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Academic Article Anti-phase solutions in relaxation oscillators coupled through excitatory interactions.
Academic Article Rhythmogenesis, amplitude modulation, and multiplexing in a cortical architecture.
Academic Article Mechanisms for oscillation and frequency control in reciprocally inhibitory model neural networks.
Academic Article Parabolic bursting revisited.
Academic Article Modulation of oscillator interactions in the crab stomatogastric ganglion by crustacean cardioactive peptide.
Academic Article How does the crayfish swimmeret system work? Insights from nearest-neighbor coupled oscillator models.
Academic Article Fine structure of neural spiking and synchronization in the presence of conduction delays.
Academic Article Frequency control in synchronized networks of inhibitory neurons.
Academic Article Network oscillations generated by balancing graded asymmetric reciprocal inhibition in passive neurons.
Academic Article Synchronization and oscillatory dynamics in heterogeneous, mutually inhibited neurons.
Academic Article Synaptic depression creates a switch that controls the frequency of an oscillatory circuit.
Academic Article Dynamics of spiking neurons with electrical coupling.
Academic Article Synchronization in networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons with sparse, random connectivity.
Academic Article Noise-stabilized long-distance synchronization in populations of model neurons.
Academic Article Dendritic synchrony and transient dynamics in a coupled oscillator model of the dopaminergic neuron.
Academic Article Synchronization of strongly coupled excitatory neurons: relating network behavior to biophysics.
Academic Article Analysis of state-dependent transitions in frequency and long-distance coordination in a model oscillatory cortical circuit.
Academic Article Synchronization in hybrid neuronal networks of the hippocampal formation.
Academic Article Encoding and retrieval in the CA3 region of the hippocampus: a model of theta-phase separation.
Academic Article Background gamma rhythmicity and attention in cortical local circuits: a computational study.
Academic Article Effects of noisy drive on rhythms in networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons.
Academic Article On the human sensorimotor-cortex beta rhythm: sources and modeling.
Academic Article Transient high-frequency firing in a coupled-oscillator model of the mesencephalic dopaminergic neuron.
Academic Article Neuronal metabolism governs cortical network response state.
Academic Article Oscillations and slow patterning in the antennal lobe.
Academic Article Gamma oscillations and stimulus selection.
Academic Article Mixed-mode oscillations in a three time-scale model for the dopaminergic neuron.
Academic Article Impaired hippocampal rhythmogenesis in a mouse model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Delayed orexin signaling consolidates wakefulness and sleep: physiology and modeling.
Academic Article Potential network mechanisms mediating electroencephalographic beta rhythm changes during propofol-induced paradoxical excitation.
Academic Article Hippocampal theta rhythm and its coupling with gamma oscillations require fast inhibition onto parvalbumin-positive interneurons.
Academic Article Cortical networks produce three distinct 7-12 Hz rhythms during single sensory responses in the awake rat.
Academic Article Measuring phase-amplitude coupling between neuronal oscillations of different frequencies.
Academic Article Thalamocortical model for a propofol-induced alpha-rhythm associated with loss of consciousness.
Academic Article Neuronal assembly dynamics in the beta1 frequency range permits short-term memory.
Academic Article Striatal origin of the pathologic beta oscillations in Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article A mechanism for the formation of hippocampal neuronal firing patterns that represent what happens where.
Academic Article Minimal size of cell assemblies coordinated by gamma oscillations.
Academic Article Dynamical changes in neurological diseases and anesthesia.
Academic Article Rates and rhythms: a synergistic view of frequency and temporal coding in neuronal networks.
Academic Article Top-down beta rhythms support selective attention via interlaminar interaction: a model.
Academic Article GABA(B) autoreceptor-mediated cell type-specific reduction of inhibition in epileptic mice.
Academic Article Excitable neurons, firing threshold manifolds and canards.
Academic Article The challenge of connecting the dots in the B.R.A.I.N.
Academic Article Beyond the connectome: the dynome.
Academic Article Thalamic mechanisms underlying alpha-delta sleep with implications for fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Brain rhythms connect impaired inhibition to altered cognition in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Subharmonic coordination in networks of neurons with slow conductances
Academic Article Potential Mechanisms Underlying Intercortical Signal Regulation via Cholinergic Neuromodulators.
Academic Article Computations in neurons and neural systems, F.H. Eeckman, ed
Academic Article Striatal cholinergic interneurons generate beta and gamma oscillations in the corticostriatal circuit and produce motor deficits.
Academic Article The legacy of Norbert Wiener: A centennial symposium
Academic Article Dynamics of two mutually coupled slow inhibitory neurons
Academic Article Networks of neurons as dynamical systems: From geometry to biophysics
Academic Article Almost synchronous solutions for pairs of neurons coupled by excitation
Academic Article Computations in neurons and neural systems, F.H. Eeckman, ed
Academic Article Neurons, networks and motor behavior, P.S.G. Stein, S. Grillner, A.I. Selverston, and D.G. Stuart, eds
Academic Article A direct-to-drive neural data acquisition system.
Academic Article GABAB receptor-mediated, layer-specific synaptic plasticity reorganizes gamma-frequency neocortical response to stimulation.
Academic Article Heterogeneous neural amplifier integration for scalable extracellular microelectrodes.
Academic Article Hetereogeneity in Neuronal Intrinsic Properties: A Possible Mechanism for Hub-Like Properties of the Rat Anterior Cingulate Cortex during Network Activity.
Academic Article Mesoscale-duration activated states gate spiking in response to fast rises in membrane voltage in the awake brain.
Academic Article Flexible resonance in prefrontal networks with strong feedback inhibition.
Academic Article Muscarinic receptors regulate auditory and prefrontal cortical communication during auditory processing.
Academic Article Biased competition in the absence of input bias revealed through corticostriatal computation.
Grant Interaction of Time Scales in Forced Rhythmic Networks of Neurons
Grant The Role of Decaying Inhibition in Forced Networks of Neurons

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