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Concept Alleles
Concept Alzheimer Disease
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Home Care Services
Concept Longitudinal Studies
Concept Mental Status Schedule
Concept Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
Concept Retrospective Studies
Concept Synapses
Concept Chi-Square Distribution
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Statistics, Nonparametric
Concept Serum
Concept Amyloid Precursor Protein Secretases
Concept Spatial Memory
Academic Article Characterization of insulin degrading enzyme and other amyloid-ß degrading proteases in human serum: a role in Alzheimer's disease?
Academic Article Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and the reduced risk of Alzheimer''s disease in the absence of apolipoprotein E4 allele.
Academic Article Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and Alzheimer disease in the presence of the apolipoprotein E4 allele.
Academic Article The association between small vessel infarcts and the activities of amyloid-ß peptide degrading proteases in apolipoprotein E4 allele carriers.
Academic Article Intraperitoneal injection of the pancreatic peptide amylin potently reduces behavioral impairment and brain amyloid pathology in murine models of Alzheimer''s disease.
Academic Article Association between amylin and amyloid-ß peptides in plasma in the context of apolipoprotein E4 allele.
Academic Article Positive association between plasma amylin and cognition in a homebound elderly population.
Academic Article Amylin and its analogs: a friend or foe for the treatment of Alzheimer''s disease?
Academic Article Plasma Amylin and Cognition in Diabetes in the Absence and the Presence of Insulin Treatment.
Academic Article Age and its association with low insulin and high amyloid-ß peptides in blood.
Academic Article Amylin Treatment Reduces Neuroinflammation and Ameliorates Abnormal Patterns of Gene Expression in the Cerebral Cortex of an Alzheimer''s Disease Mouse Model.
Academic Article Amylin receptor ligands reduce the pathological cascade of Alzheimer''s disease.
Academic Article An amylin analog used as a challenge test for Alzheimer''s disease.
Academic Article Pramlintide: The Effects of a Single Drug Injection on Blood Phosphatidylcholine Profile for Alzheimer''s Disease.
Academic Article Effects of Amylin Against Amyloid-ß-Induced Tauopathy and Synapse Loss in Primary Neurons.
Academic Article Association of Plasma Amylin Concentration With Alzheimer Disease and Brain Structure in Older Adults.

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