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Research Expertise & Professional Interests As a radiologist in an academic medical center, I am devoted to improving clinical care for my patients suffering from breast and prostate cancer. My research has focused on developing new imaging protocols and on correlating prostate and breast cancer imaging phenotypes and MR/US imaging classifiers with histology, immunohistochemistry, and gene expression profiles. I recognize the imperative need for correlating imaging phenotypes with tumor genotypes in order to advance knowledge regarding a broad range of breast and prostate diseases, as well as their early diagnosis, progression/behavior and treatment, by developing new (imaging) biomarkers. A second major research focus is the design and development of biopsy and treatment tools, like biopsy markers (biopsy clips; Coulter award 2011), and treatment planning phantoms and atlases in collaboration with engineers and image post-processors.
Self-Described Keywords Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Imaging Phenotypes, Cancer Genotypes, MRI, Ultrasound, biopsy marker, treatment planning phantoms, Image guided interventions, CAD analysis,

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Concept Prostatic Neoplasms
Academic Article [Prostatic carcinoma: current status of diagnostic imaging].
Academic Article 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate with combined pelvic phased-array and endorectal coils; Initial experience(1).
Academic Article Tissue-print and print-phoresis as platform technologies for the molecular analysis of human surgical specimens: mapping tumor invasion of the prostate capsule.
Academic Article Prostate postbrachytherapy seed distribution: comparison of high-resolution, contrast-enhanced, T1- and T2-weighted endorectal magnetic resonance imaging versus computed tomography: initial experience.
Academic Article Prostate cancer: accurate determination of extracapsular extension with high-spatial-resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced and T2-weighted MR imaging--initial results.
Academic Article An illustration of the potential for mapping MRI/MRS parameters with genetic over-expression profiles in human prostate cancer.
Academic Article The role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in prostate cancer imaging and staging at 1.5 and 3 Tesla: the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) approach.
Academic Article A comprehensive segmentation, registration, and cancer detection scheme on 3 Tesla in vivo prostate DCE-MRI.
Academic Article Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging in the evaluation of patients with prostate cancer.
Academic Article Principal component analysis of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI in human prostate cancer.
Academic Article Determining histology-MRI slice correspondences for defining MRI-based disease signatures of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Accurate prostate volume estimation using multifeature active shape models on T2-weighted MRI.
Academic Article Elastic registration of multimodal prostate MRI and histology via multiattribute combined mutual information.
Academic Article Central gland and peripheral zone prostate tumors have significantly different quantitative imaging signatures on 3 Tesla endorectal, in vivo T2-weighted MR imagery.
Academic Article Prediction of prostate cancer extracapsular extension with high spatial resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced 3-T MRI.
Academic Article Automated computer-derived prostate volumes from MR imaging data: comparison with radiologist-derived MR imaging and pathologic specimen volumes.
Academic Article Diagnosis of relevant prostate cancer using supplementary cores from magnetic resonance imaging-prompted areas following multiple failed biopsies.
Academic Article Accuracy of endorectal magnetic resonance/transrectal ultrasound fusion for detection of prostate cancer during brachytherapy.
Academic Article Empirical evaluation of bias field correction algorithms for computer-aided detection of prostate cancer on T2w MRI
Academic Article A structural-functional MRI-based disease atlas: application to computer-aided-diagnosis of prostate cancer
Academic Article Enhanced multiprotocol analysis via intelligent supervised embedding (EMPrAvISE) for prostate cancer detection on MRI
Academic Article Integrating Structural and Functional Imaging for Computer Assisted Detection of Prostate Cancer on Multi-Protocol in vivo 3 Tesla MRI
Academic Article Prostatome: a combined anatomical and disease based MRI atlas of the prostate.
Academic Article Integrating Structural and Functional Imaging for Computer Assisted Detection of Prostate Cancer on Multi-Protocol In Vivo 3 Tesla MRI.
Academic Article Enhanced Multi-Protocol Analysis via Intelligent Supervised Embedding (EMPrAvISE): Detecting Prostate Cancer on Multi-Parametric MRI.
Academic Article Future role of ultrasound and MR imaging in prostate cancer: Editorial Comment on: T. Szopinski, A. Nowicki, F. Zatura, T. Golabek and P. Chlosta Novel trends in transrectal ultrasound imaging of prostate gland carcinoma.
Academic Article Novel PCA-VIP scheme for ranking MRI protocols and identifying computer-extracted MRI measurements associated with central gland and peripheral zone prostate tumors.
Academic Article Multiattribute probabilistic prostate elastic registration (MAPPER): application to fusion of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Dosimetric impacts of endorectal balloon in CyberKnife stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for early-stage prostate cancer.
Academic Article Risk factors involved in treatment delays and differences in treatment type for patients with prostate cancer by risk category in an academic safety net hospital.
Academic Article A 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Phantom for External Beam Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Comparing radiomic classifiers and classifier ensembles for detection of peripheral zone prostate tumors on T2-weighted MRI: a multi-site study.
Grant Prostate Cancer Imaging by Combined Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Parameters

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