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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Barbara Corkey is Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry. Dr. Corkey’s work focuses on the metabolic regulation of signal transduction and energy metabolism in fat cells, ß-cells, and human fibroblasts. She and her colleagues have been studying fuel-stimulated insulin secretion by the pancreatic ß-cell; fuel partitioning in rat adipocytes; cytokine signaling; and Ca2+ transients in human fibroblasts from patients with inborn errors of fatty acid oxidation and Type 1 diabetes.

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Concept Signal Transduction
Academic Article Are the beta-cell signaling molecules malonyl-CoA and cystolic long-chain acyl-CoA implicated in multiple tissue defects of obesity and NIDDM?
Academic Article Temporal sequence of metabolic and ionic events in glucose-stimulated clonal pancreatic beta-cells (HIT).
Academic Article Ca2+ responses to interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor in cultured human skin fibroblasts. Possible implications for Reye syndrome.
Academic Article Signal transduction mechanisms in nutrient-induced insulin secretion.
Academic Article The role of long-chain fatty acyl-CoA esters in beta-cell signal transduction.
Academic Article Succinate is a preferential metabolic stimulus-coupling signal for glucose-induced proinsulin biosynthesis translation.
Academic Article Increased beta-oxidation in muscle cells enhances insulin-stimulated glucose metabolism and protects against fatty acid-induced insulin resistance despite intramyocellular lipid accumulation.
Academic Article Hormone-sensitive lipase has a role in lipid signaling for insulin secretion but is nonessential for the incretin action of glucagon-like peptide 1.
Academic Article Regulation of lipolytic activity by long-chain acyl-coenzyme A in islets and adipocytes.
Academic Article Glucose-dependent increase in mitochondrial membrane potential, but not cytoplasmic calcium, correlates with insulin secretion in single islet cells.
Academic Article Protein kinase C isotypes and signaling in neutrophils. Differential substrate specificities of a translocatable calcium- and phospholipid-dependent beta-protein kinase C and a phospholipid-dependent protein kinase which is inhibited by long chain fatty acyl coenzyme A.
Academic Article Reactive oxygen species as a signal in glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.
Academic Article The L-type voltage-gated Ca2+ channel is the Ca2+ sensor protein of stimulus-secretion coupling in pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide enhances adipocyte development and glucose uptake in part through Akt activation.
Academic Article Acyl CoA regulation of metabolism and signal transduction.
Academic Article ROS signaling, oxidative stress and Nrf2 in pancreatic beta-cell function.
Academic Article Metabolic master regulators: sharing information among multiple systems.
Academic Article Reactive oxygen species facilitate translocation of hormone sensitive lipase to the lipid droplet during lipolysis in human differentiated adipocytes.
Academic Article Beta-mecaptoethanol suppresses inflammation and induces adipogenic differentiation in 3T3-F442A murine preadipocytes.
Academic Article Signal transduction mechanisms in nutrient-induced secretion
Academic Article The Role of Long Chain Fatty Acyl CoA Esters in ß-Cell Signal Transduction
Academic Article Long chain acyl coenzyme A and signaling in neutrophils. An inhibitor of acyl coenzyme A synthetase, triacsin C, inhibits superoxide anion generation and degranulation by human neutrophils.
Academic Article Fibroblasts from type 1 diabetics exhibit enhanced Ca(2+) mobilization after TNF or fat exposure.
Academic Article Glucose-regulated anaplerosis and cataplerosis in pancreatic beta-cells: possible implication of a pyruvate/citrate shuttle in insulin secretion.
Academic Article Tumor necrosis factor alpha and oleic acid alter calcium signal transduction in fibroblasts from type 1 diabetics
Academic Article Metabolic fate of glucose and candidate signaling and excess-fuel detoxification pathways in pancreatic ß-cells.
Academic Article Identification of the signals for glucose-induced insulin secretion in INS1 (832/13) ß-cells using metformin-induced metabolic deceleration as a model.
Grant Metabolic Signal Transduction in Adipocytes
Grant Lipid Signal Transduction & Oscillatory Insulin
Grant Metabolic Signal Transduction in Adipocytes
Grant Metabolic Signal Transduction in Adipocytes
Grant Metabolic Signal Transduction
Grant Metabolic Signal Transduction in Adipocytes 1

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