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Academic Article The association between geographic location and incidence of Merkel cell carcinoma in comparison to melanoma: An international assessment.
Academic Article Skin cancer rates in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany before and after the introduction of the nationwide skin cancer screening program (2000-2015).
Academic Article The many unanswered questions related to the German skin cancer screening programme.
Academic Article Does skin cancer screening save lives? A detailed analysis of mortality time trends in Schleswig-Holstein and Germany.
Academic Article Comparison of apples with their parts: rethinking a metaanalysis on the association between cooking and uveal melanoma risk.
Academic Article Phenotypical characteristics, lifestyle, social class and uveal melanoma.
Academic Article Pesticide exposure in farming and forestry and the risk of uveal melanoma.
Academic Article A case-control study: occupational cooking and the risk of uveal melanoma.
Academic Article Case-control study on uveal melanoma (RIFA): rational and design.
Academic Article Risk of uveal melanoma.
Academic Article Epidemiology, biology and therapy of Merkel cell carcinoma: conclusions from the EU project IMMOMEC.
Academic Article Time trend analysis of the skin melanoma incidence of Finland from 1953 through 2003 including 16,414 cases.
Academic Article Loss of heterozygosity of 1p in uveal melanomas with monosomy 3.
Academic Article Positive interaction between light iris color and ultraviolet radiation in relation to the risk of uveal melanoma: a case-control study.
Academic Article Arbitrary results of a meta-analysis on cancer risks among mobile phone users.
Academic Article Assessment of the effect of iris colour and having children on 5-year risk of death after diagnosis of uveal melanoma: a follow-up study.
Academic Article Trends in the incidence of ocular melanoma in the United States, 1974-1998.
Academic Article Time trends of incidence, mortality, and relative survival of invasive skin melanoma in Lithuania.
Academic Article Changing patterns of skin melanoma mortality in West Germany from 1968 through 1999.
Academic Article Occupational exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the risk of uveal melanoma.
Academic Article International uveal melanoma incidence trends in view of a decreasing proportion of morphological verification.
Academic Article Mobile phone use and risk of uveal melanoma: results of the risk factors for uveal melanoma case-control study.
Academic Article Malignant melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany: a patient- vs. diagnosis-based incidence approach.
Academic Article Occupation as a risk factor for uveal melanoma in Germany.
Academic Article Having children, social characteristics, smoking and the risk of uveal melanoma: a case-control study.
Academic Article Body-site distribution of common acquired melanocytic nevi associated with severe sunburns among children in Lithuania.
Academic Article Cooking and uveal melanoma risk: results from two German case-control studies.
Academic Article Skin cancer mortality in Germany before and after the post-communist transition.
Academic Article Population-based incidence estimates of uveal melanoma in Germany. Supplementing cancer registry data by case-control data.
Academic Article Melanoma.
Academic Article Proton radiotherapy in advanced malignant melanoma of the conjunctiva.
Academic Article Sentinel lymph node excision with or without preoperative hybrid single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) in melanoma: study protocol for a multicentric randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Impact of American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th edition classification on staging and survival of patients with melanoma.
Academic Article Impact of a preceding radiotherapy on the outcome of immune checkpoint inhibition in metastatic melanoma: a multicenter retrospective cohort study of the DeCOG.
Academic Article Application of Circulating Cell-Free Tumor DNA Profiles for Therapeutic Monitoring and Outcome Prediction in Genetically Heterogeneous Metastatic Melanoma.

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