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Academic Article Airway epithelial gene expression in the diagnostic evaluation of smokers with suspect lung cancer.
Academic Article A prediction model for lung cancer diagnosis that integrates genomic and clinical features.
Academic Article Clinical impact of high-throughput gene expression studies in lung cancer.
Academic Article Lung cancer biomarkers: FISHing in the sputum for risk assessment and early detection.
Academic Article A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease related signature in squamous cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Characterizing the impact of smoking and lung cancer on the airway transcriptome using RNA-Seq.
Academic Article A pharmacogenomic method for individualized prediction of drug sensitivity.
Academic Article MicroRNA 4423 is a primate-specific regulator of airway epithelial cell differentiation and lung carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Update in Lung Cancer 2014.
Academic Article Early Events in the Molecular Pathogenesis of Lung Cancer.
Academic Article The Case for a Pre-Cancer Genome Atlas (PCGA).
Academic Article Genomic Landscape Established by Allelic Imbalance in the Cancerization Field of a Normal Appearing Airway.
Academic Article A Randomized Phase IIb Trial of myo-Inositol in Smokers with Bronchial Dysplasia.
Academic Article Transforming Cancer Prevention through Precision Medicine and Immune-oncology.
Academic Article Alterations in Bronchial Airway miRNA Expression for Lung Cancer Detection.
Academic Article Genomic approaches to accelerate cancer interception.
Academic Article The Airway Transcriptome as a Biomarker for Early Lung Cancer Detection.
Academic Article Biomarkers in Lung Cancer Screening: Achievements, Promises, and Challenges.
Academic Article Detection of early lung cancer among military personnel (DECAMP) consortium: study protocols.
Academic Article Molecular subtyping reveals immune alterations associated with progression of bronchial premalignant lesions.

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