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Academic Article LPS pretreatment protects from hepatic ischemia/reperfusion.
Academic Article Childhood asthma.
Academic Article Eotaxin represents the principal eosinophil chemoattractant in a novel murine asthma model induced by house dust containing cockroach allergens.
Academic Article Reproducibility of a novel model of murine asthma-like pulmonary inflammation.
Academic Article Prevention and reversal of pulmonary inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness by dexamethasone treatment in a murine model of asthma induced by house dust.
Academic Article Acute pancreatitis: models, markers, and mediators.
Academic Article CXC chemokines modulate IgE secretion and pulmonary inflammation in a model of allergic asthma.
Academic Article Anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha antibody treatment reduces pulmonary inflammation and methacholine hyper-responsiveness in a murine asthma model induced by house dust.
Academic Article The repetitive use of samples to measure multiple cytokines: the sequential ELISA.
Academic Article Circulating cytokine/inhibitor profiles reshape the understanding of the SIRS/CARS continuum in sepsis and predict mortality.
Academic Article Allergens induce enhanced bronchoconstriction and leukotriene production in C5 deficient mice.
Academic Article Tumor necrosis factor inhibitors for the treatment of asthma.
Academic Article What's new in Shock, February 2009?
Academic Article Old friends: pneumonia and interleukin-6.
Academic Article Stratification is the key: inflammatory biomarkers accurately direct immunomodulatory therapy in experimental sepsis.
Academic Article Assessing pulmonary pathology by detailed examination of respiratory function.
Academic Article The pathogenesis of sepsis.
Academic Article Oral tolerance inhibits pulmonary eosinophilia in a cockroach allergen induced model of asthma: a randomized laboratory study.
Academic Article Inbred and outbred mice have equivalent variability in a cockroach allergen-induced model of asthma.
Academic Article Reducing LPS content in cockroach allergens increases pulmonary cytokine production without increasing inflammation: a randomized laboratory study.
Academic Article Herbal medicine treatment reduces inflammation in a murine model of cockroach allergen-induced asthma.
Academic Article Diesel exhaust particulates exacerbate asthma-like inflammation by increasing CXC chemokines.
Academic Article Cockroach allergens induce biphasic asthma-like pulmonary inflammation in outbred mice.
Academic Article Acute oral ethanol exposure triggers asthma in cockroach allergen-sensitized mice.
Academic Article Detection and quantification of cytokines and other biomarkers.
Academic Article Pulmonary endotoxin tolerance protects against cockroach allergen-induced asthma-like inflammation in a mouse model.
Academic Article Chemokines mediate ethanol-induced exacerbations of murine cockroach allergen asthma.
Academic Article Determination of burn patient outcome by large-scale quantitative discovery proteomics.
Academic Article A murine model of mild traumatic brain injury exhibiting cognitive and motor deficits.
Academic Article TNFa inhibitors: Emerging Biological Therapies for the Treatment of Asthma
Academic Article Reduction of eotaxin production and eosinophil recruitment by pulmonary autologous macrophage transfer in a cockroach allergen-induced asthma model.
Academic Article Diagnosing sepsis - The role of laboratory medicine.
Academic Article Timing of valproic acid in acute lung injury: prevention is the best therapy?
Grant Alcohol Triggered Asthma: Mechanisms of Neuronal Control

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