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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Muhammad Zaman is a Professor in the College of Engineering and the principal investigator of the Laboratory for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics at Boston University and a Faculty Fellow of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and was a Herman and Margaret Sokol Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in cancer research at MIT. He has been a recipient of the FEBS outstanding Young Investigator Award and was most recently awarded the Regents Teaching Award, the highest teaching award across the entire University of Texas System of Institutions. Professor Zaman joined BU from UT Austin in fall 2009. Dr. Zaman’s research focuses on understanding the systems biology of tumor invasion and metastasis. The second main thrust of his research focuses on developing computational and experimental tools to improve the quality of life, education, and the practice of medicine in the developing world. He is working closely with institutions of higher learning in curriculum development and implementation. In addition, he partners with various nonprofits around the globe, in particular with the developing countries, to develop cheap, robust, and easy-to-use solutions to develop improved diagnostics in remote areas.
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Concept Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Migration of tumor cells in 3D matrices is governed by matrix stiffness along with cell-matrix adhesion and proteolysis.
Academic Article Helix, sheet, and polyproline II frequencies and strong nearest neighbor effects in a restricted coil library.
Academic Article The biomechanical integrin.
Academic Article Cancer cell stiffness: integrated roles of three-dimensional matrix stiffness and transforming potential.
Academic Article A multiscale probabilisitic framework to model early steps in tumor metastasis.
Academic Article Computer simulations in connective tissue research: successes and challenges.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix stiffness and architecture govern intracellular rheology in cancer.
Academic Article How changes in cell mechanical properties induce cancerous behavior.
Academic Article Bioengineering approaches to study multidrug resistance in tumor cells.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of the effect of cancer invasiveness and collagen concentration on 3D matrix remodeling.
Academic Article Cancer cell migration: integrated roles of matrix mechanics and transforming potential.
Academic Article Alteration of cellular behavior and response to PI3K pathway inhibition by culture in 3D collagen gels.
Academic Article A computational model for collective cellular motion in three dimensions: general framework and case study for cell pair dynamics.
Academic Article The role of engineering approaches in analysing cancer invasion and metastasis.
Academic Article TNFa antagonization alters NOS2 dependent nasopharyngeal carcinoma tumor growth.
Academic Article Modeling the mechanics of cancer: effect of changes in cellular and extra-cellular mechanical properties.
Academic Article Rapid Quantification of 3D Collagen Fiber Alignment and Fiber Intersection Correlations with High Sensitivity.
Academic Article Embedded multicellular spheroids as a biomimetic 3D cancer model for evaluating drug and drug-device combinations.
Academic Article Impact of dimensionality and network disruption on microrheology of cancer cells in 3D environments.
Academic Article Multiscale mechanobiology: computational models for integrating molecules to multicellular systems.
Academic Article The Integrated Role of Wnt/ß-Catenin, N-Glycosylation, and E-Cadherin-Mediated Adhesion in Network Dynamics.
Academic Article Impact of the physical microenvironment on tumor progression and metastasis.
Academic Article SU-E-J-41: Computational and Experimental Analysis of Cancer Cell Mechanics in 3D: Intracellular Viscoelasticity and Internal Stresses.
Academic Article Integrated Analysis of Intracellular Dynamics of MenaINV Cancer Cells in a 3D Matrix.
Academic Article Breast Cancer Spheroids Reveal a Differential Cancer Stem Cell Response to Chemotherapeutic Treatment.
Academic Article Characterization of the mechanical properties of cancer cells in 3D matrices in response to collagen concentration and cytoskeletal inhibitors.
Academic Article Mechanical confinement via a PEG/Collagen interpenetrating network inhibits behavior characteristic of malignant cells in the triple negative breast cancer cell line MDA.MB.231.
Academic Article Are the Effects of Independent Biophysical Factors Linearly Additive? A 3D Tumor Migration Model.
Academic Article Unjamming and collective migration in MCF10A breast cancer cell lines.
Academic Article Compressive Remodeling Alters Fluid Transport Properties of Collagen Networks - Implications for Tumor Growth.
Grant Center for Systematic Modeling of Cancer Development Pilot Project: Multi-scale modeling of molecular and cellular events in 3D tumor cell migration
Grant Center for Innovation in Point of Care Technologies for the Future of Cancer Care
Grant Epithelial layer jamming in cancer cell migration

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