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Concept Cell Movement
Academic Article Migration of tumor cells in 3D matrices is governed by matrix stiffness along with cell-matrix adhesion and proteolysis.
Academic Article Microarchitecture of three-dimensional scaffolds influences cell migration behavior via junction interactions.
Academic Article A high-throughput migration assay reveals HER2-mediated cell migration arising from increased directional persistence.
Academic Article Understanding effects of matrix protease and matrix organization on directional persistence and translational speed in three-dimensional cell migration.
Academic Article Effects of HER2 overexpression on cell signaling networks governing proliferation and migration.
Academic Article Computational model for cell migration in three-dimensional matrices.
Academic Article Communications: Hamiltonian regulated cell signaling network.
Academic Article Computational model for migration of a cell cluster in three-dimensional matrices.
Academic Article Dependence of invadopodia function on collagen fiber spacing and cross-linking: computational modeling and experimental evidence.
Academic Article Modeling cell migration in 3D: Status and challenges.
Academic Article Computational study of proteolysis-driven single cell migration in a three-dimensional matrix.
Academic Article Cell adhesion to nanoligands: effects of ligand size and concentration in solution.
Academic Article The biomechanical integrin.
Academic Article A synthetic strategy for mimicking the extracellular matrix provides new insight about tumor cell migration.
Academic Article A multiscale probabilisitic framework to model early steps in tumor metastasis.
Academic Article Computational model provides insight into the distinct responses of neurons to chemical and topographical cues.
Academic Article How changes in cell mechanical properties induce cancerous behavior.
Academic Article Modeling of adhesion, protrusion, and contraction coordination for cell migration simulations.
Academic Article Cancer cell migration: integrated roles of matrix mechanics and transforming potential.
Academic Article Alteration of cellular behavior and response to PI3K pathway inhibition by culture in 3D collagen gels.
Academic Article Viscoelastic gel-strip model for the simulation of migrating cells.
Academic Article Influence of the microenvironment on cell fate determination and migration.
Academic Article A computational model for collective cellular motion in three dimensions: general framework and case study for cell pair dynamics.
Academic Article Modeling persistence in mesenchymal cell motility using explicit fibers.
Academic Article Combinative in vitro studies and computational model to predict 3D cell migration response to drug insult.
Academic Article Analytic study of three-dimensional single cell migration with and without proteolytic enzymes.
Academic Article A quantitative comparison of human HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells and primary human dermal fibroblasts identifies a 3D migration mechanism with properties unique to the transformed phenotype.
Academic Article The Integrated Role of Wnt/ß-Catenin, N-Glycosylation, and E-Cadherin-Mediated Adhesion in Network Dynamics.
Academic Article Modeling, signaling and cytoskeleton dynamics: integrated modeling-experimental frameworks in cell migration.
Academic Article Single-Cell Migration in Complex Microenvironments: Mechanics and Signaling Dynamics.
Academic Article Impact of the physical microenvironment on tumor progression and metastasis.
Academic Article Characterization of the mechanical properties of cancer cells in 3D matrices in response to collagen concentration and cytoskeletal inhibitors.
Academic Article Interstitial flow promotes macrophage polarization toward an M2 phenotype.
Academic Article Mechanical confinement via a PEG/Collagen interpenetrating network inhibits behavior characteristic of malignant cells in the triple negative breast cancer cell line MDA.MB.231.
Academic Article Computational model of wound healing: EGF secreted by fibroblasts promotes delayed re-epithelialization of epithelial keratinocytes.
Academic Article Are the Effects of Independent Biophysical Factors Linearly Additive? A 3D Tumor Migration Model.
Academic Article Unjamming and collective migration in MCF10A breast cancer cell lines.
Grant Center for Systematic Modeling of Cancer Development Pilot Project: Multi-scale modeling of molecular and cellular events in 3D tumor cell migration
Grant Modeling Bi-Directional Signaling and Cytoskeletal Dynamics in 3D Cell Migration
Grant Epithelial layer jamming in cancer cell migration
Grant Modeling Bi-Directional Signaling and Cytoskeletal Dynamics in 3D Cell Migration

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