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Academic Article Ets transcription factors cooperate with Sp1 to activate the human tenascin-C promoter.
Academic Article Fli-1 inhibits collagen type I production in dermal fibroblasts via an Sp1-dependent pathway.
Academic Article Modulation of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) signaling by endogenous sphingolipid mediators.
Academic Article TGF-beta and CTGF have overlapping and distinct fibrogenic effects on human renal cells.
Academic Article Direct demonstration of transcriptional activation of collagen gene expression in systemic sclerosis fibroblasts: insensitivity to TGF beta 1 stimulation.
Academic Article Sphingosine kinase 1 (SPHK1) is induced by transforming growth factor-beta and mediates TIMP-1 up-regulation.
Academic Article Lysophosphatidic acid inhibits TGF-beta-mediated stimulation of type I collagen mRNA stability via an ERK-dependent pathway in dermal fibroblasts.
Academic Article Helicobacter pylori-induced H,K-ATPase alpha-subunit gene repression is mediated by NF-kappaB p50 homodimer promoter binding.
Academic Article GATA-6 is a novel transcriptional repressor of the human Tenascin-C gene expression in fibroblasts.
Academic Article Endoglin promotes TGF-ß/Smad1 signaling in scleroderma fibroblasts.
Academic Article Caveolin-1 is a negative regulator of MMP-1 gene expression in human dermal fibroblasts via inhibition of Erk1/2/Ets1 signaling pathway.
Academic Article Elevated expression of cav-1 in a subset of SSc fibroblasts contributes to constitutive Alk1/Smad1 activation.

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