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Concept RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional
Concept Transcription Factors
Concept Transcription, Genetic
Concept Transcriptional Activation
Concept Transcription Factor AP-1
Concept Transcription Factor TFIID
Concept Transcription Factor DP1
Concept E2F Transcription Factors
Concept E2F1 Transcription Factor
Concept NFATC Transcription Factors
Concept STAT3 Transcription Factor
Concept STAT5 Transcription Factor
Concept p300-CBP Transcription Factors
Concept Kruppel-Like Transcription Factors
Concept Paired Box Transcription Factors
Concept TCF Transcription Factors
Concept Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 Protein
Academic Article A transcript from the long terminal repeats of a murine retrovirus associated with trans activation of cellular genes.
Academic Article Sickle erythrocytes, after sickling, regulate the expression of the endothelin-1 gene and protein in human endothelial cells in culture.
Academic Article The Moloney leukemia retroviral long terminal repeat trans-activates AP-1-inducible genes and AP-1 transcription factor binding.
Academic Article Potential mechanism of vasomotor dysregulation after lung transplantation for primary pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article The long terminal repeats of a murine retrovirus encode a trans-activator for cellular genes.
Academic Article Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) induction of egr-1 is independent of PDGF receptor autophosphorylation on tyrosine.
Academic Article Nitric oxide regulates the expression of vasoconstrictors and growth factors by vascular endothelium under both normoxia and hypoxia.
Academic Article Expression of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor is regulated by serum and mitogenic growth factors in murine 3T3 fibroblasts.
Academic Article Regulation of c-jun gene expression in endothelial cells by the protein kinase inhibitor staurosporine.
Academic Article Hypoxia induces endothelin gene expression and secretion in cultured human endothelium.
Academic Article Calcium-dependent immediate-early gene induction in lymphocytes is negatively regulated by p21Ha-ras.
Academic Article Identification of a cis-acting element in the class I major histocompatibility complex gene promoter responsive to activation by retroviral sequences.
Academic Article Activation of collagenase IV gene expression and enzymatic activity by the Moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat.
Academic Article Moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat activates monocyte chemotactic protein-1 protein expression and chemotactic activity.
Academic Article Cellular and molecular effects of a pulse butyrate regimen and new inducers of globin gene expression and hematopoiesis.
Academic Article Alterations in protein-DNA interactions in the gamma-globin gene promoter in response to butyrate therapy.
Academic Article Endothelial cell responses to hypoxic stress.
Academic Article Feline leukemia virus long terminal repeat activates collagenase IV gene expression through AP-1.
Academic Article A novel DNA damage checkpoint involving post-transcriptional regulation of cyclin A expression.
Academic Article DNA-damaging aryl hydrocarbons induce Mdm2 expression via p53-independent post-transcriptional mechanisms.
Academic Article Activation-induced nuclear translocation of RING3.
Academic Article RING3 kinase transactivates promoters of cell cycle regulatory genes through E2F.
Academic Article Short-chain fatty acid derivatives stimulate cell proliferation and induce STAT-5 activation.
Academic Article Long terminal repeat regions from exogenous but not endogenous feline leukemia viruses transactivate cellular gene expression.
Academic Article Redox control of retinoic acid receptor activity: a novel mechanism for retinoic acid resistance in melanoma cells.
Academic Article You bet-cha: a novel family of transcriptional regulators.
Academic Article The role of Ras in T lymphocyte activation.
Academic Article Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 induction by histone deacetylase inhibitors mediates induction of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression and homotypic aggregation.
Academic Article Oncogenic ras induces an inhibitor of double-stranded RNA-dependent eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha-kinase activation.
Academic Article Prohibitin requires Brg-1 and Brm for the repression of E2F and cell growth.
Academic Article Mutations that abrogate transactivational activity of the feline leukemia virus long terminal repeat do not affect virus replication.
Academic Article E mu-BRD2 transgenic mice develop B-cell lymphoma and leukemia.
