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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Mark Meterko, PhD, is a research associate professor at the Boston University School of Public Health in the Department of Health Law, Policy and Management. His research interests include survey methodology, measurement development and psychometrics. Dr. Meterko has applied these interests most often in the assessment of patient experience of, and satisfaction with, their health care, but he has also worked and published in a variety of other content domains including self-reported functional status, symptomatology of traumatic brain injury and PTSD, organization culture, and healthcare safety climate. Since 1994 he has been involved with the Veterans Health Administration where he was a principal investigator in the Health Services Research and Development Service for 11 years, and currently serves as the senior survey methodologist for the VA national patient experience survey program. In addition to his published papers, Dr. Meterko has served as a peer reviewer for numerous journals including Medical Care, Health Services Research, the Journal of General Internal Medicine and the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, as well as serving as a mentor to BUSPH doctoral candidates whose studies involved survey research.

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Academic Article Physician burnout: an examination of personal, professional, and organizational relationships.
Academic Article The evolution of customer feedback in health care.
Academic Article Influence of patient and hospital factors on consumer satisfaction with inpatient mental health treatment.
Academic Article Mental illness as a predictor of satisfaction with inpatient care at Veterans Affairs hospitals.
Academic Article Patient satisfaction with hospital care: effects of demographic and institutional characteristics.
Academic Article Monitoring the progress of system integration.
Academic Article Factors influencing risk-adjusted patient satisfaction after coronary artery bypass grafting.
Academic Article Teamwork culture and patient satisfaction in hospitals.
Academic Article The effects of organization on medical utilization: an analysis of service line organization.
Academic Article The relationship of system-level quality improvement with quality of depression care.
Academic Article Conceptual issues in the design and implementation of pay-for-quality programs.
Academic Article Provider attitudes toward pay-for-performance programs: development and validation of a measurement instrument.
Academic Article Incentive implementation in physician practices: A qualitative study of practice executive perspectives on pay for performance.
Academic Article Effects of paying physicians based on their relative performance for quality.
Academic Article Physician attitudes toward pay-for-quality programs: perspectives from the front line.
Academic Article An overview of patient safety climate in the VA.
Academic Article Patient judgments of hospital quality. A taxonomy.
Academic Article The Patient Judgments of Hospital Quality (PJHQ) Questionnaire.
Academic Article Patient judgments of hospital quality. Response to questionnaire.
Academic Article Further evaluations of the PJHQ scales.
Academic Article Implementation of a clinical innovation: the case of advanced clinic access in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Recruitment of hospitals for a safety climate study: facilitators and barriers.
Academic Article Team effectiveness and organizational context in the implementation of a clinical innovation.
Academic Article Relationship of hospital organizational culture to patient safety climate in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Identifying organizational cultures that promote patient safety.
Academic Article Adding a Nursing Information Technology Subscale to the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index.
Academic Article Provider attitudes associated with adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines in a managed care setting.
Academic Article Hospital safety climate and safety outcomes: is there a relationship in the VA?
Academic Article Pay-for-performance in safety net settings: issues, opportunities, and challenges for the future.
Academic Article Impact of the "polytrauma clinical triad" on sleep disturbance in a department of veterans affairs outpatient rehabilitation setting.
Academic Article Accounting for variation in technical quality and patient satisfaction: the contribution of patient, provider, team, and medical center.
Academic Article The relationship between organizational climate and quality of chronic disease management.
Academic Article Mortality among patients with acute myocardial infarction: the influences of patient-centered care and evidence-based medicine.
Academic Article Job satisfaction of primary care team members and quality of care.
Academic Article Factors affecting the use of patient survey data for quality improvement in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Development of a short-form Learning Organization Survey: the LOS-27.
Academic Article Grounded theory of barriers and facilitators to mandated implementation of mental health care in the primary care setting.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of a person-centered care staff survey in veterans health administration community living centers.
Academic Article Validation of a novel safety climate instrument in VHA nursing homes.
Academic Article The Effects of Organization Design and Patient Perceptions of Care on Switching Behavior and Reliance on a Health Care System Across Time.
Academic Article Team Process Variation Across Diabetes Quality of Care Trajectories.
Academic Article Are comparisons of patient experiences across hospitals fair? A study in Veterans Health Administration hospitals.
Academic Article Impact of provider coordination on nurse and physician perceptions of patient care quality.
Academic Article Motivators and hygiene factors among physicians responding to explicit incentives to improve the value of care.
Academic Article Organization of nursing and quality of care for veterans at the end of life.
Academic Article Organizational predictors of coordination in inpatient medicine.
Academic Article Influence of shared medical appointments on patient satisfaction: a retrospective 3-year study.
Academic Article Prescribers'' perceptions of medication discontinuation: survey instrument development and validation.
Academic Article Patient Perceptions of Deprescribing: Survey Development and Psychometric Assessment.
Grant Relationship Between Patient Centered Care, Technical Care Quality, Other Care Processes, and Outcomes
Academic Article Supporting medication discontinuation: provider preferences for interventions to facilitate deprescribing.
Academic Article Do patient perceptions of provider communication relate to experiences of physical pain?
Academic Article Organizational Factors Associated With Perceived Quality of Patient Care in Closed Intensive Care Units.
Academic Article Patient attitudes and experiences that predict medication discontinuation in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Factors associated with internal medicine physician job attitudes in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Proceedings of the Group Health Institute
Academic Article Proceedings of the Group Health Institute
Academic Article International Journal for Quality in Health Care (Kate Lorig, Anita Stewart, Philip Rigger et al, eds.)
Academic Article International Journal for Quality in Health Care (Bowling A, ed.)
Academic Article Survey Response Rate and Quality in a Mental Health Clinic Population: Results from a Randomized Survey Comparison.
Academic Article Patient-Centered Care in Primary Care Scale: Pilot Development and Psychometric Assessment.
Academic Article Factor structure of the Q-LES-Q short form in an enrolled mental health clinic population.
Academic Article Development and psychometric assessment of a novel survey to measure care coordination from the specialist''s perspective.
Academic Article Deprescribing in the context of multiple providers: understanding patient preferences.
Academic Article Organizational Coordination and Patient Experiences of Specialty Care Integration.
Academic Article Survey of Patient-Centered Coordination of Care for Diabetes with Cardiovascular and Mental Health Comorbidities in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Evidence-based practice and patient-centered care: Doing both well.
Academic Article Tools to improve referrals from primary care to specialty care.
Academic Article Physicians'' perceptions of autonomy support during transition to value-based reimbursement: A multi-center psychometric evaluation of six-item and three-item measures.
Academic Article Veterans'' Experiences With Outpatient Care: Comparing The Veterans Affairs System With Community-Based Care.
Academic Article Concerns of Primary Care Clinicians Practicing in an Integrated Health System: a Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Coordination of Care as Experienced by the Specialist: Validation of the CSC-Specialist Survey in the Private Sector and the Effect of a Shared Electronic Health Record.

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