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Concept Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases
Concept Protein Structure, Secondary
Concept Protein Structure, Tertiary
Concept Myelin P2 Protein
Concept Insect Proteins
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 1
Concept Protein Structure, Quaternary
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases
Concept Protein Transport
Concept Tumor Suppressor Proteins
Concept Membrane Transport Proteins
Concept Nuclear Matrix-Associated Proteins
Concept Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 3
Concept Lipid Metabolism
Concept Fatty Acid-Binding Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt
Concept Wnt Proteins
Concept Cholesterol Ester Transfer Proteins
Concept Protein Phosphatase 2
Academic Article Interactions of a very long chain fatty acid with model membranes and serum albumin. Implications for the pathogenesis of adrenoleukodystrophy.
Academic Article Direct effects of fatty acids and other charged lipids on ion channel activity in smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Changes in internal pH caused by movement of fatty acids into and out of clonal pancreatic beta-cells (HIT).
Academic Article Effects of side chain length on ionization behavior and transbilayer transport of unconjugated dihydroxy bile acids: a comparison of nor-chenodeoxycholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid.
Academic Article Structural requirements for charged lipid molecules to directly increase or suppress K+ channel activity in smooth muscle cells. Effects of fatty acids, lysophosphatidate, acyl coenzyme A and sphingosine.
Academic Article Movement of fatty acids, fatty acid analogues, and bile acids across phospholipid bilayers.
Academic Article Molecular organization and motions of cholesteryl esters in crystalline and liquid crystalline phases: a 13C and 1H magic angle spinning NMR study.
Academic Article Conformation and inhibitory properties of peptides based on the tissue kallikrein-aprotinin complex.
Academic Article NMR studies of phospholipase C hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine in model membranes.
Academic Article Interactions of acyl-coenzyme A with phosphatidylcholine bilayers and serum albumin.
Academic Article Extracellular mutations of non-obese diabetic mouse FcgammaRI modify surface expression and ligand binding.
Academic Article Flexibility is a likely determinant of binding specificity in the case of ileal lipid binding protein.
Academic Article Binding of ethyl oleate to low density lipoprotein, phospholipid vesicles, and albumin: a 13C NMR study.
Academic Article 13C MAS NMR studies of crystalline cholesterol and lipid mixtures modeling atherosclerotic plaques.
Academic Article Dissociation of long and very long chain fatty acids from phospholipid bilayers.
Academic Article CSF-1 and cell cycle control in macrophages.
Academic Article Fatty acid binding proteins reduce 15-lipoxygenase-induced oxygenation of linoleic acid and arachidonic acid.
Academic Article Solution structure of human intestinal fatty acid binding protein: implications for ligand entry and exit.
Academic Article Magic-angle spinning and solution 13C nuclear magnetic resonance studies of medium- and long-chain cholesteryl esters in model bilayers.
Academic Article Monoacylglycerols alter the lipid composition and molecular mobility of phosphatidylcholine bilayers: 13C NMR evidence of dynamic lipid remodeling.
Academic Article Incorporation of medium chain triacylglycerols into phospholipid bilayers: effect of long chain triacylglycerols, cholesterol, and cholesteryl esters.
Academic Article G1 phase arrest of human smooth muscle cells by heparin, IL-4 and cAMP is linked to repression of cyclin D1 and cdk2.
Academic Article Locations of the three primary binding sites for long-chain fatty acids on bovine serum albumin.
Academic Article Solubilization and localization of weakly polar lipids in unsonicated egg phosphatidylcholine: A 13C MAS NMR study.
Academic Article Identification of different lipid phases and calcium phosphate deposits in human carotid artery plaques by MAS NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article A 13C nuclear magnetic resonance study of free fatty acid incorporation in acylated lipids in differentiating preadipocytes.
Academic Article A comparative study of the backbone dynamics of two closely related lipid binding proteins: bovine heart fatty acid binding protein and porcine ileal lipid binding protein.
Academic Article Fatty acid transport: difficult or easy?
