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Concept Genetic Therapy
Academic Article Experimental tumor therapy in mice using the cyclophosphamide-activating cytochrome P450 2B1 gene.
Academic Article Retroviral transfer of human cytochrome P450 genes for oxazaphosphorine-based cancer gene therapy.
Academic Article Harnessing apoptosis for improved anticancer gene therapy.
Academic Article Frequent, moderate-dose cyclophosphamide administration improves the efficacy of cytochrome P-450/cytochrome P-450 reductase-based cancer gene therapy.
Academic Article Enhancement of intratumoral cyclophosphamide pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity in a P450 2B11-based cancer gene therapy model.
Academic Article Potentiation of cytochrome P450/cyclophosphamide-based cancer gene therapy by coexpression of the P450 reductase gene.
Academic Article Progress and prospects: gene therapy clinical trials (part 2).
Academic Article Collaboration between hepatic and intratumoral prodrug activation in a P450 prodrug-activation gene therapy model for cancer treatment.
Academic Article Cancer chemotherapy and drug metabolism.
Academic Article Impact of liver P450 reductase suppression on cyclophosphamide activation, pharmacokinetics and antitumoral activity in a cytochrome P450-based cancer gene therapy model.
Academic Article Combination of the bioreductive drug tirapazamine with the chemotherapeutic prodrug cyclophosphamide for P450/P450-reductase-based cancer gene therapy.
Academic Article Intratumoral activation and enhanced chemotherapeutic effect of oxazaphosphorines following cytochrome P-450 gene transfer: development of a combined chemotherapy/cancer gene therapy strategy.
Academic Article Modulation of cyclophosphamide-based cytochrome P450 gene therapy using liver P450 inhibitors.
Academic Article Cytochrome P450-based cancer gene therapy: recent advances and future prospects.
Academic Article Sustained P450 expression and prodrug activation in bolus cyclophosphamide-treated cultured tumor cells. Impact of prodrug schedule on P450 gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy.
Academic Article Potentiation of methoxymorpholinyl doxorubicin antitumor activity by P450 3A4 gene transfer.
Academic Article Selection of cytochrome p450 genes for use in prodrug activation-based cancer gene therapy.
Academic Article 7 in vitro methods for evaluation of p450-based anticancer gene therapy.
Academic Article 8 tumor models for evaluation of p450 gene therapy in vivo.
Academic Article Enhanced antitumor activity of P450 prodrug-based gene therapy using the low Km cyclophosphamide 4-hydroxylase P450 2B11.
Academic Article Cytochrome p450-based gene therapies for cancer.
Academic Article Adenoviral vectors for prodrug activation-based gene therapy for cancer.
Academic Article Activation of oxazaphosphorines by cytochrome P450: application to gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy for cancer.
Academic Article Adenoviral delivery of pan-caspase inhibitor p35 enhances bystander killing by P450 gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy using cyclophosphamide+.
Academic Article Enhanced bystander cytotoxicity of P450 gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy by expression of the antiapoptotic factor p35.
Academic Article Identification of novel enzyme-prodrug combinations for use in cytochrome P450-based gene therapy for cancer.

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