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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Expertise in computational approaches to leverage genome-wide datasets (especially genome-wide gene-expression) for clinical and biological insight. Interests include developing and applying these tools for translational research.

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Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Fungal
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Leukemic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Academic Article Signaling phosphate starvation.
Academic Article Disruption of the cytoskeleton-extracellular matrix linkage promotes the accumulation of plasminogen activators in F9 derived parietal endoderm.
Academic Article Previously unidentified changes in renal cell carcinoma gene expression identified by parametric analysis of microarray data.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomic identification of targets for adjuvant therapy with the topoisomerase poison camptothecin.
Academic Article Differential gene expression in pulmonary artery endothelial cells exposed to sickle cell plasma.
Academic Article Cholinergic receptor and cyclic stretch-mediated inflammatory gene expression in intact ASM.
Academic Article Reliability and reproducibility of gene expression measurements using amplified RNA from laser-microdissected primary breast tissue with oligonucleotide arrays.
Academic Article Identification of depot-specific human fat cell progenitors through distinct expression profiles and developmental gene patterns.
Academic Article Tumor-specific and proliferation-specific gene expression typifies murine transgenic B cell lymphomagenesis.
Academic Article Airway epithelial gene expression in the diagnostic evaluation of smokers with suspect lung cancer.
Academic Article Gene expression abnormalities in histologically normal breast epithelium of breast cancer patients.
Academic Article Reversible and permanent effects of tobacco smoke exposure on airway epithelial gene expression.
Academic Article Characterization of the mid-foregut transcriptome identifies genes regulated during lung bud induction.
Academic Article Smoking-induced gene expression changes in the bronchial airway are reflected in nasal and buccal epithelium.
Academic Article A prediction model for lung cancer diagnosis that integrates genomic and clinical features.
Academic Article MicroRNAs as modulators of smoking-induced gene expression changes in human airway epithelium.
Academic Article Epithelial mesenchymal transition traits in human breast cancer cell lines.
Academic Article Comparison of smoking-induced gene expression on Affymetrix Exon and 3'-based expression arrays.
Academic Article Translating the COPD transcriptome: insights into pathogenesis and tools for clinical management.
Academic Article Dicer, Drosha, and outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Clinical impact of high-throughput gene expression studies in lung cancer.
Academic Article The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser.
Academic Article Inactivation of AMPK alters gene expression and promotes growth of prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Comparison of proteomic and transcriptomic profiles in the bronchial airway epithelium of current and never smokers.
Academic Article Airway gene expression in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Smad signaling is required to maintain epigenetic silencing during breast cancer progression.
Academic Article Aging, depot origin, and preadipocyte gene expression.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling and biochemical analysis of mechanically induced cartilaginous tissues in a rat model.
Academic Article The expression level of HJURP has an independent prognostic impact and predicts the sensitivity to radiotherapy in breast cancer.
Academic Article Similarities and differences between smoking-related gene expression in nasal and bronchial epithelium.
Academic Article Airway PI3K pathway activation is an early and reversible event in lung cancer development.
Academic Article A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease related signature in squamous cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Applying gene expression microarrays to pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Transcriptomic studies of the airway field of injury associated with smoking-related lung disease.
Academic Article Characterizing the impact of smoking and lung cancer on the airway transcriptome using RNA-Seq.
Academic Article Discovering biological connections between experimental conditions based on common patterns of differential gene expression.
Academic Article Chemotherapy response and recurrence-free survival in neoadjuvant breast cancer depends on biomarker profiles: results from the I-SPY 1 TRIAL (CALGB 150007/150012; ACRIN 6657).
Academic Article A gene expression signature of emphysema-related lung destruction and its reversal by the tripeptide GHK.
Academic Article A single-sample microarray normalization method to facilitate personalized-medicine workflows.
Academic Article SIRT1 pathway dysregulation in the smoke-exposed airway epithelium and lung tumor tissue.
Academic Article A dynamic bronchial airway gene expression signature of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung function impairment.
Academic Article Airway gene expression in COPD is dynamic with inhaled corticosteroid treatment and reflects biological pathways associated with disease activity.
Academic Article Comparison of nasal epithelial smoking-induced gene expression on Affymetrix Exon 1.0 and Gene 1.0 ST arrays.
Academic Article Molecular profiling of premalignant lesions in lung squamous cell carcinomas identifies mechanisms involved in stepwise carcinogenesis.
Academic Article A Bronchial Genomic Classifier for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Lung Cancer.
Academic Article Asthma-COPD overlap. Clinical relevance of genomic signatures of type 2 inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Derivation of a bronchial genomic classifier for lung cancer in a prospective study of patients undergoing diagnostic bronchoscopy.
