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Concept Breast Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasms, Experimental
Concept Ovarian Neoplasms
Concept Skin Neoplasms
Concept Colorectal Neoplasms
Academic Article Formation of hybridoma clones in soft agarose: effect of pH and of medium.
Academic Article Generation of a polyclonal fab phage display library to the human breast carcinoma cell line BT-20.
Academic Article Recombinant polyclonal antibody libraries.
Academic Article Polyclonal anti-colorectal cancer Fab phage display library selected in one round using density gradient centrifugation to separate antigen-bound and free phage.
Academic Article Generation of anti-colorectal cancer fab phage display libraries with a high percentage of diverse antigen-reactive clones.
Academic Article Expression of a prototypic anti-colorectal cancer polyclonal antibody library in mammalian cells.
Academic Article Generation and preliminary characterization of an antibody library with preferential reactivity to human colorectal cancer cells as compared to normal human blood cells.
Academic Article Recombinant polyclonal antibodies for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Antibody treatment of human tumor xenografts elicits active anti-tumor immunity in nude mice.
Academic Article Protective B-cell epitopes of Francisella tularensis O-polysaccharide in a mouse model of respiratory tularaemia.
Academic Article The binding sites of monoclonal antibodies to the non-reducing end of Francisella tularensis O-antigen accommodate mainly the terminal saccharide.
Academic Article Diagnosis of cutaneous T cell lymphoma by use of monoclonal antibodies reactive with tumor-associated antigens.
Academic Article Discovery of protective B-cell epitopes for development of antimicrobial vaccines and antibody therapeutics.

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