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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Jack A. Clark, PhD, is a medical sociologist interested in how people, as members of society, look after their health and the health of others, including their actions as users and providers of health care. Health, health problems, and remedies are constituted in social relations; they reflect habits, knowledge, and capabilities people have as members of society. Health services are patterns of these social relations. Thus, he conducts research in how people live with chronic diseases, use formal and informal health services, communicate with physicians and other providers of services, reach treatment decisions, and perceive the outcomes of health care. He has studied patients' decisions to persevere or withdraw from antiviral treatment for hepatitis C, the operations and effectiveness of patient navigation programs designed to facilitate access to cancer care and reduce social and economic disparities, and social interactions in recovery-oriented mental health groups and the work of peer mental health counselors, among other topics. He has mentored VA and BU medical faculty members in their research on clinical communication affecting HPV vaccination decisions and shared decision making in the management of incidental pulmonary nodules. He has long been involved in research in cancer care. His research has helped to define patient centered, psychosocial outcomes of treatment decisions for prostate cancer. He has developed patient-based measures to monitor changes in bodily function, the psychosocial effects of bodily dysfunction, and quality of life after a diagnosis of cancer. His studies typically seek to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods. He currently teaches three courses. PM 826 critically examines patient-centered medical care by addressing patients' illness perceptions, use of health services, communication with clinicians, and outcomes of care as they relate to the social contexts of medical practices and patients’ lives. PM 864 is an introduction to the contemporary structure of health services. PM 866 is an introduction to social theory in explaining the evolution of health services, their organization, and their effectiveness with respect to the populations they may serve. From its founding in 1990 until his retirement from the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2017, he was a member of the research faculty of the Center for Health Quality, Outcomes, and Economic Research at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital in Bedford, MA.

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Concept Continuity of Patient Care
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Patient Care
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Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
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Academic Article Home antibiotic therapy for low-risk cancer patients with fever and neutropenia: a pilot study of 30 patients based on a validated prediction rule.
Academic Article Self-report measures for assessing treatment outcomes in cardiac surgery patients.
Academic Article The doctor's role in discussing advance preferences for end-of-life care: perceptions of physicians practicing in the VA.
Academic Article Comparing generic and disease-specific measures of physical and role functioning: results from the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Health status in VA patients: results from the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Symptom indexes to assess outcomes of treatment for early prostate cancer.
Academic Article Racial differences in how patients perceive physician communication regarding cardiac testing.
Academic Article Racial differences in health-related beliefs, attitudes, and experiences of VA cardiac patients: scale development and application.
Academic Article Measuring patients' perceptions of the outcomes of treatment for early prostate cancer.
Academic Article Patient-reported measures of health: The Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Comparing the health status of VA and non-VA ambulatory patients: the veterans' health and medical outcomes studies.
Academic Article Improving the response choices on the veterans SF-36 health survey role functioning scales: results from the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Assessment of long-term complications due to type 2 diabetes using patient self-report: the diabetes complications index.
Academic Article Patient-based measures of illness severity in the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article The influence of place of administration on health-related quality-of-life assessments: findings from the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Utilization of medical services by Veterans Health Study (VHS) respondents.
Academic Article Preliminary validation of a patient-based self-assessment measure of severity of illness in type 2 diabetes: results from the pilot phase of the Veterans Health Study.
Academic Article Applications of methodologies of the Veterans Health Study in the VA healthcare system: conclusions and summary.
Academic Article Living with hepatitis C: qualitative interviews with hepatitis C-infected veterans.
Academic Article Patient navigation: development of a protocol for describing what navigators do.
Academic Article The language of attentive patient care: a comparison of two medical interviews.
Academic Article Racial differences in trust and regular source of patient care and the implications for prostate cancer screening use.
Academic Article Structural and reliability analysis of a patient satisfaction with cancer-related care measure: a multisite patient navigation research program study.
Academic Article Parents' opinions of mandatory human papillomavirus vaccination: does ethnicity matter?
Academic Article Safety of early discharge for low-risk patients with febrile neutropenia: a multicenter randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article What affects human papillomavirus vaccination rates? A qualitative analysis of providers' perceptions.
Academic Article Factors affecting human papillomavirus vaccine use among White, Black and Latino parents of sons.
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding HPV vaccination: ethnic and cultural differences between African-American and Haitian immigrant women.
Academic Article Attitudes toward HPV vaccination among low-income and minority parents of sons: a qualitative analysis.
Academic Article Patterns of task and network actions performed by navigators to facilitate cancer care.
Academic Article Providers'' perceptions of parental concerns about HPV vaccination.
Academic Article Do better-rated navigators improve patient satisfaction with cancer-related care?
Academic Article Ends of the line: diversity among chronic pain centers.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic differences in HPV knowledge, attitudes, and vaccination rates among low-income African-American, Haitian, Latina, and Caucasian young adult women.
Academic Article An assessment of patient navigator activities in breast cancer patient navigation programs using a nine-principle framework.
Academic Article Missed opportunities for HPV vaccination in adolescent girls: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Why are U.S. girls getting meningococcal but not human papilloma virus vaccines? Comparison of factors associated with human papilloma virus and meningococcal vaccination among adolescent girls 2008 to 2012.
Academic Article Distinct communication patterns during genetic counseling for late-onset Alzheimer''s risk assessment.
Academic Article Experience of the Veterans Health Administration in Massachusetts after state health care reform.
Academic Article Readiness for Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening. A National Survey of Veterans Affairs Pulmonologists.
Academic Article Qualitative analysis of patient-centered decision attributes associated with initiating hepatitis C treatment.
Academic Article A National Survey of Pulmonologists'' Views on Low-Dose Computed Tomography Screening for Lung Cancer.
Academic Article Evaluations of Implementation at Early-Adopting Lung Cancer Screening Programs: Lessons Learned.
Academic Article What Makes Patient Navigation Most Effective: Defining Useful Tasks and Networks.
Grant The Study of Home Care for Febrile Neutropenia
Grant Racial Differences in Prostate Cancer: Influence of Health Care and Host Tumor Biology
Academic Article Physician Approaches to Conflict with Families Surrounding End-of-Life Decision-making in the Intensive Care Unit. A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Applying Health Services Research to Long-Term Care (Romeis J, Coe R, Morley J, eds.)
Academic Article Journal of General Internal Medicine
Academic Article Patient responses to the diagnosis of a pulmonary nodule: insight from focus groups
Academic Article Patient responses to the diagnosis of a pulmonary nodule: insight from focus groups
Academic Article Emotional distress associated with incidental pulmonary nodules: Results from a multi-center patient survey
Academic Article Attitudes of VA pulmonologists towards implementation of low dose CT screening for lung cancer: results of a national survey
Academic Article Physician approaches to provider-family conflict associated with end-of-life decision-making in the ICU: a qualitative study
Academic Article Patients' impressions of communication with their clinicians surrounding low-dose CT lung cancer screening: a qualitative study
Academic Article "It''s like a mirror image of my illness": Exploring Patient Perceptions About Illness Using Health Mind Mapping-a Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Integrated Model for Patient-Centered Advanced Liver Disease Care.
Academic Article Veterans Affairs and Rural Community Providers'' Perspectives on Interorganizational Care Coordination: A Qualitative Analysis.

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