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Concept Antigens, Neoplasm
Concept Bone Neoplasms
Concept Brain Neoplasms
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Concept Cell Fusion
Concept Kidney Neoplasms
Concept Lung Neoplasms
Concept Mammary Tumor Virus, Mouse
Concept Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental
Concept Nasopharyngeal Neoplasms
Concept Neoplasm Metastasis
Concept Neoplasm Proteins
Concept Neoplasm Recurrence, Local
Concept Neoplasm Transplantation
Concept Neoplasms
Concept Ovarian Neoplasms
Concept Stomach Neoplasms
Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Concept Biomarkers, Tumor
Concept Tumor Virus Infections
Concept Mammary Neoplasms, Animal
Concept Cell Line, Tumor
Concept Solitary Fibrous Tumors
Academic Article Reduced expression of lamin A/C correlates with poor histological differentiation and prognosis in primary gastric carcinoma.
Academic Article Patient-derived renal cell carcinoma cells fused with allogeneic dendritic cells elicit anti-tumor activity: in vitro results and clinical responses.
Academic Article Cripto-1 overexpression is involved in the tumorigenesis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Academic Article A heat shock protein 70-based vaccine with enhanced immunogenicity for clinical use.
Academic Article Radiosensitization of mammary carcinoma cells by telomere homolog oligonucleotide pretreatment.
Academic Article Induction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes against ovarian cancer-initiating cells.
Academic Article Preparation of a heat-shock protein 70-based vaccine from DC-tumor fusion cells.
Academic Article Metastasis is an early event in mouse mammary carcinomas and is associated with cells bearing stem cell markers.
Academic Article Quantitative proteome analysis of overexpressed Cripto-1 tumor cell reveals 14-3-3? as a novel biomarker in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Academic Article Immunotherapy of radioresistant mammary tumors with early metastasis using molecular chaperone vaccines combined with ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Targeting the hsp70 gene delays mammary tumor initiation and inhibits tumor cell metastasis.
Academic Article Rapid recurrence and bilateral lungs, multiple bone metastasis of malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the right occipital lobe: report of a case and review.
Academic Article A Novel Heat Shock Protein 70-based Vaccine Prepared from DC-Tumor Fusion Cells.
Academic Article Genotoxic stress induces Sca-1-expressing metastatic mammary cancer cells.

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