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Research Expertise & Professional Interests Our interests center around the structure and function of cell membranes, receptor-ligand interactions and transmembrane signaling mechanisms. A combination of biochemical, chemical and biophysical approaches are used to probe: (1) membrane lipid conformation, structure, properties and interactions, (2) membrane receptor-lipid interactions and (3) membrane receptor-ligand interactions. Current approaches involve the isolation of membrane-associated proteins and lipids (e.g. low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor, insulin receptor, integrins, gangliosides), their reconstitution with well characterized lipid monolayer and bilayer matrices and structural studies of the protein-lipid assemblies. Ligand binding studes include LDL receptor/LDL, insulin receptor/insulin, and ganglioside/toxin interactions. The biochemical methods involved include lipid and protein isolation, gel/affinity chromatography, antibody techniques, immunoblotting, detergent solubilization, lipid-protein reconstitution, etc. Chemical methods include lipid sythesis, TLC, HPLC, IR and NMR. The biophysical approach involves x-ray diffraction, protein crystallography, electron microscopy/image reconstruction, surface chemistry and calorimetric and spectroscopic (CD, NMR) methods.

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Concept Microscopy, Electron
Concept Microscopy, Electron, Scanning
Concept Models, Structural
Academic Article Orientation of cholera toxin bound to model membranes.
Academic Article Structural and thermotropic properties of synthetic C16:0 (palmitoyl) ceramide: effect of hydration.
Academic Article N-palmitoyl sphingomyelin bilayers: structure and interactions with cholesterol and dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine.
Academic Article Interactions of N-stearoyl sphingomyelin with cholesterol and dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine in bilayer membranes.
Academic Article Structural studies of detergent-solubilized and vesicle-reconstituted low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor.
Academic Article Thermal behavior of human plasma high density lipoprotein.
Academic Article Structure and thermodynamic properties of high density lipoprotein recombinants.
Academic Article Interactions of cholesterol esters with phospholipids: cholesteryl myristate and dimyristoyl lecithin.
Academic Article Structural studies of the detergent-solubilized and vesicle-reconstituted insulin receptor.
Academic Article Phase behavior and structural characteristics of hydrated bovine brain gangliosides.
Academic Article Structural studies of the lipid components of bile.
Academic Article Structural effects of myelin proteolipid apoprotein on phospholipids: a Raman spectroscopic study.
Academic Article Thermal and structural behavior of natural cerebroside 3-sulfate in bilayer membranes.
Academic Article Comparative structural aspects of cation binding to phosphatidylserine bilayers.
Academic Article Structural investigations of lipid, polypeptide and protein multilayers.
Academic Article Structure and morphology of phosphatidylserine dispersions.
Academic Article The thermal transitions and structural properties of 5alpha-cholestan-3beta-ol esters of aliphatic acids.
Academic Article Interaction of cholera toxin with ganglioside GM1 receptors in supported lipid monolayers.
Academic Article Structural chemistry of 1,2 dilauroyl-DL-phosphatidylethanolamine: molecular conformation and intermolecular packing of phospholipids.
Academic Article The phase behavior of monogalactosyl, digalactosyl, and sulphoquinovosyl diglycerides.
Academic Article Physical studies of phospholipids. X. The effect of sonication of aqueous dispersions of egg yolk lecithin.
Academic Article Structural studies of plasma lipoproteins.
Academic Article Purification and structural analysis of the human insulin receptor
Academic Article Characterization of the sub-transition of hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayers. Kinetic, hydration and structural study
Academic Article Bilayer arrangements of phospholipids: A structural analysis of 1,2-dilauroyl-(±)-phosphatidylethanolamine: Ecetic acid and its implications for membrane models

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