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Concept Transcription Factors
Concept Sp1 Transcription Factor
Concept Transcription Factor AP-1
Concept GA-Binding Protein Transcription Factor
Concept Activating Transcription Factor 2
Concept Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Leucine Zipper Transcription Factors
Concept COUP Transcription Factors
Concept COUP Transcription Factor II
Concept COUP Transcription Factor I
Academic Article Complex interactions between SP1 bound to multiple distal regulatory sites and HNF-4 bound to the proximal promoter lead to transcriptional activation of liver-specific human APOCIII gene.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of nuclear factors binding to the negative regulatory element D of human apolipoprotein A-II promoter: a negative regulatory effect is reversed by GABP, an Ets-related protein.
Academic Article Factors participating in the liver-specific expression of the human apolipoprotein A-II gene and their significance for transcription.
Academic Article An indirect negative autoregulatory mechanism involved in hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 gene expression.
Academic Article Organization of the regulatory elements and nuclear activities participating in the transcription of the human apolipoprotein B gene.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of a third isoform of human hepatocyte nuclear factor 4.
Academic Article Ultraspiracle, a Drosophila retinoic X receptor alpha homologue, can mobilize the human thyroid hormone receptor to transactivate a human promoter.
Academic Article Binding specificity and modulation of the ApoA-I promoter activity by homo- and heterodimers of nuclear receptors.
Academic Article Distal apolipoprotein C-III regulatory elements F to J act as a general modular enhancer for proximal promoters that contain hormone response elements. Synergism between hepatic nuclear factor-4 molecules bound to the proximal promoter and distal enhancer sites.
Academic Article Activation of CAAT enhancer-binding protein delta (C/EBPdelta) by interleukin-1 negatively influences apolipoprotein C-III expression.
Academic Article A short proximal promoter and the distal hepatic control region-1 (HCR-1) contribute to the liver specificity of the human apolipoprotein C-II gene. Hepatic enhancement by HCR-1 requires two proximal hormone response elements which have different binding specificities for orphan receptors HNF-4, ARP-1, and EAR-2.
Academic Article SREBP-1 binds to multiple sites and transactivates the human ApoA-II promoter in vitro : SREBP-1 mutants defective in DNA binding or transcriptional activation repress ApoA-II promoter activity.
Academic Article Transactivation of the human apolipoprotein CII promoter by orphan and ligand-dependent nuclear receptors. The regulatory element CIIC is a thyroid hormone response element.
Academic Article Transactivation of the ApoCIII promoter by ATF-2 and repression by members of the Jun family.
Academic Article Binding specificity and modulation of the human ApoCIII promoter activity by heterodimers of ligand-dependent nuclear receptors.
Academic Article DNA binding specificity and transactivation properties of SREBP-2 bound to multiple sites on the human apoA-II promoter.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of the human apolipoprotein genes.
Academic Article A hormone response element in the human apolipoprotein CIII (ApoCIII) enhancer is essential for intestinal expression of the ApoA-I and ApoCIII genes and contributes to the hepatic expression of the two linked genes in transgenic mice.
Academic Article SMAD proteins transactivate the human ApoCIII promoter by interacting physically and functionally with hepatocyte nuclear factor 4.
Academic Article The SP1 sites of the human apoCIII enhancer are essential for the expression of the apoCIII gene and contribute to the hepatic and intestinal expression of the apoA-I gene in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Mechanism of a transcriptional cross talk between transforming growth factor-beta-regulated Smad3 and Smad4 proteins and orphan nuclear receptor hepatocyte nuclear factor-4.
Academic Article Regulatory gene mutations affecting apolipoprotein gene expression: functions and regulatory behavior of known genes may guide future pharmacogenomic approaches to therapy.
Academic Article Direct physical interactions between HNF-4 and Sp1 mediate synergistic transactivation of the apolipoprotein CIII promoter.
Academic Article Synergism between nuclear receptors bound to specific hormone response elements of the hepatic control region-1 and the proximal apolipoprotein C-II promoter mediate apolipoprotein C-II gene regulation by bile acids and retinoids.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of human apolipoprotein genes ApoB, ApoCIII, and ApoAII by members of the steroid hormone receptor superfamily HNF-4, ARP-1, EAR-2, and EAR-3.
Academic Article Functional specificity of two hormone response elements present on the human apoA-II promoter that bind retinoid X receptor alpha/thyroid receptor beta heterodimers for retinoids and thyroids: synergistic interactions between thyroid receptor beta and upstream stimulatory factor 2a.
Academic Article Regulation of the human ApoA-II gene by the synergistic action of factors binding to the proximal and distal regulatory elements.
Academic Article A dominant negative form of the transcription factor c-Jun affects genes that have opposing effects on lipid homeostasis in mice.
Academic Article Inflammatory signaling pathways regulating ApoE gene expression in macrophages.
Academic Article Characterization of the promoter elements required for hepatic and intestinal transcription of the human apoB gene: definition of the DNA-binding site of a tissue-specific transcriptional factor.
Academic Article Role of Esrrg in the fibrate-mediated regulation of lipid metabolism genes in human ApoA-I transgenic mice.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of the nuclear factor BA1. A transcriptional activator of the human apoB gene.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of the apolipoprotein A-IV gene involves synergism between a proximal orphan receptor response element and a distant enhancer located in the upstream promoter region of the apolipoprotein C-III gene.

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