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Concept Intracranial Hemorrhages
Academic Article Effect of intensity of oral anticoagulation on stroke severity and mortality in atrial fibrillation.
Academic Article Advanced age, anticoagulation intensity, and risk for intracranial hemorrhage among patients taking warfarin for atrial fibrillation.
Academic Article Age and the risk of warfarin-associated hemorrhage: the anticoagulation and risk factors in atrial fibrillation study.
Academic Article Methodological considerations for interpretation of rates of major haemorrhage in studies of anticoagulant therapy for atrial fibrillation.
Academic Article Efficacy and safety of apixaban compared with warfarin according to patient risk of stroke and of bleeding in atrial fibrillation: a secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Risk factors for intracranial hemorrhage in outpatients taking warfarin.
Academic Article Effect of warfarin on intracranial hemorrhage incidence and fatal outcomes.
Academic Article Validity of international classification of disease codes to identify ischemic stroke and intracranial hemorrhage among individuals with associated diagnosis of atrial fibrillation.
Academic Article Anticoagulation in the older adult: optimizing benefit and reducing risk.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes and management associated with major bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillation treated with apixaban or warfarin: insights from the ARISTOTLE trial.
Academic Article Risk of thromboembolism, recurrent hemorrhage, and death after warfarin therapy interruption for intracranial hemorrhage.
Academic Article Blood Pressure Control and Risk of Stroke or Systemic Embolism in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: Results From the Apixaban for Reduction in Stroke and Other Thromboembolic Events in Atrial Fibrillation (ARISTOTLE) Trial.

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