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Concept Research Design
Concept Epidemiologic Research Design
Academic Article Multiple comparisons in over-the-counter drug clinical trials with both positive and placebo controls.
Academic Article Validation of the Framingham coronary heart disease prediction scores: results of a multiple ethnic groups investigation.
Academic Article Non-inferiority trials: design concepts and issues - the encounters of academic consultants in statistics.
Academic Article New developments in medical clinical trials.
Academic Article The Third Generation Cohort of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Framingham Heart Study: design, recruitment, and initial examination.
Academic Article Objective performance goals of safety and blood pressure efficacy for clinical trials of renal artery bare metal stents in hypertensive patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis.
Academic Article Novel metrics for evaluating improvement in discrimination: net reclassification and integrated discrimination improvement for normal variables and nested models.
Academic Article Development and testing of a new measure of case mix for use in office practice.
Academic Article Covariate effect on constancy assumption in noninferiority clinical trials.
Academic Article Multiplicity Considerations in Clinical Trials.
Academic Article Challenges in the Design and Interpretation of Noninferiority Trials.
Academic Article Extension of adaptive alpha allocation methods for strong control of the family-wise error rate.
Academic Article Adverse outcome analyses of observational data: assessing cardiovascular risk in HIV disease.
Academic Article The delayed-start study design.
Academic Article The Ziprasidone Observational Study of Cardiac Outcomes (ZODIAC): design and baseline subject characteristics.
Academic Article Stent revascularization for the prevention of cardiovascular and renal events among patients with renal artery stenosis and systolic hypertension: rationale and design of the CORAL trial.
Academic Article Non-inferiority trials: continued advancements in concepts and methodology (special papers for the 25th Anniversary of Statistics in Medicine 25(7)).
Academic Article The prevention and treatment of missing data in clinical trials.
Academic Article Efficacy endpoint selection and multiplicity adjustment methods in clinical trials with inherent multiple endpoint issues.
Academic Article The statistician and the data monitoring committee.
Academic Article The Cardiovascular Outcomes with Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions (CORAL) study: rationale and methods.
Academic Article Estimating treatment effects using observational data.
Academic Article Meta-analysis: a method for synthesizing research.
Academic Article Controlling alpha in a clinical trial: the case for secondary endpoints.
Academic Article Benefits and pitfalls of pooling datasets from comparable observational studies: combining US and Dutch nursing home studies.
Academic Article Issues of study design and data analysis.
Academic Article Combining single patient (N-of-1) trials to estimate population treatment effects and to evaluate individual patient responses to treatment.
Academic Article Editorial: quantifying the comparison of two groups.
Academic Article Proposed guidelines for American Dental Association acceptance of products for professional, non-surgical treatment of adult periodontitis. Task Force on Design and Analysis in Dental and Oral Research.
Academic Article The exclusion of women from clinical trials of thrombolytic therapy: implications for developing the thrombolytic predictive instrument database.
Academic Article A comparison between lovastatin and gemfibrozil in the treatment of primary hypercholesterolemia.
Academic Article Recommended revisions to American Dental Association guidelines for acceptance of chemotherapeutic products for gingivitis control. Report of the Task Force on Design and Analysis in Dental and Oral Research to the Council on Therapeutics of the American Dental Association.
Academic Article Deriving Real-World Insights From Real-World Data: Biostatistics to the Rescue.
Academic Article Efficacy and Effectiveness Too Trials: Clinical Trial Designs to Generate Evidence on Efficacy and on Effectiveness in Wide Practice.
Academic Article New Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in the Journal.

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