Academic Article Incorporation of [1-13C]oleate into cellular triglycerides in differentiating 3T3L1 cells.
Academic Article How are free fatty acids transported in membranes? Is it by proteins or by free diffusion through the lipids?
Academic Article Solution structure of ileal lipid binding protein in complex with glycocholate.
Academic Article Molecular dynamics of lipids in human plasma high density lipoproteins. A high field 13C NMR study.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide 1 stimulates lipolysis in clonal pancreatic beta-cells (HIT).
Academic Article Fat depot origin affects fatty acid handling in cultured rat and human preadipocytes.
Academic Article Enhancement of macrophage survival and DNA synthesis by oxidized-low-density-lipoprotein (LDL)-derived lipids and by aggregates of lightly oxidized LDL.
Academic Article Binding of 13-HODE and 15-HETE to phospholipid bilayers, albumin, and intracellular fatty acid binding proteins. implications for transmembrane and intracellular transport and for protection from lipid peroxidation.
Academic Article Brain uptake and utilization of fatty acids: recommendations for future research.
Academic Article Brain uptake and utilization of fatty acids: applications to peroxisomal biogenesis diseases.
Academic Article Fatty acid transport: the diffusion mechanism in model and biological membranes.
Academic Article Colony-stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) receptor-mediated macrophage differentiation in myeloid cells: a role for tyrosine 559-dependent protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity.
Academic Article How fatty acids bind to proteins: the inside story from protein structures.
Academic Article Inhibition of S-phase progression in macrophages is linked to G1/S-phase suppression of DNA synthesis genes.
Academic Article Mechanism of cellular uptake of long-chain fatty acids: Do we need cellular proteins?
Academic Article Transthyretin: a review from a structural perspective.
Academic Article Interactions of very long-chain saturated fatty acids with serum albumin.
Academic Article A solid-state NMR study of phospholipid-cholesterol interactions: sphingomyelin-cholesterol binary systems.
Academic Article Interactions of acyl carnitines with model membranes: a (13)C-NMR study.
Academic Article Free fatty acids modulate intermembrane trafficking of cholesterol by increasing lipid mobilities: novel 13C NMR analyses of free cholesterol partitioning.
Academic Article Lipid dynamics in human low density lipoproteins and human aortic tissue with fibrous plaques. A study by high field 13C NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article The formation of highly soluble oligomers of alpha-synuclein is regulated by fatty acids and enhanced in Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Medium-chain oil reduces fat mass and down-regulates expression of adipogenic genes in rats.
Academic Article Solution structure of human intestinal fatty acid binding protein with a naturally-occurring single amino acid substitution (A54T) that is associated with altered lipid metabolism.
Academic Article NMR assignment and structural characterization of the fatty acid binding protein from the flight muscle of Locusta migratoria.
Academic Article Energy translocation across cell membranes and membrane models.
Academic Article Medium-chain Fatty acids attenuate agonist-stimulated lipolysis, mimicking the effects of starvation.
Academic Article Fast flip-flop of cholesterol and fatty acids in membranes: implications for membrane transport proteins.
Academic Article Sulfonylureas rapidly cross phospholipid bilayer membranes by a free-diffusion mechanism.
Academic Article Fatty acid interactions with proteins: what X-ray crystal and NMR solution structures tell us.
Academic Article Regulation of Toll-like receptor (TLR)2 and TLR4 on CD14dimCD16+ monocytes in response to sepsis-related antigens.
Academic Article Eicosapentaenoic acid, but not oleic acid, stimulates beta-oxidation in adipocytes.
Academic Article Identification of cholesteryl esters in human carotid atherosclerosis by ex vivo image-guided proton MRS.
Academic Article The interfacial conformation and transbilayer movement of diacylglycerols in phospholipid bilayers.
Academic Article Fatty-acid-binding protein from the flight muscle of Locusta migratoria: evolutionary variations in fatty acid binding.
