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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Dr. Charns is Professor of Health Policy and Management and director emeritus of the VA Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, a VA Health Services Research and Development center of innovation. He has also served as Acting Director of VA national Health Services Research and Development. His research interests include organization design and transformation, implementation of evidence-based practices, coordination of care, quality improvement, systems redesign and service line management. He has coauthored three books as well as numerous articles, book chapters, and over 60 case studies on organization design and change. Dr. Charns has more than 40 years of consulting experience in health care organization and management, specializing in work with hospitals and health care networks. In addition to BU, he has held a faculty position at Carnegie-Mellon University. He has an MBA and DBA from Harvard Business School.
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Academic Article Quality improvement in the US Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Validating risk-adjusted surgical outcomes: site visit assessment of process and structure. National VA Surgical Risk Study.
Academic Article A state-of-the-art conference on databases pertaining to veterans'' health. A resource for research and decision making.
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Academic Article Patterns of coordination and clinical outcomes: a study of surgical services.
Academic Article A model for product line management in health care.
Academic Article Organization design of integrated delivery systems.
Academic Article Implementing quality improvement in hospitals: the role of leadership and culture.
Academic Article Breaking the tradition barrier: managing integration in health care facilities.
Academic Article Changing health care organisations for increased effectiveness.
Academic Article Product line management and continuum of care.
Academic Article Provider integration and local market conditions: a contingency theory perspective.
Academic Article Clinical service lines in integrated delivery systems: an initial framework and exploration.
Academic Article From profession-based leadership to service line management in the Veterans Health Administration: impact on mental health care.
Academic Article The relationship between provider coordination and diabetes-related foot outcomes.
Academic Article The effects of organization on medical utilization: an analysis of service line organization.
Academic Article Impact of policies and performance measurement on development of organizational coordinating strategies for chronic care delivery.
Academic Article Diabetes-related foot care at 10 Veterans Affairs medical centers: must do's associated with successful microsystems.
Academic Article Improving quality of care through routine, successful implementation of evidence-based practice at the bedside: an organizational case study protocol using the Pettigrew and Whipp model of strategic change.
Academic Article Transformational change in health care systems: an organizational model.
Academic Article Financial incentives and accountability for integrated medical care in Department of Veterans Affairs mental health programs.
Academic Article Survey-assessed quality and organizational factors related to quality in Pursuing Perfection hospitals.
Academic Article Quality of general medical care among patients with serious mental illness: does colocation of services matter?
Academic Article Mental health provider perspectives regarding integrated medical care for patients with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Factors affecting the use of patient survey data for quality improvement in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article The sustainability of new programs and innovations: a review of the empirical literature and recommendations for future research.
Academic Article Multilevel interventions: measurement and measures.
Academic Article Between and within-site variation in qualitative implementation research.
Academic Article Personal, organizational and managerial factors related to nurse - physician collaboration.
Academic Article Sustainability of quality improvement following removal of pay-for-performance incentives.
Academic Article The Effects of Organization Design and Patient Perceptions of Care on Switching Behavior and Reliance on a Health Care System Across Time.
Academic Article Team Process Variation Across Diabetes Quality of Care Trajectories.
Academic Article Impact of provider coordination on nurse and physician perceptions of patient care quality.
Academic Article What roles do middle managers play in implementation of innovative practices?
Academic Article Organizational predictors of coordination in inpatient medicine.
Academic Article Building Systemwide Improvement Capability: Does an Organization''s Strategy for Quality Improvement Matter?
Academic Article What Works in Readmissions Reduction: How Hospitals Improve Performance.
Academic Article Initial Results from the Survey of Organizational Research Climates (SOuRCe) in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.
Academic Article The Role of Organizational Factors in the Provision of Comprehensive Women''s Health in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article How personal and standardized coordination impact implementation of integrated care.
Academic Article A Qualitative Study of Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in an Integrated Health Care System.
Academic Article Health Care Organizations: A Model for Management
Academic Article Collaborative Management in Health Care: Implementing the Integrative Organization
Academic Article Collaboration in Health Care: The Hartford Hospital’s Experience in Changing Management and Practice
Academic Article The Quality Imperative (Kimberly, JR, E Minivielle, eds.)
Academic Article Shortell and Kaluzny’s Health Care Management: Organizational Theory and Behavior (Burns, LR, Bradley, EH, Weiner, BJ
Academic Article Proceedings 1981 AIDS National Meeting
Academic Article Proceedings 1997 Meeting Academy of Management
Academic Article Gestions hospitalières
Academic Article Academy of Management Proceedings
Academic Article Multi-method evaluation of VA's efforts to improve care for Parkinson's disease
Academic Article The Nature and Severity of Adverse Events in Select Outpatient Surgical Procedures in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Implementation and Governance in Health Care: Tensions and Synergies
Academic Article The Quality Imperative
Academic Article Development of an Adverse Event Surveillance Model for Outpatient Surgery in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Change in geographic access to community health centers after Health Center Program expansion.
Academic Article Lean Enterprise Transformation in VA: a national evaluation framework and study protocol.
Academic Article Incorporating Theory into Practice: Reconceptualizing Exemplary Care Coordination Initiatives from the US Veterans Health Delivery System.
Academic Article Organizational Coordination and Patient Experiences of Specialty Care Integration.
Academic Article Survey of Patient-Centered Coordination of Care for Diabetes with Cardiovascular and Mental Health Comorbidities in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Health Care Coordination Theoretical Frameworks: a Systematic Scoping Review to Increase Their Understanding and Use in Practice.
Academic Article A site visit protocol for assessing recovery promotion at the program level: An example from the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Emergency Department Use After Outpatient Surgery Among Dually Enrolled VA and Medicare Patients.
Academic Article Burns, LR, Bradley, EH and Weiner, BJ. Shortell and Kaluzney's Organizational Theory and Behavior
Academic Article Facilitators and barriers to the Lean Enterprise Transformation program at the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Transforming the Veterans Affairs to a Whole Health System of Care: Time for Action and Research.
Academic Article A Mixed Methods Study of the Association of Non-Veterans Affairs Care With Veterans'' and Clinicians'' Experiences of Care Coordination.
Academic Article Impact of Workplace Climate on Burnout Among Critical Care Nurses in the Veterans Health Administration.

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