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Concept Transfection
Academic Article Mutant PrP is delayed in its exit from the endoplasmic reticulum, but neither wild-type nor mutant PrP undergoes retrotranslocation prior to proteasomal degradation.
Academic Article Mutational analysis of topological determinants in prion protein (PrP) and measurement of transmembrane and cytosolic PrP during prion infection.
Academic Article GFP-tagged mutant prion protein forms intra-axonal aggregates in transgenic mice.
Academic Article A deleted prion protein that is neurotoxic in vivo is localized normally in cultured cells.
Academic Article The N-terminal, polybasic region of PrP(C) dictates the efficiency of prion propagation by binding to PrP(Sc).
Academic Article A prion-like protein from chicken brain copurifies with an acetylcholine receptor-inducing activity.
Academic Article Two mutant prion proteins expressed in cultured cells acquire biochemical properties reminiscent of the scrapie isoform.
Academic Article Evidence for a six-transmembrane domain structure of presenilin 1.
Academic Article Mutant and infectious prion proteins display common biochemical properties in cultured cells.
Academic Article Sulfated glycans stimulate endocytosis of the cellular isoform of the prion protein, PrPC, in cultured cells.
Academic Article A mutant prion protein displays an aberrant membrane association when expressed in cultured cells.
Academic Article Nerve growth factor-induced differentiation does not alter the biochemical properties of a mutant prion protein expressed in PC12 cells.
Academic Article PrP-dependent cell adhesion in N2a neuroblastoma cells.
Academic Article Most pathogenic mutations do not alter the membrane topology of the prion protein.

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