Academic Article BRG1/BRM and prohibitin are required for growth suppression by estrogen antagonists.
Academic Article Bromodomain analysis of Brd2-dependent transcriptional activation of cyclin A.
Academic Article Leukemia virus long terminal repeat activates NFkappaB pathway by a TLR3-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Identification of transcription complexes that contain the double bromodomain protein Brd2 and chromatin remodeling machines.
Academic Article Identification of novel small-molecule inducers of fetal hemoglobin using pharmacophore and 'PSEUDO' receptor models.
Academic Article Tumor-specific and proliferation-specific gene expression typifies murine transgenic B cell lymphomagenesis.
Academic Article Reprogramming of the SWI/SNF complex for co-activation or co-repression in prohibitin-mediated estrogen receptor regulation.
Academic Article Sirtuin 1 is required for antagonist-induced transcriptional repression of androgen-responsive genes by the androgen receptor.
Academic Article Role of protein kinase A in tax transactivation of the human T-cell leukemia virus type I long terminal repeat.
Academic Article Drosophila female sterile (1) homeotic is a multifunctional transcriptional regulator that is modulated by Ras signaling.
Academic Article Aberrant activation of gamma-catenin promotes genomic instability and oncogenic effects during tumor progression.
Academic Article Prohibitin and the SWI/SNF ATPase subunit BRG1 are required for effective androgen antagonist-mediated transcriptional repression of androgen receptor-regulated genes.
Academic Article Oxygen tension regulates the expression of the platelet-derived growth factor-B chain gene in human endothelial cells.
Academic Article Requirement for chromatin-remodeling complex in novel tumor suppressor HIC1-mediated transcriptional repression and growth control.
Academic Article Erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF) is recruited to the gamma-globin gene promoter as a co-activator and is required for gamma-globin gene induction by short-chain fatty acid derivatives.
Academic Article Identification of LTR-specific small non-coding RNA in FeLV infected cells.
Academic Article HIC1 regulates tumor cell responses to endocrine therapies.
Academic Article Fetal globin gene inducers: novel agents and new potential.
Academic Article Increased expression of CD4 molecules on Jurkat cells mediated by human immunodeficiency virus tat protein.
Academic Article P21 v-ras inhibits induction of c-myc and c-fos expression by platelet-derived growth factor.
Academic Article Transcription Regulation by Class III Histone Deacetylases (HDACs)-Sirtuins.
Academic Article SIRT1 induces EMT by cooperating with EMT transcription factors and enhances prostate cancer cell migration and metastasis.
Academic Article SIRT1 represses estrogen-signaling, ligand-independent ERa-mediated transcription, and cell proliferation in estrogen-responsive breast cells.
Academic Article Murine retroviruses control class I major histocompatibility antigen gene expression via a trans effect at the transcriptional level.
Academic Article Platelet-derived growth factor production by human umbilical vein endothelial cells is regulated by basic fibroblast growth factor.
Academic Article Butryic acid analogues augment gamma globin gene expression in neonatal erythroid progenitors.
Academic Article Hypoxia induces AP-1-regulated genes and AP-1 transcription factor binding in human endothelial and other cell types.
Academic Article The E3 ligase APC/C(Cdh1) promotes ubiquitylation-mediated proteolysis of PAX3 to suppress melanocyte proliferation and melanoma growth.
Academic Article Novel Inducers of Fetal Globin Identified through High Throughput Screening (HTS) Are Active In Vivo in Anemic Baboons and Transgenic Mice.
Academic Article Targeted fetal hemoglobin induction for treatment of beta hemoglobinopathies.
Academic Article MicroRNA let-7 downregulates STAT3 phosphorylation in pancreatic cancer cells by increasing SOCS3 expression.
Academic Article Therapeutic fetal-globin inducers reduce transcriptional repression in hemoglobinopathy erythroid progenitors through distinct mechanisms.
Academic Article Nitric Oxide, Cytochrome P450 and Sexual Steroid Hormones. J. Parkinson, ed

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