Academic Article Oleate-induced formation of fat cells with impaired insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article How fatty acids of different chain length enter and leave cells by free diffusion.
Academic Article Location of high and low affinity fatty acid binding sites on human serum albumin revealed by NMR drug-competition analysis.
Academic Article Identification of atherosclerotic lipid deposits by diffusion-weighted imaging.
Academic Article Interactions between fatty acids and alpha-synuclein.
Academic Article Crystal structure of CETP: new hopes for raising HDL to decrease risk of cardiovascular disease?
Academic Article Targeted binding of PLA microparticles with lipid-PEG-tethered ligands.
Academic Article Correlation of obesity and osteoporosis: effect of fat mass on the determination of osteoporosis.
Academic Article New insights into the roles of proteins and lipids in membrane transport of fatty acids.
Academic Article Measuring the adsorption of Fatty acids to phospholipid vesicles by multiple fluorescence probes.
Academic Article Brain uptake and utilization of fatty acids, lipids and lipoproteins: application to neurological disorders.
Academic Article A model for fatty acid transport into the brain.
Academic Article Roundtable discussion of session 1: mechanisms of lipid uptake and transport in the brain.
Academic Article Roundtable discussion of session 4: fatty acids and lipids in brain disorders.
Academic Article Brain uptake and utilization of fatty acids, lipids & lipoproteins: recommendations for future research.
Academic Article Acrylodan-labeled intestinal fatty acid-binding protein to measure concentrations of unbound fatty acids.
Academic Article Fluorescence assays for measuring fatty acid binding and transport through membranes.
Academic Article Fast/Glycolytic muscle fiber growth reduces fat mass and improves metabolic parameters in obese mice.
Academic Article A robust rabbit model of human atherosclerosis and atherothrombosis.
Academic Article Early-life sodium exposure unmasks susceptibility to stroke in hyperlipidemic, hypertensive heterozygous Tg25 rats transgenic for human cholesteryl ester transfer protein.
Academic Article The distribution of oleic acid between chylomicron-like emulsions, phospholipid bilayers, and serum albumin. A model for fatty acid distribution between lipoproteins, membranes, and albumin.
Academic Article Acipimox, an inhibitor of lipolysis, attenuates atherogenesis in LDLR-null mice treated with HIV protease inhibitor ritonavir.
Academic Article Fast diffusion of very long chain saturated fatty acids across a bilayer membrane and their rapid extraction by cyclodextrins: implications for adrenoleukodystrophy.
Academic Article The relationship of ectopic lipid accumulation to cardiac and vascular function in obesity and metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article In vivo detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque by MRI in a rabbit model.
Academic Article Genetic disruption of myostatin reduces the development of proatherogenic dyslipidemia and atherogenic lesions in Ldlr null mice.
Academic Article Fatty acids are rapidly delivered to and extracted from membranes by methyl-beta-cyclodextrin.
Academic Article Insider access: pepducin symposium explores a new approach to GPCR modulation.
Academic Article Medium-chain fatty acid binding to albumin and transfer to phospholipid bilayers.
Academic Article Caveolins sequester FA on the cytoplasmic leaflet of the plasma membrane, augment triglyceride formation, and protect cells from lipotoxicity.
Academic Article Interactions of triglycerides with phospholipids: incorporation into the bilayer structure and formation of emulsions.
Academic Article Enhancing the contrast of ApoB to locate the surface components in the 3D density map of human LDL.
Academic Article Porphyromonas gingivalis accelerates inflammatory atherosclerosis in the innominate artery of ApoE deficient mice.
Academic Article Magnetization transfer magnetic resonance of human atherosclerotic plaques ex vivo detects areas of high protein density.
Academic Article Study of the miscibility of cholesteryl oleate in a matrix of ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acid.
Academic Article Secondary and tertiary structure of apolipoproteins.
Academic Article Solution structure and backbone dynamics of human liver fatty acid binding protein: fatty acid binding revisited.
Academic Article Detection of thrombus size and protein content by ex vivo magnetization transfer and diffusion weighted MRI.
