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Concept Base Sequence
Concept Genes, Recessive
Concept Molecular Biology
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Genes, ras
Concept Skin Aging
Concept Genes, fos
Concept Genes, T-Cell Receptor gamma
Concept Pathology, Molecular
Academic Article Histologic evaluation of the long term effects of tretinoin on photodamaged skin.
Academic Article Epidermal innervation correlates with severity of photodamage. A quantitative ultrastructural study.
Academic Article Histopathology of solar lentigines of the face: a quantitative study.
Academic Article Ultrastructural evidence for the participation of Langerhans cells in cutaneous photoaging processes: a quantitative comparative study.
Academic Article Short- and long-term histologic effects of topical tretinoin on photodamaged skin.
Academic Article Mixed Merkel cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.
Academic Article Tazarotene cream for the treatment of facial photodamage: a multicenter, investigator-masked, randomized, vehicle-controlled, parallel comparison of 0.01%, 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1% tazarotene creams with 0.05% tretinoin emollient cream applied once daily for 24 weeks.
Academic Article Histopathologic differences in the photoaging process in facial versus arm skin.
Academic Article Assessment of the long-term safety of topical retinoids.
Academic Article Effects of tretinoin on photodamaged skin. A histologic study.
Academic Article Intracellular degradation of elastin by cathepsin K in skin fibroblasts--a possible role in photoaging.
Academic Article Molecular diagnostics-an emerging frontier in dermatopathology.
Academic Article Histologic changes in skin associated with aging.
Academic Article Infections in dermatopathology: emerging frontiers.
Academic Article Ultrastructural effects of topical tretinoin on dermo-epidermal junction and papillary dermis in photodamaged skin. A controlled study.
Academic Article In vivo and in vitro SPRR1 gene expression in normal and malignant keratinocytes.
Academic Article Syringometaplasia: variants and underlying mechanisms.
Academic Article Effective blue light photodynamic therapy does not affect cutaneous langerhans cell number or oxidatively damage DNA.

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