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Research Expertise & Professional Interests My expertise is in protein structure, function, dynamics and folding and chemistry. Methods used include molecular biology, chromatography, NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, UV/Vis and circular dichroism spectroscopy, electron microscopy, molecular modeling and dynamics. We look at actin binding proteins (especially those containing villin-type headpiece domains) and lipid binding proteins including apolipoprotein B, the essential protein component of low density lipoprotein (LDL, the bad cholesterol) whose elevated levels are correlated with atherosclerosis, stroke, heart and cardiovascular disease.

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Concept Models, Structural
Concept Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Concept Structural Homology, Protein
Concept Systems Biology
Academic Article A thermostable 35-residue subdomain within villin headpiece.
Academic Article NMR structure of the 35-residue villin headpiece subdomain.
Academic Article Zinc and copper bind to unique sites of histatin 5.
Academic Article An evolutionary bridge to a new protein fold.
Academic Article The NMR structure of dematin headpiece reveals a dynamic loop that is conformationally altered upon phosphorylation at a distal site.
Academic Article Networking at the Protein Society symposium.
Academic Article Structural analysis of reconstituted lipoproteins containing the N-terminal domain of apolipoprotein B.
Academic Article Crystal structure of a pH-stabilized mutant of villin headpiece.
Academic Article Slow motions in chicken villin headpiece subdomain probed by cross-correlated NMR relaxation of amide NH bonds in successive residues.
Academic Article How to arm a supervillin: designing F-actin binding activity into supervillin headpiece.
Academic Article On unsatisfied hydrogen bonds in the N-terminal subdomain of villin headpiece.
Academic Article Intraocular ophthalmic ointment following anterior segment surgery.
Academic Article Competition between intradomain and interdomain interactions: a buried salt bridge is essential for villin headpiece folding and actin binding.
Academic Article Helix formation and stability in a signal sequence.
Academic Article Minimum length of a sequence-specific DNA binding peptide.
Academic Article Gelsolin-like activation of villin: calcium sensitivity of the long helix in domain 6.
Academic Article Combined Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Experimental Studies of the Structure and Dynamics of Poly-Amido-Saccharides.

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