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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Our laboratory is interested in the wound response and repair of epithelium, neurons and extracellular matrix. 1. In the healthy cornea there are no blood vessels and thus the tissue provides an excellent model to study the communication between nerves and epithelium following injury. Primary neurons are co-cultured with epithelial cells to ask how signaling pathways communicate. These include but are not limited to glutamatergic and purinergic receptor-mediated calcium transients. 2. In addition to these signaling events we have found that when epithelial cells are injured nucleotides are released immediately and cause a distinct phosphorylation of EGF receptor residues that ultimately affect the ability of a cell to migrate. 3. To study controlling factors on extracellular matrix or stromal formation we have developed scaffold-free long-term cultures and these have recently enabled us to study the role of hypoxia, which occurs in a diurnal pattern in this tissue as one sleeps. Our experiments are conducted using a number of organ culture and cell models and use biochemical, cell and molecular techniques. 4. Last but not least we are interested in the role of long sugar chains or glycosaminoglycans on the formation of oligomers and fibrils in light chain amyloid disease using atomic force microscopy, negative staining and biochemical technologies.

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Concept Cell Communication
Concept Intercellular Junctions
Concept Microscopy, Interference
Concept Nerve Tissue Proteins
Concept Tissue Fixation
Concept Tissue Engineering
Concept RNA, Small Interfering
Concept Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Concept Tissue Scaffolds
Concept Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions
Academic Article Distribution of F-actin, vinculin and integrin subunits (alpha 6 and beta 4) in response to corneal substrata.
Academic Article Tyrosine phosphorylation: a critical component in the formation of hemidesmosomes.
Academic Article Role of epidermal growth factor and epidermal growth factor receptor on hemidesmosome complex formation and integrin subunit beta4.
Academic Article P2Y receptors play a critical role in epithelial cell communication and migration.
Academic Article Role of endocytic inhibitory drugs on internalization of amyloidogenic light chains by cardiac fibroblasts.
Academic Article Injury and nucleotides induce phosphorylation of epidermal growth factor receptor: MMP and HB-EGF dependent pathway.
Academic Article Morphologic characterization of organized extracellular matrix deposition by ascorbic acid-stimulated human corneal fibroblasts.
Academic Article Regulation by P2X7: epithelial migration and stromal organization in the cornea.
Academic Article Distinct activation of epidermal growth factor receptor by UTP contributes to epithelial cell wound repair.
Academic Article Corneal epithelium expresses a variant of P2X(7) receptor in health and disease.
Academic Article Communication between corneal epithelial cells and trigeminal neurons is facilitated by purinergic (P2) and glutamatergic receptors.
Academic Article Disorganized collagen scaffold interferes with fibroblast mediated deposition of organized extracellular matrix in vitro.
Academic Article GAGs associated with fibril extracts mediate fibrillogenesis in AL amyloidosis XII International Symposium on Amyloidosis. CRC press. Ed. By Skinner, Connors, Seldin and Birk
Academic Article Cornea: Biological Responses. Ch. 35 pp 471-491 In: Principles of Tissue Engineering (second edition). eds. Lanza R, Langer R, Chick E
Academic Article Intra- and interspecific transplantation of limb bud in crustacean limbs
Academic Article Corneal Tissue Replacement
Academic Article Cornea. Ch. 26 pp 383-398 In: Principles of Tissue Engineering. eds. Lanza R, Langer R, Chick E
Academic Article Collagen expression and orientation in ocular tissues
Academic Article Modified hydroxyethylmethacrylate hydrogels as a modelling tool for the study of cell-substratum interactions.
Academic Article Carbohydrate moieties of the basal lamina: their role in attachment and spreading of basal corneal epithelial cells.
Academic Article The intracellular distribution of vinculin and alpha 2 integrin in epithelial cells and chondrocytes.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix stiffness modulates VEGF calcium signaling in endothelial cells: individual cell and population analysis.
Academic Article Hypoxia-induced changes in Ca(2+) mobilization and protein phosphorylation implicated in impaired wound healing.
Academic Article Amyloid
Academic Article Amyloid
Academic Article Mathematical modeling of intracellular and intercellular calcium signaling
Academic Article Methods of Tissue Engineering
Academic Article Methods of Tissue Engineering
Academic Article Principles of Tissue Engineering
Academic Article Sustained Ca2+ mobilizations: A quantitative approach to predict their importance in cell-cell communication and wound healing.

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