregu J, Conklin D, Coronado E, Terrill M, Cotton RW, Grgicak CM. Analytical thresholds and sensitivity: establishing RFU thresholds for forensic DNA analysis. J Forensic Sci. 2013 Jan; 58(1):120-9. PMID: 23130820.
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  11. Rakay CA, Bregu J, Grgicak CM. Maximizing allele detection: Effects of analytical threshold and DNA levels on rates of allele and locus drop-out. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2012 Dec; 6(6):723-8. PMID: 22796031.
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  12. Grgicak CM, Urban ZM, Cotton RW. Investigation of reproducibility and error associated with qPCR methods using Quantifiler® Duo DNA quantification kit. J Forensic Sci. 2010 Sep; 55(5):1331-9. PMID: 20629910.
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  13. Grgicak CM, Palulska MM, O’Brien JS, Giorgi JB. Synergistic effects of Ni1-xCox-YSZ and Ni1-xCux-YSZ alloyed cermet SOFC anodes for oxidation of hydrogen and methane fuels containing H2S. Journal of Power Sources. 2008; 183:26-33.
  14. Grgicak CM, Green RG, Giorgi JB. SOFC Anodes for Direct Oxidation of Hydrogen and Methane Fuels Containing H2S. Journal of Power Sources. 2008; 179:317-328.
  15. Pakulska MM, Grgicak CM, Giorgi JB. The Effect of Metal and Support Particle Size on NiO/CeO2 and NiO/ZrO2 Catalyst Activity in Complete Methane Oxidation. Applied Catalysis A: General. 2007; 332:124-129.
  16. Grgicak CM, Giorgi JG. Improved Performance of Ni- and Co-YSZ Anodes via Sulfidation to NiS- and CoS-YSZ. Effects of Temperature on Electrokinetic Parameters. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2007; 111:15446-15455.
  17. Grgicak CM, Green RG, Giorgi JB. Control of Microstructure, Sinterability and Performance in Co-Precipitated NiYSZ, CuYSZ and CoYSZ SOFC Anodes. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 2006; 16:885-897.
  18. Poulin C, Brown MA, Wasslen YA, Grgicak CM, Fagnou K, Giorgi JB. Reactivity of Mesoporous Palladium Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia for Solution Phase Reactions. Canadian Journal of Chemistry. 2006; 84:1-9.
  19. Grgicak CM, Rogers S, Mauterer C. Discovery and identification of new D13S317 primer binding site mutations. Forensic Sci Int. 2006 Feb 10; 157(1):36-9. PMID: 16098699.
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  20. Grgicak CM, Giorgi JB. YSZ Phase Purity and Stability in Chemically Prepared SOFC Anodes. Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Quebec City, Quebec. 2005; 2005-07:1200-1209.
  21. Grgicak CM, Green RG, Du WF, Giorgi JB. Synthesis and Characterization of NiO-YSZ Anode Materials: Precipitation, Calcination and the Effects on Sintering. J. of the American Ceramic Society. 2005; (88):3081-3087.
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