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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article The doctor's role in discussing advance preferences for end-of-life care: perceptions of physicians practicing in the VA.
Academic Article Sexuality after treatment for early prostate cancer: exploring the meanings of "erectile dysfunction".
Academic Article Racial differences in how patients perceive physician communication regarding cardiac testing.
Academic Article The value of the marginalia as an adjunct to structured questionnaires: experiences of men after prostate cancer surgery.
Academic Article Bringing social structure back into clinical decision making.
Academic Article Perceived family history risk and symptomatic diagnosis of prostate cancer: the North Carolina Prostate Cancer Outcomes study.
Academic Article Race, healthcare access and physician trust among prostate cancer patients.
Academic Article The language of attentive patient care: a comparison of two medical interviews.
Academic Article Racial differences in trust and regular source of patient care and the implications for prostate cancer screening use.
Academic Article What do you mean, a spot?: A qualitative analysis of patients' reactions to discussions with their physicians about pulmonary nodules.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in HPV knowledge, attitudes, and vaccination rates among low-income African-American, Haitian, Latina, and Caucasian young adult women.
Academic Article Pulmonologists'' Reported Use of Guidelines and Shared Decision-making in Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodules: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Facilitators and barriers to the active participation of clients with serious mental illnesses in medication decision making: the perceptions of young adult clients.
Academic Article Patient and Clinician Perspectives on Shared Decision-making in Early Adopting Lung Cancer Screening Programs: a Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Patient-Physician Discussions on Lung Cancer Screening: A Missed Teachable Moment to Promote Smoking Cessation.

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