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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Jayandra Jung Himali, PhD, serves as an adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology and Biostatistics at Boston University Schools of Medicine and of Public Health, and a Center Faculty Member of the Framingham Heart Study (FHS). He has been engaged in collaborative public health research and teaching for over a decade. As a senior Biostatistician at the Neurology core of FHS, his research efforts are focused on the interrelated areas of: (1) the epidemiology of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and relating traditional and novel biomarkers to the risk of dementia and AD; (2) the epidemiology of stroke and vascular cognitive impairment; (3) understanding vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia including AD; and (4) investigating the role of modifiable lifestyle factors: sleep, diet and physical activity on the incidence of dementia, cognitive decline and MRI-defined brain aging. His research is also focused on outcome assessment in Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and neuropathology. He has received the Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class ‘A’ Medal from the government of Nepal for highest academic achievement in doctoral studies.

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Concept Cognition Disorders
Concept Endothelium, Vascular
Concept Vascular Diseases
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Vascular Stiffness
Academic Article Association of plasma ADMA levels with MRI markers of vascular brain injury: Framingham offspring study.
Academic Article Association of MRI markers of vascular brain injury with incident stroke, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and mortality: the Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Midlife vascular risk factor exposure accelerates structural brain aging and cognitive decline.
Academic Article Multiple biomarkers and risk of clinical and subclinical vascular brain injury: the Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Relations of arterial stiffness and endothelial function to brain aging in the community.
Academic Article Glucose indices are associated with cognitive and structural brain measures in young adults.
Academic Article Lipid and lipoprotein measurements and the risk of ischemic vascular events: Framingham Study.
Academic Article Normative Data for the Cognitively Intact Oldest-Old: The Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Interaction Between Midlife Blood Glucose and APOE Genotype Predicts Later Alzheimer''s Disease Pathology.
Academic Article Effects of Arterial Stiffness on Brain Integrity in Young Adults From the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Midlife Hypertension Risk and Cognition in the Non-Demented Oldest Old: Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article Association of arterial stiffness with progression of subclinical brain and cognitive disease.
Academic Article Association of Aortic Stiffness With Cognition and Brain Aging in Young and Middle-Aged Adults: The Framingham Third Generation Cohort Study.
Academic Article Association of Ideal Cardiovascular Health With Vascular Brain Injury and Incident Dementia.
Academic Article Aortic Stiffness and the Risk of Incident Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia.
Academic Article Aortic Stiffness, Increased White Matter Free Water, and Altered Microstructural Integrity: A Continuum of Injury.
Academic Article Inter-Relations of Orthostatic Blood Pressure Change, Aortic Stiffness, and Brain Structure and Function in Young Adults.
Academic Article Vascular risk factor burden and new-onset depression in the community.
Academic Article Vascular risk at younger ages most strongly associates with current and future brain volume.
Academic Article Circulating Vascular Growth Factors and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Markers of Small Vessel Disease and Atrophy in Middle-Aged Adults.
Academic Article Self-Reported Physical Activity and Relations to Growth and Neurotrophic Factors in Diabetes Mellitus: The Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis score and cognitive function in middle-aged adults: The Framingham Study.
Academic Article Mid-life and late-life vascular risk factor burden and neuropathology in old age.
Academic Article Circulating ceramide ratios and risk of vascular brain aging and dementia.
Academic Article Growth Differentiation Factor 15 and NT-proBNP as Blood-Based Markers of Vascular Brain Injury and Dementia.

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