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Concept Neurons
Concept Organ Culture Techniques
Concept Olfactory Receptor Neurons
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Concept CA1 Region, Hippocampal
Concept Cholinergic Neurons
Academic Article Frequency control in synchronized networks of inhibitory neurons.
Academic Article Synchronization and oscillatory dynamics in heterogeneous, mutually inhibited neurons.
Academic Article Synchronization of strongly coupled excitatory neurons: relating network behavior to biophysics.
Academic Article Synchronization in hybrid neuronal networks of the hippocampal formation.
Academic Article Beyond two-cell networks: experimental measurement of neuronal responses to multiple synaptic inputs.
Academic Article Two-photon imaging of spatially extended neuronal network dynamics with high temporal resolution.
Academic Article Effects of inhibitory feedback in a network model of avian brain stem.
Academic Article Frequency selectivity of layer II stellate cells in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article The mechanism of abrupt transition between theta and hyper-excitable spiking activity in medial entorhinal cortex layer II stellate cells.
Academic Article Spike resonance properties in hippocampal O-LM cells are dependent on refractory dynamics.
Academic Article Hybrid neuronal network studies under dynamic clamp.
Academic Article Channel noise is essential for perithreshold oscillations in entorhinal stellate neurons.
Academic Article Reduction of spike afterdepolarization by increased leak conductance alters interspike interval variability.
Academic Article Dynamic clamp: alteration of response properties and creation of virtual realities in neurophysiology.
Academic Article Synaptic input statistics tune the variability and reproducibility of neuronal responses.
Academic Article Hippocampal "time cells": time versus path integration.
Academic Article Differences in the Electrophysiological Properties of Mouse Somatosensory Layer 2/3 Neurons In Vivo and Slice Stem from Intrinsic Sources Rather than a Network-Generated High Conductance State.
Academic Article Increasing Ca2+ transients by broadening postsynaptic action potentials enhances timing-dependent synaptic depression.
Academic Article Mechanisms of coherent activity in hippocampus and entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Artificial synaptic conductances reduce subthreshold oscillations and periodic firing in stellate cells of the entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Sniffing controls an adaptive filter of sensory input to the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Anatomical and Electrophysiological Clustering of Superficial Medial Entorhinal Cortex Interneurons.
Academic Article Gain Modulation of Cholinergic Neurons in the Medial Septum-Diagonal Band of Broca Through Hyperpolarization.
Academic Article Dynamic clamp in cardiac and neuronal systems using RTXI.
Academic Article Nonlinear properties of medial entorhinal cortex neurons reveal frequency selectivity during multi-sinusoidal stimulation.
Academic Article Membrane potential-dependent integration of synaptic inputs in entorhinal stellate neurons.
Academic Article Altered structure and function of astrocytes following status epilepticus.
Academic Article Imaging activity in astrocytes and neurons with genetically encoded calcium indicators following in utero electroporation.
Academic Article Imaging activity in neurons and glia with a Polr2a-based and cre-dependent GCaMP5G-IRES-tdTomato reporter mouse.
Academic Article Membrane properties and the balance between excitation and inhibition control gamma-frequency oscillations arising from feedback inhibition.
Academic Article Pyramidal cells accumulate chloride at seizure onset.
Academic Article Spike phase locking in CA1 pyramidal neurons depends on background conductance and firing rate.
Academic Article Optical dissection of odor information processing in vivo using GCaMPs expressed in specified cell types of the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Entorhinal stellate cells show preferred spike phase-locking to theta inputs that is enhanced by correlations in synaptic activity.
Academic Article Disambiguation of overlapping experiences by neurons in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Simple models show the general advantages of dendrites in coincidence detection.
Academic Article Control of neuronal persistent activity by voltage-dependent dendritic properties.
Academic Article Gain control in CA1 pyramidal cells using changes in somatic conductance.
Academic Article Phase-response curves and synchronized neural networks.
Academic Article Membrane voltage fluctuations reduce spike frequency adaptation and preserve output gain in CA1 pyramidal neurons in a high-conductance state.
Academic Article Dynamic-Clamp: From Principles to Applications
Academic Article Cultivation in rotating bioreactors promotes maintenance of cardiac myocyte electrophysiology and molecular properties.
Academic Article Contributions of Ih to feature selectivity in layer II stellate cells of the entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Handbook of Biological Physics
Academic Article Simple neuron models of ITD sensitive neurons
Academic Article A heart-like Na+ current in the medial entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article The voltage-dependent conductances of rat neocortical layer I neurons.
Academic Article Noise from voltage-gated ion channels may influence neuronal dynamics in the entorhinal cortex.
Academic Article Fractal ion-channel behavior generates fractal firing patterns in neuronal models.
Academic Article Interactions between distinct GABA(A) circuits in hippocampus.
Academic Article Channel noise in neurons.
Academic Article Real-Time linux dynamic clamp: a fast and flexible way to construct virtual ion channels in living cells.
Academic Article A model of cholinergic suppression of hippocampal ripples through disruption of balanced excitation/inhibition.
Academic Article Conditional Knock-out of mGluR5 from Astrocytes during Epilepsy Development Impairs High-Frequency Glutamate Uptake.
Academic Article Balanced synaptic currents underlie low-frequency oscillations in the subiculum.
Academic Article Ultrastructural and functional changes at the tripartite synapse during epileptogenesis in a model of temporal lobe epilepsy.

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