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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Alisa K. Lincoln, PhD has engaged in research about public mental health for more than a decade and has received more than four million dollars in federal research funds for her effort. She has received a fellowship and grant from the NIH and previously worked at the Northeastern Institute on Urban Health Research. Currently, she serves as an Adjunct for the Boston University School of Public Health. Dr. Lincoln’s research focuses on the ways in which social factors and system level factors inter-relate to perpetuate mental health disparities.
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Concept Mental Health Services
Academic Article Relationship of depressive symptoms and mental health functioning to repeat detoxification.
Academic Article Impact of health literacy on depressive symptoms and mental health-related: quality of life among adults with addiction.
Academic Article Mental health of Somali adolescent refugees: the role of trauma, stress, and perceived discrimination.
Academic Article Limited literacy and psychiatric disorders among users of an urban safety-net hospital's mental health outpatient clinic.
Academic Article Coming in: an examination of people with co-occurring substance use and serious mental illness exiting chronic homelessness.
Academic Article Mental health service utilization of Somali adolescents: religion, community, and school as gateways to healing.
Academic Article Perceived discrimination, psychological distress and health.
Academic Article Discrimination and mental health among Somali refugee adolescents: the role of acculturation and gender.
Academic Article The impact of resistance exercise training on the mental health of older Puerto Rican adults with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article The need for trauma-sensitive language use in literacy and health literacy screening instruments.
Academic Article Emergency medical services and "psych calls": Examining the work of urban EMS providers.
Academic Article Developing a community-based participatory research model to engage transition age youth using mental health service in research.
Academic Article The Impact of Acculturation Style and Acculturative Hassles on the Mental Health of Somali Adolescent Refugees.
Academic Article Assessing the Individual, Neighborhood, and Policy Predictors of Disparities in Mental Health Care.
Grant Evaluation of the Children’s Mental Health Initiative
Grant B-CAMHP (Boston Community Academic Mental Health Partnership)
Academic Article The Double Stigma of Limited Literacy and Mental Illness: Examining Barriers to Recovery and Participation among Public Mental Health Service Users
Academic Article An Exploration of the Help-Seeking Behaviors of Arab-Muslims Living in the US: A Socioecological Model
Academic Article Understandings of Community among People Using Publicly Funded Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article Assessing the Individual, Neighborhood, and Policy Predictors of Disparities in Mental Health Care
Academic Article Differential mental health effects of neighborhood relocation among youth in vulnerable families: results from a randomized trial.
Academic Article Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research
Academic Article Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research
Academic Article Ethical research in refugee communities and the use of community participatory methods.
Academic Article Long-stay patients in state psychiatric hospitals at the end of the 20th century.
Academic Article Meaning and Management of Multiple Medications Among Public Mental Health Service Users.
Academic Article What matters: Factors impacting the recovery process among outpatient mental health service users.
Academic Article Mental Health Stigma and Wellbeing Among Commercial Construction Workers: A Mixed Methods Study.
Academic Article Discrimination, marginalization, belonging, and mental health among Somali immigrants in North America.
Academic Article Prevalence and Predictors Limited Literacy in Public Mental Health Care.

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