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Academic Article The role of serial radiographs in the management of pediatric torus fractures.
Academic Article Pediatricians' attitudes, beliefs, and practices regarding clinical practice guidelines: a national survey.
Academic Article Beliefs about diagnosing asthma in young children.
Academic Article Research and asthma: where do we go from here?
Academic Article Pediatric pre-hospital advanced life support care in an urban setting.
Academic Article Metered-dose inhaler: the emergency department orphan.
Academic Article Women's health after pregnancy and child outcomes at age 3 years: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Impact of site of care, race, and Hispanic ethnicity on medication use for childhood asthma.
Academic Article Maternal cigarette smoking, metabolic gene polymorphism, and infant birth weight.
Academic Article What is the system of care for abused and neglected children in children's institutions?
Academic Article Changes in reporting of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, and age over 10 years.
Academic Article Demographic, clinical, and psychosocial predictors of the reliability of mothers' clinical judgments.
Academic Article Medication errors related to computerized order entry for children.
Academic Article The effect of peer counselors on breastfeeding rates in the neonatal intensive care unit: results of a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Maternal birthplace and breastfeeding initiation among term and preterm infants: a statewide assessment for Massachusetts.
Academic Article Communication of positive newborn screening results for sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait: variation across states.
Academic Article Effect of computer order entry on prevention of serious medication errors in hospitalized children.
Academic Article Prematurity, chorioamnionitis, and the development of recurrent wheezing: a prospective birth cohort study.
Academic Article Maternal cigarette smoking, metabolic gene polymorphisms, and preterm delivery: new insights on GxE interactions and pathogenic pathways.
Academic Article Standard precautions in the pediatric emergency department: knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of pediatric and emergency medicine residents.
Academic Article Retrospective evaluation of a computerized physician order entry adaptation to prevent prescribing errors in a pediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Iron supplementation of low-income infants: a randomized clinical trial of adherence with ferrous fumarate sprinkles versus ferrous sulfate drops.
Academic Article Caregiver health literacy and adherence to a daily multi-vitamin with iron regimen in infants.
Academic Article Association of genetic ancestry with preterm delivery and related traits among African American mothers.
Academic Article Gestational diabetes, atopic dermatitis, and allergen sensitization in early childhood.
Academic Article Widespread vitamin D deficiency in urban Massachusetts newborns and their mothers.
Academic Article Gene polymorphisms, breast-feeding, and development of food sensitization in early childhood.
Academic Article Race, ancestry, and development of food-allergen sensitization in early childhood.
Academic Article Communication of urgent public health messages to urban populations: lessons from the Massachusetts water main break.
Academic Article African ancestry, early life exposures, and respiratory morbidity in early childhood.
Academic Article When the subject is more than just the subject: two case studies of family involvement in human subjects research.
Academic Article The impact of pediatric asthma education on morbidity. Assessing the evidence.
Academic Article Premature graduates of the newborn intensive care unit: a guide to followup.
Academic Article The relationship between maternal opioid agonists and psychiatric medications on length of hospitalization for neonatal abstinence syndrome.
Academic Article Dating violence among adolescents presenting to a pediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Risk of sudden infant death syndrome among infants with in utero exposure to cocaine.
Academic Article Challenges to excellence in child health research: call for papers.
Academic Article Vitamin D status among 4-month-old infants in New England: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Contrasts in child health care and child health research.
Academic Article Studies of breast-feeding and infections. How good is the evidence?
Academic Article Reducing night waking in infancy: a primary care intervention.

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