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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Irving Bigio has been a professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering, at Boston University for the past 22 years. His is primarily interested in using biomedical optics to develop clinical and research applications of optical technologies. His lab was founded in 2001 and focuses on clinical diagnostics based on elastic scattering spectroscopy, on laboratory applications to monitor sub-cellular dynamics in vitro, and novel methods to image neuronal activation patterns in label-free neural tissues. He has mentored numerous graduate and undergraduate students and in 2010 he received a Distinguished Lecturer Award from the Boston University College of Engineering.

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Concept Algorithms
Concept Biopsy
Concept Biopsy, Needle
Concept Cell Separation
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Concept Colonoscopy
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Computer Systems
Concept Cytological Techniques
Concept Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted
Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Drug Therapy, Computer-Assisted
Concept Electroencephalography
Concept Endoscopy
Concept Esophagoscopy
Concept Evaluation Studies as Topic
Concept Feasibility Studies
Concept Flow Cytometry
Concept Hair Removal
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Infusions, Intra-Arterial
Concept Injections, Intra-Arterial
Concept Intraoperative Care
Concept Luminescent Measurements
Concept Lymph Node Excision
Concept Mastectomy
Concept Metabolic Clearance Rate
Concept Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Concept Microscopy
Concept Microscopy, Polarization
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Monitoring, Physiologic
Concept Monte Carlo Method
Concept Neoplasm Transplantation
Concept Nephelometry and Turbidimetry
Concept Perfusion
Concept Photochemotherapy
Concept Photometry
Concept Pilot Projects
Concept Population Surveillance
Concept Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Spectrometry, Fluorescence
Concept Spectrophotometry
Concept Spectrophotometry, Infrared
Concept Spectrophotometry, Ultraviolet
Concept Spectrum Analysis
Concept Spectrum Analysis, Raman
Concept Thyroidectomy
Concept Ultrasonography
Concept Discriminant Analysis
Concept Neural Networks (Computer)
Concept Laser-Doppler Flowmetry
Concept Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared
Concept Microscopy, Confocal
Concept Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared
Concept Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Concept Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays
Concept Microscopy, Acoustic
Concept Tomography, Optical
Concept Tomography, Optical Coherence
Concept Early Diagnosis
Concept Elasticity Imaging Techniques
Concept Image-Guided Biopsy
Concept Optical Imaging
Academic Article Non-invasive measurement of chemotherapy drug concentrations in tissue: preliminary demonstrations of in vivo measurements.
Academic Article Diagnosis of breast cancer using elastic-scattering spectroscopy: preliminary clinical results.
Academic Article Elastic scattering spectroscopy for intraoperative determination of sentinel lymph node status in the breast.
Academic Article Elastic scattering spectroscopy for the diagnosis of colonic lesions: initial results of a novel optical biopsy technique.
Academic Article Elastic scattering spectroscopy accurately detects high grade dysplasia and cancer in Barrett's oesophagus.
Academic Article Optical method for real-time monitoring of drug concentrations facilitates the development of novel methods for drug delivery to brain tissue.
Academic Article Analytical model of light reflectance for extraction of the optical properties in small volumes of turbid media.
Academic Article Analysis of changes in reflectance measurements on biological tissues subjected to different probe pressures.
Academic Article Workshop on imaging science development for cancer prevention and preemption.
Academic Article Elastic scattering spectroscopy for detection of cancer risk in Barrett's esophagus: experimental and clinical validation of error removal by orthogonal subtraction for increasing accuracy.
Academic Article Wavelength-dependent backscattering measurements for quantitative real-time monitoring of apoptosis in living cells.
Academic Article Optical scanning for rapid intraoperative diagnosis of sentinel node metastases in breast cancer.
Academic Article Scanning elastic scattering spectroscopy detects metastatic breast cancer in sentinel lymph nodes.
Academic Article At the frontiers of surgery: review.
Academic Article Spectral classifier design with ensemble classifiers and misclassification-rejection: application to elastic-scattering spectroscopy for detection of colonic neoplasia.
Academic Article Endoscopic histological assessment of colonic polyps by using elastic scattering spectroscopy.
Academic Article Spatial mapping of drug delivery to brain tissue using hyperspectral spatial frequency-domain imaging.
Academic Article Depth-enhanced fluorescence imaging using masked detection of structured illumination.
Academic Article Ultrafast optical property map generation using lookup tables.
Academic Article Flow arrest intra-arterial delivery of small TAT-decorated and neutral micelles to gliomas.
Academic Article Elastic scattering spectroscopy for early detection of breast cancer: partially supervised Bayesian image classification of scanned sentinel lymph nodes.
Academic Article Detection of Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli Using Infrared Microscopy and Machine-Learning Algorithms.
Academic Article Fast and reliable determination of Escherichia coli susceptibility to antibiotics: Infrared microscopy in tandem with machine learning algorithms.
Academic Article Optical Spectroscopy as a Method for Skin Cancer Risk Assessment.

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