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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Do ethics committees work? No.
Academic Article Reefer madness--the federal response to California's medical-marijuana law.
Academic Article How we lie.
Academic Article The changing landscape of human experimentation: Nuremberg, Helsinki, and beyond.
Academic Article Informed consent: the patient's most important right.
Academic Article Legal aspects of medical confidentiality in the occupational setting.
Academic Article Testing poor pregnant patients for cocaine--physicians as police investigators.
Academic Article The Webster amicus curiae briefs: perspectives on the abortion controversy and the role of the Supreme Court -- amici for appellees.
Academic Article Death and the magic machine: informed consent to the artificial heart.
Academic Article Legal risks and responsibilities of physicians in the AIDS epidemic.
Academic Article Case vignette: premature surrender.
Academic Article Law and psychiatry: when must the doctor warn others of the potential dangerousness of his patient's condition?
Academic Article The patient rights advocate: redefining the doctor-patient relationship in the hospital context.
Academic Article Elizabeth Bouvia: who should prevail?
Academic Article Dialysis for a prisoner of war.
Academic Article The Supreme Court and abortion rights.
Academic Article Beyond the Good Samaritan: should doctors be required to provide essential services?
Academic Article Legal risks and responsibilities of physicians in the AIDS epidemic.
Academic Article The right of privacy protects the doctor-patient relationship.
Academic Article Maternal serum AFP: educating physicians and the public.
Academic Article Elizabeth Bouvia: whose space is this anyway?
Academic Article The patient has rights. How can we protect them?
Academic Article Avoiding malpractice suits through the use of informed consent.
Academic Article Rights of the terminally ill patient.
Academic Article When suicide prevention becomes brutality: the case of Elizabeth Bouvia.
Academic Article The case of Mary Hier: when substituted judgment becomes sleight of hand.
Academic Article Breast cancer: the treatment of choice.
Academic Article Implementing advance directives in the primary care setting.
Academic Article Medical ethics and human rights in wartime.

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