Academic Article Gene co-expression modules as clinically relevant hallmarks of breast cancer diversity.
Academic Article PGE2-driven expression of c-Myc and oncomiR-17-92 contributes to apoptosis resistance in NSCLC.
Academic Article Genetic regulation of gene expression in the lung identifies CST3 and CD22 as potential causal genes for airflow obstruction.
Academic Article Assessment of microRNA differential expression and detection in multiplexed small RNA sequencing data.
Academic Article Gene-expression profiling of buccal epithelium among non-smoking women exposed to household air pollution from smoky coal.
Academic Article miR-638 regulates gene expression networks associated with emphysematous lung destruction.
Academic Article The Achilles'' heel of senescent cells: from transcriptome to senolytic drugs.
Academic Article DNA methylation is globally disrupted and associated with expression changes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease small airways.
Academic Article Personalized management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease via transcriptomic profiling of the airway and lung.
Academic Article Nondestructive cryomicro-CT imaging enables structural and molecular analysis of human lung tissue.
Academic Article Shared Gene Expression Alterations in Nasal and Bronchial Epithelium for Lung Cancer Detection.
Academic Article Detecting the Presence and Progression of Premalignant Lung Lesions via Airway Gene Expression.
Academic Article The cellular and molecular determinants of emphysematous destruction in COPD.
Academic Article Alterations in Bronchial Airway miRNA Expression for Lung Cancer Detection.
Academic Article Identification of transforming growth factor-beta-regulated microRNAs and the microRNA-targetomes in primary lung fibroblasts.
Academic Article Nasal gene expression differentiates COPD from controls and overlaps bronchial gene expression.
Academic Article Impact of acute exposure to cigarette smoke on airway gene expression.
Academic Article Abstract A1-66: Leveraging Gene Expression in the Bronchial Airway to Develop a Nasal Biomarker for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Academic Article Abstract 896: The airway field of injury reflects gene expression changes associated with the presence of lung squamous premalignant lesions
Academic Article The biological impact of e-cigarettes on airway epithelial cell transformation and gene expression
Academic Article Effects of ICS/LABA treatment on hyperinflation and genome wide gene-expression in upper airway epithelium in severe COPD
Academic Article Predicting Lung Function Decline in COPD Using Bronchial Airway Gene Expression
Academic Article Abstract 1252: A pre-clinical model for lung cancer interception: gene expression similarities between human and mouse bronchial premalignant lesions
Academic Article Abstract 1485: Biomarker development for lung cancer diagnosis using integrative microRNA and gene expression networks
Academic Article Abstract A11: Airway gene expression indicates an increase in oxidative phosphorylation in the field of injury of individuals with premalignant lesions
Academic Article The Impact of Acute Smoking on Airway Gene-Expression
Academic Article Abstract 1574: Leveraging bronchial airway gene expression to develop a nasal biomarker for lung cancer detection
Academic Article Abstract 932: The impact of e-cigarette exposure on pulmonary epithelium gene expression and transformation
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article Abstract 1607: Airway gene expression alterations associated with lung cancer chemoprevention using green tea extract
Academic Article Bronchial Airway Gene-Expression Testing Improves the Diagnostic Yield of Bronchoscopy for Lung Cancer: Results of the AEGIS Trial
Academic Article Abstract B16: The effect of e-cigarette exposure on airway epithelial cell gene expression and transformation
Academic Article Abstract B07: Nasal epithelial gene expression profiles reflect dynamic biological response to smoking cessation
Academic Article Abstract 4030: Nasal gene expression reflects the physiologic response to alternate tobacco products
Academic Article Moving beyond gene expression: identification of lung-disease-associated novel transcripts and alternative splicing by RNA sequencing
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2011 International Conference
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article P4-09-19: PCNA+ Tumor Associated Macrophages Are Associated with M1 and M2 Gene Expression, and Confer Poor Prognosis in the Absence of Anti-Tumor Immune Environment
Academic Article American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference
Academic Article Abstract 1979: Algebraic factorization of gene expression profiles reveals subtype-specific drug sensitivities among 54 breast cancer cell lines
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2011 International Conference
Academic Article American Thoracic Society 2009 International Conference
Academic Article Airway gene expression in smokers as a novel biomarker for lung cancer
Academic Article Airway Gene Expression as a Molecular Phenotype of COPD
Academic Article Effect of long-term corticosteroid treatment on microRNA and gene-expression profiles in COPD.
Academic Article Molecular subtyping reveals immune alterations associated with progression of bronchial premalignant lesions.
Academic Article Tobacco-Related Alterations in Airway Gene Expression are Rapidly Reversed Within Weeks Following Smoking-Cessation.
Academic Article Gene Expression Alterations in the Bronchial Epithelium of Electronic Cigarette Users.

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