Academic Article Correspondence of fatty acid and drug binding sites on human serum albumin: a two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance study.
Academic Article Hydrolysis of a phospholipid in an inert lipid matrix by phospholipase A2: a 13C NMR study.
Academic Article Interactions of oleic acid with liver fatty acid binding protein: a carbon-13 NMR study.
Academic Article Temperature-dependent molecular motions and phase behavior of cholesteryl ester analogues.
Academic Article Carbon 13 NMR studies of saturated fatty acids bound to bovine serum albumin. II. Electrostatic interactions in individual fatty acid binding sites.
Academic Article Partial synthesis and properties of a series of N-acyl sphingomyelins.
Academic Article Phase behavior and bilayer properties of fatty acids: hydrated 1:1 acid-soaps.
Academic Article Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of lipoproteins.
Academic Article Interactions of myristic acid with bovine serum albumin: a 13C NMR study.
Academic Article Streptococcal cell walls and synovial cell activation. Stimulation of synovial fibroblast plasminogen activator activity by monocytes treated with group A streptococcal cell wall sonicates and muramyl dipeptide.
Academic Article Transbilayer movement of bile acids in model membranes.
Academic Article The ionization behavior of bile acids in different aqueous environments.
Academic Article The effect of free cholesterol on the solubilization of cholesteryl oleate in phosphatidylcholine bilayers: A 13C-NMR study.
Academic Article Natural abundance carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of the canine sciatic nerve.
Academic Article Solubilization and localization of triolein in phosphatidylcholine bilayers: a 13C NMR study.
Academic Article Interfacial conformation of dipalmitoylglycerol and dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine in phospholipid bilayers.
Academic Article Interactions of the carboxyl group of oleic acid with bovine serum albumin: a 13C NMR study.
Academic Article Physical studies of d less than 1.006 g/ml lymph lipoproteins from rats fed palmitate-rich diets.
Academic Article Ionization behavior of aqueous short-chain carboxylic acids: a carbon-13 NMR study.
Academic Article Lipoprotein-X: carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance studies on native, reconstituted, and model systems.
Academic Article Fatty acid flip-flop in phospholipid bilayers is extremely fast.
Academic Article A multinuclear solid-state NMR study of phospholipid-cholesterol interactions. Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine-cholesterol binary system.
Academic Article Interactions of lyso 1-palmitoylphosphatidylcholine with phospholipids: a 13C and 31P NMR study.
Academic Article 13C NMR studies of the binding of medium-chain fatty acids to human serum albumin.
Academic Article NMR reveals molecular interactions and dynamics of fatty acid binding to albumin.
Academic Article CD36 binds oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL) in a mechanism dependent upon fatty acid binding.
Academic Article Effects of thiol antioxidant ß-mercaptoethanol on diet-induced obese mice.
Academic Article Resolvin E1 (RvE1) Attenuates Atherosclerotic Plaque Formation in Diet and Inflammation-Induced Atherogenesis.
Academic Article Distinct lipid a moieties contribute to pathogen-induced site-specific vascular inflammation.
Academic Article Disorder Amidst Membrane Order: Standardizing Laurdan Generalized Polarization and Membrane Fluidity Terms.
Grant Investigation of Pepducin Membrane “Flip-Flop” -- Effects of Peptide Sequence and Lipid Composition
Grant NMR Studies of Lipids in Disease
Academic Article Influence of muscle fiber type composition on early fat accumulation under high-fat diet challenge.
Academic Article Evaluation of atherosclerotic lesions in cholesterol-fed mice during treatment with paclitaxel in lipid nanoparticles: a magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article Concussion, microvascular injury, and early tauopathy in young athletes after impact head injury and an impact concussion mouse model.
Academic Article Loss of Nmp4 optimizes osteogenic metabolism and secretion to enhance bone quality.
Academic Article SSO and other putative inhibitors of FA transport across membranes by CD36 disrupt intracellular metabolism, but do not affect FA translocation.

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