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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Ralph B. D’Agostino, Sr., is Chairman of the Mathematics and Statistics Department and Professor of Mathematics/Statistics, Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Boston University (Ph.D., Harvard, 1968). His major fields of research are clinical trials, epidemiology, prognostics models, longitudinal analysis, multivariate analysis, robustness, and outcomes/effectiveness research. He has extensive experience (since the 1980’s) developing cardiovascular risk prediction models which have been used in Treatment Guidelines sponsored by the NIH and American Heart Association and also web based models for general consumer use. He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Council of the American Heart Association. He has been with the Framingham Heart Study since 1981 and is Co-Principal Investigator of the Core contract and Director of Data Management and Statistical Analysis for the study. He is a Special Government Employee (SGE) to the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He has been affiliated with the FDA’s Center for Drugs Evaluation and Research (CDER) since 1974 as an Expert Consultant to the Biometrics Division, the Over-the-Counter Drugs Division, the Oncology Drugs Division, the Cardiovascular-Renal Drugs Division and the Gastrointestinal Drugs Division. He has also been a consultant to the Device Division. Further, he has served on a number of Advisory Committees and was the Chair of the Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee (NDAC). He has twice been the recipient of the FDA’s Commissioner’s Special Citation (1981 and 1995).

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Concept Statistics as Topic
Concept Statistics, Nonparametric
Academic Article Increased platelet aggregability associated with platelet GPIIIa PlA2 polymorphism: the Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Clinical and microbial evaluation of a histatin-containing mouthrinse in humans with experimental gingivitis.
Academic Article Clinical and microbial evaluation of a histatin-containing mouthrinse in humans with experimental gingivitis: a phase-2 multi-center study.
Academic Article Non-inferiority trials: design concepts and issues - the encounters of academic consultants in statistics.
Academic Article Robustness of the t test applied to data distorted from normality by floor effects.
Academic Article Cross-sectional relations of electrocardiographic QRS duration to left ventricular dimensions: the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article On the C-statistics for evaluating overall adequacy of risk prediction procedures with censored survival data.
Academic Article Quantifying discrimination of Framingham risk functions with different survival C statistics.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for stroke. The Framingham Study.
Academic Article Fibrinogen and risk of cardiovascular disease. The Framingham Study.
Academic Article Re-using Mini-Sentinel data following rapid assessments of potential safety signals via modular analytic programs.
Academic Article RE: Drug risk assessment and data reuse.
Academic Article Circulating Estrogen Levels and Self-Reported Health and Mobility Limitation in Community-Dwelling Men of the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Asymptotic distribution of ?AUC, NRIs, and IDI based on theory of U-statistics.
Academic Article Multiplicity Considerations in Clinical Trials.
Academic Article Tutorial on statistical considerations on subgroup analysis in confirmatory clinical trials.
Academic Article Key multiplicity issues in clinical drug development.
Academic Article Comments from the editors.
Academic Article Non-inferiority trials: continued advancements in concepts and methodology (special papers for the 25th Anniversary of Statistics in Medicine 25(7)).
Academic Article The statistician and the data monitoring committee.
Academic Article Updating our aims and scope for the future.
Academic Article Meta-analysis: a method for synthesizing research.
Academic Article Issues of study design and data analysis.
Academic Article Cardiac nuclear imaging. Adoption of an evolving technology.
Academic Article The logistic function as an aid in the detection of acute coronary disease in emergency patients (a case study).
Academic Article The appropriateness of analysis of variance to the statistical analyses of dental clinical trials.

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